The University of Michigan, an encyclopedic survey ... Wilfred B. Shaw, editor.
University of Michigan.
Forestry Lands

Eber White Woods. — In 1915 the Eber White tract of forty-three acres on West Liberty Road was purchased by the Regents and for many years occupied an important place in the instructional and investigational activities of the School. This area, a part of the former Eber White estate, was named the Eber White Woods.

Previous cuttings had been restricted, so that many of the older trees were still standing. In 1917 a plan to manage the area under the selection method was adopted, and cutting took place at five-year intervals on each of the ten compartments, with the result that there was an increase in the total volume of growing stock and in the percentage of the more valuable species as well as an improvement in the average quality of the trees. Cutting averaged about a cord an acre each year.

Because of the location of the tract, on the immediate outskirts of the city, many people felt that it would serve its greatest permanent use as a community forest and park for the people of Ann Arbor. This led in 1946 to its being given to the Ann Arbor Board of Education, with the understanding that its continued use by the University would be permitted.