Figure 4: series number 3331, BA-BIEU, féroce lieutenant du DÊ-THAM Tué d’un balle le 16 Août 1909 Tonkin (Yen Thé), (“BA-BIEU, ferocious lieutenant of DÊ-THAM, killed by a bullet on the 16th of August, 1909, Tonkin (Yen-Thé)”), image attributable to Captain Péri, postcard published by Pierre Dieulefils, Hanoi, ca. 1909, addressed to a married woman in France, message dated the 23rd (month illegible), 1918 (no postmark); Icons in Disguise: Vietnamese Resistance Figures Hoàng Hoa Thám and Ba Biểu in French Colonial Images and Related Texts, 1909-2007