The University of Michigan, an encyclopedic survey ... Wilfred B. Shaw, editor.
University of Michigan.

THE School of Education recognizes as a primary obligation its responsibility to render educational services to the schools of this state. In addition to its functions in the education of prospective teachers the School has developed a program of instruction for teachers and administrators holding regular positions. Part of this service is furnished through courses given in Ann Arbor on Saturdays, and part of it is furnished through off-campus instruction. The School offers several courses at the Detroit Center for Graduate Study and co-operates with the University Extension Service in a program of instruction through extension courses. One of the newest developments of state service has been a field course which is offered through the co-operative efforts of the faculty of the School, with class sections provided in cities in the various areas of Michigan. In the University year 1940-41 this course was offered in eighteen cities, and the total enrollment was approximately five hundred and fifty advanced students. The major objective of the service has been to aid school authorities in their efforts to modify school practice in terms of the findings of studies and educational research.

As a further part of its program of state service the School has developed a series of special conferences. Since 1929 an annual conference on teacher education has been sponsored in Ann Arbor during the spring months, and a similar conference on important issues in state education has been held in Ann Arbor during the summer months. The School has also participated in an annual Parent Education Institute in co-operation with the University Extension Service. In addition to working in these regular conferences, staff members have participated in many meetings sponsored by the state professional organizations of teachers.

As another means of furnishing service to the schools, the School of Education Bulletin has been established. This monthly publication is sent to the heads of the public and private schools of the state, and much helpful information relating to educational problems is presented through its pages. The School of Education maintains the Bureau of Educational Reference and Research, a service agency designed to help schools in carrying forward testing programs and in studying local problems of instruction. The Bureau plays a part in initiating and carrying forward investigations of educational problems of state-wide significance. The staff of the Bureau gives a great deal of time to conferences with state educational authorities and to aiding professional groups interested in studying school problems. The Department of Vocational Education places its major emphasis on state service through a series of extension courses for teachers and special programs of instruction for workers in trades and industries.

The two laboratory schools of the School of Education, the University High School and the University Elementary School, provide a large amount of service to the schools of the state in a variety of ways, in addition to providing opportunities for student teaching and for observation. Much of this service is rendered through special conferences, consultations, writings, special reports, and demonstration teaching.