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Inglis House

In October, 1950, it was announced by President Ruthven that Mrs. Elizabeth H. Inglis had given her house, known as "The Highlands," at 2301 Highland Road, to the University. Mrs. Inglis was the widow of James Inglis, a Detroit industrialist and an honorary alumnus of the University, who died in March, 1950. Mr. Inglis was founder and chairman of the Board of the American Blower Company of Detroit. Under the terms of her husband's will the property was to have been given to the University at the time of her death, but because she was leaving Ann Arbor Mrs. Inglis decided to make the gift at this time (R.P., 1948-51, p. 1304).

The Inglis estate comprises eight and one-half acres north of Geddes Avenue and east of the University Arboretum, which it adjoins. From the height on Highland Road the house commands a sweeping view of wooded hills on the north side of the river. The four-story, twelve-room home, with its landscaped gardens and scenic grounds, is valued at $200,000.

The house, built in 1927, is of irregular brick and stone construction. It contains on the first floor a library, the laundry, and a boiler room. On the second floor are a combination living and dining room, a kitchen, coffee room, and a three-car garage. The master bedroom, two guest rooms, and maids' quarters are on the third floor, and on the fourth is another large bedroom. The property also includes a caretaker's cottage, a greenhouse workshop, and a pump house. A well, 170 feet deep, supplies water for an extensive irrigation system in the gardens.

The home, at present, is being used as a guest house for official visitors to the University and for meetings of University groups. A resident hostess is in charge of the house.