The University of Michigan, an encyclopedic survey ... Wilfred B. Shaw, editor.
University of Michigan.
East Hall

East Hall, of brick construction with two floors and a basement, containing twenty-nine rooms, including 10 classrooms and a study hall in the basement, has 20,194 square feet of floor space. Erected in 1883 as a public school building, it was designated as the Tappan School. In 1922 the University offered to Page  1616purchase this building from the Board of Education of the City of Ann Arbor. In September "a price of $76,200 was agreed upon for the purchase … of all the property known as the Tappan School buildings and grounds … out of the general funds of the University." An allowance of $2,000 was made for alterations and repairs to adapt the building for use by University classes during the year 1922-23 (R.P., 1920-23, p. 572).

This building has been used continuously for classes and offices. By 1955 offices of the Engineering English Department were located there, and the classrooms for the courses in English and mathematics. The building is on East University Avenue, just north of the East Engineering Building.