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Frequently asked questions

What texts are available in the database? What texts will be added?

A list of both types of texts is available on the TCP Project Home website. To see a list of texts that have been selected to be added to the database and which are in the production stage, please visit the TCP text selection page.

When looking at a book as a page image, why do I sometimes see N/A in the page number box?

Early modern printers often didn’t include page numbers in their work. Our texts do not put page numbers where the original printer did not.

Why can't I cut and paste from the page image section? Why can't I use my browser's Find in Page function there?

The Page Images are just that – images. Your browser treats them like pictures, and it sees the words as squiggles of ink, not as letters. So it cannot "see" that any words exist in the page image, and as a result, it cannot highlight any in a Find in Page search, nor can it highlight any for cutting and pasting.

Why didn't my keyword appear in yellow in the results screen?

This can happen for one of two reasons:

  1. Your keyword has been marked, but is displayed at a point in the text that is not displayed on the screen. If that is the case, you should be able to find your yellow keyword by scrolling.

  2. Your search has hit upon a word that contains a pipe symbol (|) or plus sign (+) that shows where a printer divided the word. Because of a technicality, the software cannot currently turn such words yellow when they are found within the text.

In either case, you can use your browser's "Find in Page" command to locate your keyword.