The University of Michigan, an encyclopedic survey ... Wilfred B. Shaw, editor.
University of Michigan.
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    The University of Michigan
    An Encyclopedic Survey
    • VOLUME I
    • Part I History and Administration
    • Part II Organization; Services; Alumni
    • Part III College of Literature, Science, and the Arts — I
    • Part IV College of Literature, Science, and the Arts — II; Summer Session
    • Part V Medical School; University Hospital; Law School
    • Part VI Graduate School; Schools of Business Administration, Education, Forestry and Conservation, Music
    • Part VII College of Engineering, College of Architecture and Design, College of Pharmacy, School of Dentistry
    • Part VIII Libraries; University Publications; Museums; University Buildings
    • Part IX Student Life and Organizations; Athletics
    • Index at end of Volume IV
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In Four Volumes
Volume I
Parts I and II

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Page  [iv]Copyright, 1942
The University of Michigan

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As a part of the celebration of the first hundred years of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, held June 14-19, 1937, provision was made for the preparation and publication of an historical and factual survey of the University. This volume includes the first two of nine parts planned in fulfillment of this project. Upon completion of the series the nine parts will form four bound volumes.

To the University Committee on Archives, as an editorial board, the plans for this part of the program of the celebration were referred by the committee on the 1937 celebration. This committee felt that a treatment, in encyclopedic form, of the University's past and present accomplishments, by those most competent to chronicle them, would form a desirable and unique evidence of the progress of the University since its first establishment in 1817.

Various University executive officers and department heads have co-operated in the preparation of the more than four hundred articles. It may be assumed that they have an especial interest in the development, historical background, and present status of their own divisions of the University.

In a presentation of this type it is recognized that there will be, necessarily, a certain amount of repetition. The editor is conscious, for example, of some duplication in the accounts of the University's constitutional position, the story of the first institution in Detroit, the University's later organization in Ann Arbor, the complications of fiscal policies, the relationship of the University to the school system, and the development of the different divisions of the institution. In every case, however, these subjects, approached from somewhat different points of view by the various authors, form essential parts of the presentation of the topics assigned.

In planning this work, which has been under way for the past five years, the first step was the preparation of a general outline of the topics and the subjects to be covered. This outline was studied and approved by University officers as well as by different members of the editorial board. The articles projected were then assigned to the heads of the various University divisions and departments. Each one has either written the article himself or has asked some member of his staff to do it. In some cases, particular features of departmental programs have been the subject of special articles. Bibliographical references are given for all of the articles, although in many cases it will be recognized that much of the factual material represents the personal familiarity of the writer with his subject. References to bibliographical material and cross references to other articles will, it is hoped, facilitate more extended study of special topics. Footnotes have been avoided as far as possible. A full index will be provided at the end of Volume IV.

Page  viIt will be noted that such biographical information as is given is only incidental. This has been done deliberately, since a supplementary volume giving the biographies of all officers of the University and members of the staff above the rank of assistant professor has been contemplated.

The editors feel deeply indebted to the members of the faculty and the University staff who have co-operated with interest and enthusiasm in this project. Without their good will and loyal help it would not have been possible to carry out such an ambitious program. The editor also desires to express his personal appreciation of the invaluable help given on all occasions by the editorial advisers and the devotion and self-sacrificing labors of the assistant editors, Mr. Walter A. Donnelly and Miss Helen I. Travis, and also Professor Egbert R. Isbell, who was associate editor for a period in 1937.

Above all, the editors, and the University, are especially grateful to the donor of the publication fund, a loyal alumnus of the University, whose interest in the University and its publications has made possible the final appearance of this Survey.

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    • Part I
      • History and Administration
      • The University of Michigan and State Education.....3
      • The Early History of the University of Michigan.....26
      • The Administration of Henry Philip Tappan.....39
      • The Administration of Erastus Otis Haven.....54
      • The Administration of Henry Simmons Frieze.....59
      • The Administration of James Burrill Angell.....63
      • The Administration of Harry Burns Hutchins.....76
      • The Administration of Marion LeRoy Burton.....81
      • The Administration of Clarence Cook Little.....88
      • The Administration of Alexander Grant Ruthven.....98
      • The Constitutional Status of the University of Michigan.....116
      • The Organization, Powers, and Personnel of the Board of Regents.....140
      • The Branches of the University and Secondary Education in Michigan.....159
      • The Superintendent of Public Instruction and the University.....171
      • The City of Ann Arbor and the University.....176
      • Gifts to the University of Michigan.....184
      • The University in War Service.....193
      • University of Michigan Celebrations.....203
      • The Douglas-Rose Controversy.....208
      • The University Seal.....214
      • The University Colors.....216
      • The Michigan Historical Collections of the University of Michigan.....217
      • Source Materials for the History of the University of Michigan.....219
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      Part II
      • Organization
      • The University Senate and the Senate Council.....231
      • The University Council.....238
      • The Office of the Registrar.....241
      • The Financial Support of the University.....267
      • The Business Office.....269
      • Endowments.....274
      • Provisions for Pensions and Retirement.....275
      • The Committee on Office Personnel.....277
      • Insurance.....279
      • The Office of the Dean of Students.....281
      • The Office of the Dean of Women.....283
      • The Fellowship in Creative Art.....286
      • Degrees.....287
      • The Honors Convocation.....298
      • The Orientation Period.....299
      • The University Automobile Regulation.....300
      • The Division of the Health Sciences.....302
      • The Division of the Social Sciences.....304
    • Services
    • The School of Education and State Service.....309
    • The Bureau of Appointments and Occupational Information.....310
    • The Bureau of Co-operation with Educational Institutions.....315
    • The Michigan Schoolmasters' Club.....321
    • The Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters.....322
    • Page  ixThe Neuropsychiatric Institute and the State Psychopathic hospital.....326
    • The Michigan Child Guidance Institute.....329
    • The University Health Service.....330
    • University Lectures.....333
    • Adult Education.....334
    • The Division of Extramural Services.....336
    • The Bureau of Alumni Relations.....337
    • The Alumni University.....340
    • The University Extension Service.....341
    • The Library Extension Service.....349
    • The University Broadcasting Service.....351
    • The University News Service.....352
    • The Office of Educational Investigations.....356
    • Alumni
    • The Alumni Association.....361
    • The Alumni Advisory Council.....372
    • Alumni Funds.....374
    • The General Secretary of the Alumni Association.....376
    • Class Reunions and the Class Officers' Council.....378
    • Alumni Clubs and Groups.....381
    • The Alumni Ten-Year Program.....383
    • Alumnae and the Alumnae Council.....385
    • The Alumnae Council Fellowship Program.....390
    • The Alumni Catalog Office.....391
    • The Michigan Alumnus.....395
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      Faculty Clubs
    • The Research Club.....399
    • The Junior Research Club.....407
    • The Women's Research Club.....410
    • The Apostles and the Churchwardens.....412
    • The Faculty Dinner Clubs.....413
    • The University Club.....416
    • The Faculty Women's Club.....418
    • The Ann Arbor Art Association.....419
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  • facing page
  • Old University Hall. From an etching (frontispiece)
  • Alexander Grant Ruthven. From a dry point etching.....98
  • The President's House. From an etching.....245
  • Henry Philip Tappan. From a dry point etching.....324
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  • Wilfred B. Shaw, Editor
  • Frank E. Robbins, Consulting Editor
  • Thomas A. Knott, Consulting Editor
  • Walter A. Donnelly, Assistant Editor
  • Helen I. Travis, Assistant Editor
    Committee on University Archives
  • Frank E. Robbins, Chairman
  • Lewis G. Vander Velde, Secretary
  • Randolph G. Adams
  • William W. Bishop
  • Mortimer E. Cooley
  • Warner G. Rice
  • Wilfred B. Shaw
  • Shirley W. Smith