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Full Record: x-ls013274/LS013274

Mamertine Prisons, Showing Well and Pillar


Full Record: x-ls011416/LS011416

Man and Banyan Tree


Man and woman plowing field in Brittany region

Full Record: x-ls011624/LS011624

Man by Mt Fuji and Lake Kawaguchiko

Full Record: x-ls015295/LS015295

Man carrying items

Full Record: x-ls015353/LS015353

Man carrying lumber on head

Full Record: x-ls015344/LS015344

Man carving

Full Record: x-ls010979/LS010979

Man clad in turban writing Arabic in sand, with boys watching

Full Record: x-ls016844/LS016844

Man crossing a bridge with a donkey, wall in the distance

Full Record: x-ls015938/LS015938

Man drinking from barrel cactus

Full Record: x-ls005164/LS005164

Man Fishing in Northern Michigan Trout Stream.

Full Record: x-ls016894/LS016894

Man harvesting coffee berries (?)

Full Record: x-ls004532/LS004532

Man holding a baby in dining room


Full Record: x-ls015391/LS015391

Man in crop

Full Record: x-ls011622/LS011622

Man in forest

Full Record: x-ls004738/LS004738

Man in Hobo Jungle Killing Turtle to Make Soup



Full Record: x-ls013477/LS013477

Man in kilt playing bag pipes

Full Record: x-ls012211/LS012211

Man in turban wading in river

Man leading camels

Full Record: x-ls015350/LS015350

Man leaning against cart full with bags

Full Record: x-ls015341/LS015341

Man making pottery.

Full Record: x-ls015362/LS015362

Man navigating bamboo down river

Full Record: x-ls011816/LS011816

Man offering woman coins




Full Record: x-ls012140/LS012140

Man Olive tree in Garden of Gethsemane


Full Record: x-ls011993/LS011993

Man on balcony

Full Record: x-ls016120/LS016120

Man on horseback

Full Record: x-ls015293/LS015293

Man posing

Full Record: x-ls015357/LS015357

Man posing

Full Record: x-ls011638/LS011638

Man posing in rock formations

Full Record: x-ls015983/LS015983

Man posing next to mushrooms


Full Record: x-ls015951/LS015951

Man posing next to rock formation

Full Record: x-ls011296/LS011296

Man resting, view of buildings, rooftops

Full Record: x-ls011557/LS011557

Man riding camel and man carrying jugs near Pyramids

Full Record: x-ls011626/LS011626

Man rowing boat near lake and Mount Fuji

Full Record: x-ls015364/LS015364

Man seated posing

Full Record: x-ls011611/LS011611

Man sitting on brick wall

Man sleeping on bed in tenement

Full Record: x-ls016464/LS016464

Man sleeping on bench in park in city of Belem


Full Record: x-ls015340/LS015340

Man smoking pipe

Full Record: x-ls015361/LS015361

Man smoking pipe

Full Record: x-ls015356/LS015356

Man standing in front of architectural structure cut out of rock formation

Full Record: x-ls015723/LS015723

Man standing next to giant cactus

Full Record: x-ls011417/LS011417

Man stoking fire

Man tapping a tree with hatchet for sap

Man tapping tree for sap

Full Record: x-ls012777/LS012777

Man wearing hat seated outside watching women in decorative hats, sign reads: Leoty Corsets

Full Record: x-ls011477/LS011477

Man weaving shawl

Full Record: x-ls012164/LS012164

Man wielding gun on Mt. Nebo

Full Record: x-ls016017/LS016017

Man with 'shige'

Full Record: x-ls011067/LS011067

Man with Fur Hat


St. Petersburg