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    SPARC Leading Edge Partnerships

    To support the development of new models in scholarly publishing, SPARC has created a "Leading Edge" program to publicize the efforts of discipline-based communities that use technology to obtain competitive advantage or introduce innovative business models. Titles in this program include the New Journal of Physics, the Internet Journal of Chemistry and Documenta Mathematica.

    The New Journal of Physics, jointly sponsored by the Institute of Physics (U.K.) and the German Physical Society, is experimenting with making articles available for free on the web and financing production through the charging of fees to authors whose articles are accepted for publication. That fee is currently $500.

    The Internet Journal of Chemistry is experimenting with attracting authors by offering them the opportunity to exploit the power of the Internet. This electronic-only journal was created by an independent group of chemists in the U.S., the U.K., and Germany. It offers the ability to include full 3-D structures of molecules, color images, movies and animation, and large data sets. It also allows readers to manipulate spectra. Institutional subscriptions to the journal cost $289.

    Documenta Mathematica is a free web-based journal published by faculty at the University of Bielefeld in Germany since 1996. A printed volume is published at the end of each year. Authors retain copyright to articles published in the journal and institutional users are authorized to download the articles for local access and storage.