The University of Michigan, an encyclopedic survey ... Wilfred B. Shaw, editor.
University of Michigan.
Bureau of Industrial Relations

The Bureau of Industrial Relations, established in 1935 under the directorship of John W. Riegel (Pennsylvania '17, Ph.D. Harvard '25), is a center for study and interchange of information on employer-employee relations. Because of the increasing importance of this field and the need for study and advice, it seemed appropriate to set up a special Bureau for it. This was made possible by a gift of funds for the purpose by the Earhart Foundation. The Bureau studies and reports upon constructive endeavors in this field, convenes meetings of business executives and other groups interested in discussion of such developments, and maintains a specialized library. A reference service is maintained which employers and employees, or their representatives, are invited to use, with the result that requests are continually received for information on widely varying topics. The annual conference of the Bureau brings together representatives of business organizations from the entire country. These annual conferences are, in a sense, a continuation and an extension of a series of conferences held by the School before the establishment of the Bureau. Although for administrative purposes it is a part of the School of Business Administration, the Bureau is designed to serve the entire University.