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Full Record: x-ls005606/LS005606

Memphis (Before). Slide 1 of 2, showing street clean-up.


Full Record: x-ls017860/LS017860

Memphis Bridge

Mississippi River Bridge



Full Record: x-ls017861/LS017861

Memphis Bridge

Mississippi River Bridge



Full Record: x-ls017859/LS017859

Memphis Bridge

Mississippi River Bridge at Memphis, Tenn., East Cantilever



Men "Going Home From Work."

Full Record: x-ls012414/LS012414

Men and boys in market

Full Record: x-ls011739/LS011739

Men and boys standing in street


Men and girl walking ox down street in village of Cambo in Basque country


Full Record: x-ls011598/LS011598

Men atop elephants in city of Hyderabad


Full Record: x-ls016125/LS016125

Men carrying heavy load

Full Record: x-ls015352/LS015352

Men carrying large packages on backs

Full Record: x-ls015345/LS015345

Men carrying pots on his back

Full Record: x-ls015981/LS015981

Men carrying walking sticks


Full Record: x-ls010978/LS010978

Men clad in turbans standing next to structure made of stone blocks

Full Record: x-ls011826/LS011826

Men climbing cliff

Full Record: x-ls012428/LS012428

Men doing construction on the Grand Palace


Full Record: x-ls016008/LS016008

Men eating

Full Record: x-ls005013/LS005013

Men filling molds in a factory.

Full Record: x-ls016116/LS016116

Men fishing

Full Record: x-ls013184/LS013184

Men fishing in river with city in background

Full Record: x-ls016872/LS016872

Men harvesting coffee berries (?)

Men herding sheep along rural road

Full Record: x-ls015377/LS015377

Men hoeing crops

Full Record: x-ls016472/LS016472

Men in boat en route to rubber gathering

Full Record: x-ls016910/LS016910

Men in front of a thatched-roof house.

Full Record: x-ls016461/LS016461

Men in hats gathering

Full Record: x-ls016121/LS016121

Men in river

Full Record: x-ls012175/LS012175

Men on camels near desert settlement

Full Record: x-ls016123/LS016123

Men performing unidentified activity

Full Record: x-ls016131/LS016131

Men performing unidentified task

Full Record: x-ls010890/LS010890

Men playing game

Men posing standing next to automobile

Full Record: x-ls012733/LS012733

Men seated in the choir section of an unidentified church

Men sitting in jail? with policeman standing nearby

Full Record: x-ls004605/LS004605

Men sitting underneath boardwalk sitting near trash pile of cans

Full Record: x-ls012124/LS012124

Men smoking hookahs (nargilas) at coffee house

Full Record: x-ls016913/LS016913

Men standing in river, using fishing net

Full Record: x-ls016915/LS016915

Men standing in snowy forest, looking up at a tree

Full Record: x-ls005126/LS005126

Men standing next to General Building Repairs store along river front

St. Louis

January, 1939

Full Record: x-ls015810/LS015810

Men standing with shark caught

St. Thomas

Full Record: x-ls010988/LS010988

Men under archway taking off shoes

Full Record: x-ls010975/LS010975

Men unloading salmon from boat

Full Record: x-ls015318/LS015318

Men walking aside junks in canal in North China

Full Record: x-ls016112/LS016112

Men walking on trail in forest

Full Record: x-ls012013/LS012013

Men with line of camels, Middle East

Full Record: x-ls011294/LS011294

Men with weapons

Full Record: x-ls011625/LS011625

Men working in field near Mount Fuji

Full Record: x-ls012863/LS012863

Men's room

Full Record: x-ls006774/LS006774

Men's Social Club. Exterior.

Port Sunlight

Full Record: x-ls011779/LS011779

Men, dogs, and horse in waterway in Paris