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Copyright limits viewing of most images in this collection to members of the University of Michigan community. Over 17,000 are viewable by anyone in the world.

Images from this collection are part of the Art, Architecture & Engineering Library Collections. This collection of art and architecture images has grown from image collections used by the College of Architecture & Urban Planning and the School of Art & Design. Unique highlights of the collection include recent gifts of images of architecture from Japan, India, and the Middle East. For more information about this collection please email us at

When using these images, it's your responsibility to observe the rights of the copyright holders. For copyright information see the source information with each image description. What are your rights?

  • You may download or copy an image for a class paper.
  • You may download or copy an image for a class/seminar/conference presentation.
  • You may link to an image from your webpage or course page, but remember that non-UMich users will not be able to access the image.
  • You may NOT download or copy an image to put on your (or any other) website.
  • You may NOT download or copy an image for any other type of publishing, without gaining permission from the copyright holder. In most cases we have contact information should you need to contact the copyright holder. Please contact us for further information or with any questions you might have.

Not all of the images recorded in our database are available in digital format. You are welcome to come to the Art, Architecture & Engineering Library to view the 35mm slide. Please email to set up an appointment. If you only want to see what we have in digital format, check the box that restricts your search to "records that have digital images".