Fig. 4. Dimensions: 5.25 x 3.5 inches, Circa 1966. When I make family photos now this type of picture is what I tend to avoid, these big group pictures, but then they are the ones I end up valuing the most. It shows the size of our family and this holds the most importance and significance to us as a family. This was during a vacation to Kep (Seaside resort in Cambodia). It shows the collection of both sides of the family; these trips happened every summer. Our family friends owned a house in Kep which we would stay in, it overlooked the ocean. When I last returned to Cambodia in 2010 we tried to find the location but I think it has gone now. The picture was taken by one of the small monuments or roundabouts in Kep. I was only six months old at the time. I have had to go to my mother when looking at some of these photographs to understand them, she still tells me a lot about them; A Fragile Past: Exploring One Family’s Narrative Through the Photographs They Buried