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About the Authors PDF (648kb)
Preface PDF (299kb)
Acknowledgments PDF (85kb)
Ethical Guidelines for Educational Developers PDF (316kb)
1: Navigating the New Normal Allen, Terre H.; Harbinger, Holly; Para, Donald J. PDF (839kb)
2: Envisioning Creative Collaboration between Faculty and Technologists Rathbun, Gail A.; Kuhlenschmidt, Sally; Sacks, David PDF (908kb)
3: Fostering a Growth Mind–set Fisher, Beth A.; Dufault, Carolyn L.; Repice, Michelle D.; Frey, Regina F. PDF (1.0mb)
4: Formal and Informal Support for Pretenure Faculty Mettetal, Gwendolyn; McGuire, Gail M. PDF (709kb)
5: Keeping the Fire Burning Zeig, Michael J.; Baldwin, Roger G. PDF (783kb)
6: Enhancing Vitality in Academic Medicine Palmer, Megan M.; Hoffmann–Longtin, Krista; Ribera, Tony; Dankoski, Mary E.; Ribera, Amy K.; Nelson, Laird, Tom F.; PDF (787kb)
7: Connect to Learning Eynon, Bret; Török, Judit; Gambino, Laura M. PDF (824kb)
8: Developing a Faculty Learning Community Grounded in the Science of How People Learn Rudnitsky, Al; Ellis, Glenn W.; DiBartolo, Patricia Marten; Shea, Kevin M. PDF (866kb)
9: Assessing the Long–term Impact of a Professional Development Program Tennill, Marcia M.; Cohen, Margaret W. PDF (733kb)
10: Faculty Development Scholarship Linder, Kathryn E. PDF (895kb)
11: Program Planning, Prioritizing, and Improvement Felten, Peter; Little, Deandra; Ortquist–Ahrens, Leslie; Reder, Michael PDF (742kb)
12: A Consultations Tracking Database System for Improving Faculty Development Consultation Services Rhode, Jason; Krishnamurthi, Murali PDF (1.2mb)
13: From Outsiders to Insiders Brennan, Kathleen M.; Cruz, Laura; Kinner, Freya B. PDF (822kb)
14: Using Undergraduates to Prepare International Teaching Assistants for the American Classroom Christian, Warren E.; Rybarczyk, Brian J. PDF (791kb)
15: Tomorrow's Professor Today Palmer, Michael S.; Little, Deandra PDF (812kb)
16: Student Consultants of Color and Faculty Members Working Together Toward Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy Cook–Sather, Alison; Agu, Praise PDF (769kb)
17: Measuring Student Learning to Document Faculty Teaching Effectiveness Nilso, Linda B. PDF (681kb)
18: Mobile App Learning Lounge Truong, Michael H. PDF (756kb)
19: Determining Our Own Tempos: Exploring Slow Pedagogy, Curriculum, Assessment, and Professional Development Shaw, Peter A.; Cole, Bob; Russell, Jennifer L. PDF (904kb)
20: Pedagogical Gamification Yee, Kevin PDF (737kb)
21: The Reacting to the Past Pedagogy and Engaging the First–year Student Lazrus, Paula Kay; McKay, Gretchen Kreahling PDF (640kb)