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The holdings display

The main bookbag page is the holdings display. All the features in the bookbag are available from this page (See Fig. 1).

Fig. 1: Top portion of the bookbag holdings display.

At the top right corner of the page is a count of items in the bookbag. There is a search form at the top for searches restricted to your bookbag. With this you can collect works into a bookbag from searches on a certain broad topic or author and then do more in depth analysis of the works as a group.

Other options:

Click the "Email Contents" button to send the item records to any email address.

Click the "Download Contents" button to save the contents to any place on your PC or display them in another application.

Click "Empty Contents" to remove all the item records at once.

Clicking "Link to this item directly" will display the entire text of the item in the main window.

Click "Remove from bookbag" to remove this item record only.

A typical item record in the bookbag is shown in Fig. 2. When you email records or download them, they will be sent or saved as plain text files.

Fig. 2: An item in the bookbag holdings display.