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Ten Years of the Trans Asia Photography Review Sandra Matthews Introduction
Wuhan’s Family Photographs Laura Wexler Field Note
“Film und Foto” Redux in Japan’s 2010s Shota T. Ogawa Field Note
Orientalism and the Politics of Photographic Representation Ali Behdad Field Note
A Western Bibliomania for Japanese Photobooks Russet Lederman Field Note
The Middle Ground of Early Chinese Photography Anthony W. Lee Field Note
Being in the World Jamie Maxtone-Graham Curatorial Project
Surface Tension: Hong Kong Photographs in Wei Leng Tay’s Abridge Project Olivier Krischer Curatorial Project
A Fragile Past: Exploring One Family’s Narrative Through the Photographs They Buried Charles Fox Curatorial Project
The Creative Distractions of Manobina Roy Sabeena Gadihoke Curatorial Project
Photodemos – Citizens of photography: the camera and the political imagination Christopher Pinney; Sokphea Young; Vindhya Buthpitiya Curatorial Project
Contemporary Photography Magazines in Korea and Taiwan: Vostok and Voices of Photography in Context Jeehey Kim Profile
Matca: Creating Conversations around Photography in Vietnam Ha Dao Profile
PannaFoto Institute: Teaching Photography and Building Communities in Indonesia Wubin Zhuang Profile
PIX: Photography and Critical Thought in South Asia Rahaab Allana Profile
Photography Institutions Burgeoning in China Shuxia Chen Profile
Drik Picture Library, Dhaka, Bangladesh: A Conversation with Shahidul Alam Deepali Dewan Profile
Review of Early Photography in Vietnam, by Terry Bennett Thy Phu Book Review
Review of China Dream, by Teresa Eng Sebastian C. Galbo Book Review
Review of Demanding Images: Democracy, Mediation, and the Image-Event in Indonesia, by Karen Strassler Veronika Kusumaryati Book Review
Review of Marjorie Doggett’s Singapore: A Photographic Record, by Edward Stokes James McArdle Book Review
The Future of the TAP Review: Call for Proposals