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Transcending Adversity: Trauma-Informed Educational Development Imad, Mays PDF (425kb)
Fractal Reflection: Cultivating Community and Meaning in Times of Crises Little, Deandra; Caulkins, Joshua; Kaldor, Eric C.; Wheeler, Lindsay PDF (446kb)
Growing Pains (and Opportunities): Launching a Center for Teaching and Learning During a Global Pandemic Inman, Johanna PDF (326kb)
How a Small Teaching Center Made a Big Impact During the Pandemic Crises Carter, J. A.; Mallory, Bradford; Refaei, Brenda; Benander, Ruth PDF (351kb)
Rebuilding a Teaching Conference in a Pandemic: User-Centered Guiding Principles and Lessons Learned Lukes, Laura A.; Reid, E. Shelley PDF (370kb)
In Search of Silver Linings: Strategies for Preparing Future Faculty During the COVID-19 Pandemic Daniels, Tazin; Bailey, Elizabeth; Cobblah, Anoff Nicholas PDF (352kb)
How a Flexible Teaching “Camp” Answered Our Pandemic Teaching Emergency Dinneen, Patricia PDF (359kb)
What Happens When You Close the Door on Remote Proctoring? Moving Toward Authentic Assessments with a People-Centered Approach Silverman, Sarah; Caines, Autumm; Casey, Christopher; Garcia de Hurtado, Belen; Riviere, Jessica; Sintjago, Alfonso; Vecchiola, Carla PDF (381kb)
Holding Tight to Our Convictions and Lightly to Our Ways: Inviting Shared Expertise as a Strategy for Expanding Inclusion, Reach, and Impact Korsnack, Kylie; Ortquist-Ahrens, Leslie PDF (383kb)