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Letter from the Editors Lewis, Katherine; Dwibhashyam, Nikhil Surya
Attitudes and Habits of Youth from the Nisava Region in Southern Serbia Regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic—A Cross-Sectional Study Between Medical and Non-Medical Students Kutlesic, Nemanja R.; Filipovic, Irina B.; Josifovic, Marko M.
Water Quality Analysis: What Bioindicators Say About Strawberry Creek O'Hara, Jackie; Grabell, Sydnie; Sheng, Joshua
Observing the Cultural Differences in Young Women Living in the United States and UAE through the Administration of Sexual Education Sinha, Tanvee
Barriers to Cervical Cancer Screening: A Case Study in Nicaragua Pradhan, Aashna; Burrows, Brennan; Gogineni, Neha; Motta, Giuliana; Raghunathan, Vedhika; Pennathur, Harini; Tu, Kaila; Chen, Tracy; Ferguson, Iain
The Hidden Burden of Obesity in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa Dettling, Sophie
The Expansion of Doula Support Services for Reproductive Loss Stabnick, Anna; Javaid, Sarah; Pamidighantam, Sai; Blevins, Bridget
The Effect of Vitiligo and Other Dermatologic Disorders on Depression and Self-Confidence Lin, Jason
Rapid Review on Alcohol and Cannabis Co-Use: Past, Present, and Future Directions in Research Santana, Sebastian
The Health, Economic, and Environmental Consequences of Cigarette Consumption in China—A Literature Review Tran, Shawn
The Increasing Prevalence of E-Cigarette Use and Its Association With Severe Respiratory Illness Macfield, Joeita
It’s Always Hungry in Cincinnati: The Food Desert in Kroger’s Backyard Yingling, Julia C.
Existing Issues Within Refugee Camps and the Threat to an Effective COVID-19 Response Zablock, Kaitlyn; Thabet, Peter
Informed Choice: A Review of the Benefits and Risks of Hormonal Contraception Rizvi, Fatima
Effectiveness and Impact of Abstinence-Only Programming in the United States Mishra, Esha
Public Health Achievements and Ethical Dilemmas Associated with CRISPR-Cas9, a Gene Editing Technology Orlov, Scott