Fig. 14. Dimensions: 5.25 x3.5 inches, Circa 1983. This is a way for us to form a new community whilst in New Orleans. Looking at this picture now, of us with the other Cambodian children, I wonder what knowledge they had of Khmer Dance. They would not have seen any of this culture during the Khmer Rouge, but hearing the Khmer songs and being shown the movements by Khmer elders they would finally see their culture. Like any immigrant community you found a safe space, in culture, you want to learn things American, but you want to remember your own culture. As kids you are sensitive to this, to looking odd to Americans, them seeing you and thinking why they are doing this crazy dance? - but it’s culture and I see that now... but did not recognise that then; A Fragile Past: Exploring One Family’s Narrative Through the Photographs They Buried