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Editor’s Welcome Sandra Matthews
The Elu[va]sive Portrait: Mimicry, Masquerade and Camouflage. Conceptual and Theoretical Notes, an Introduction Ayelet Zohar Article
Traveler-as-Lama Photography and the Fantasy of Transformation in Tibet Namiko Kunimoto Article
Subversive Portraits of National Heroism in Contemporary Korean Photography Youngsook Choi Article
The Elu[va]sive Japanese Portrait: Repetition, Difference and Multiplicity Ayelet Zohar Article
The Photographer’s New Clothes: An Interview with Cang Xin regarding “Identity Exchange” (2002-2007) Yomi Braester Article
Doubles, Triples and Halves: Kip Fulbeck’s “Hapa Project” Kip Fulbeck Curatorial Project
Piety and Power: The Theatrical Images of Empress Dowager Cixi David Hogge Curatorial Project
Memory of the Dead and Responsibility of the Living: Noh Suntag’s “Forgetting Machines” (2006-2007) Jeehey Kim Curatorial Project
Eluding Presence: Portraiture in South Asian Photography Murtaza Vali Curatorial Project
“Ai Weiwei: New York 1983 – 1993”. Beijing: Three Shadows Press; New York: Chambers Fine Art, 2010. Exhibition: Asia Society, New York, June 29 – August 14, 2011. Gail Pellett Book Review
John Falconer, ed., “The Waterhouse Albums: Central Indian Provinces” (Ahmedabad: Mapin Publishing in association with the Alkazi Collection of Photography; Ocean Township, N.J.: Grantha; Easthampton, MA.: Distributed in North America by Antique Collectors’ Club, 2009) 262 p. ISBN 9788189995300 (Mapin) Deepali Dewan Book Review
Jeffrey W. Cody and Frances Terpak eds., “Brush and Shutter: Early Photography in China” [exhibition catalogue] (Los Angeles: Getty Research Institute, 2011) 188 p. ISBN 978-1-60606-054-4. H. Tiffany Lee Book Review
Recent Publications of Note Raymond Lum Recent Publications of Note
Summaries of Scholarly Symposia 2.1 Symposia