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Universal Design: Places to Start

The materials presented in this online resource have been created over many years, in concert with colleagues. Here is an inventory of coauthors, much too long to fit on a properly formatted citation: Cindy Lewiecki-Wilson, Amy Vidali, Stephanie Kerschbaum, Margaret Price, Allison Hitt, Melanie Yergeau, Shannon Dea, Rose Padacz, Craig Meyer, Joshua St. Pierre, Elizabeth Brewer, Sushil Oswal, Melissa Helquist, Brenda Brueggemann, Sarah Gibbons, Bernice Olivas, Nicole Green, Dev Bose, Zosha Stuckey, Shannon Walters, Nicole Quackenbush, Hilary Selznick, and many others. The list also dovetails with Council of Ontario Universities’ materials on accessibility, materials that I contributed to the creation of.

As mentioned in chapter 4, part of the ongoing problem with Universal Design is that it is being checklistified, oversimplified, hollowed out, and torn apart from the actual, tricky, ongoing negotiations of classroom practice. So instead I offer an exhaustive inventory of Universal Design “places to start.” The idea is to try any of these suggestions out in your own classroom, and see where they go. Yes, this is also a list, but I hope you will approach it as a list of *places to start and as an invitation to join a process, rather than seeing these as objectives to be checked off.

So, what follows is a long list of UD suggestions, organized according to some of the different modes of “delivery” or styles of teaching in higher education. You aren’t expected to read this entire list, really—you can jump in anywhere—and the goal here is to give the reader a place to start in redesigning their own classroom.