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    I thank Steve Finch, Paul Ginsparg, Jim Gray, Eric Grosse, Kevin Guthrie, Stevan Harnad, Steve Heller, Patrick Ion, Don King, Kevin Kiyan, Greg Kuperberg, Leslie Lamport, Steve Lawrence, Carol Montgomery, Gary Mullen, Ann Okerson, Kimberly Parker, Robby Robson, Carol Tenopir, Ed Valauskas, Hal Varian, Tom Walker, and Herb Wilf, for providing comments, corrections, and helpful information.return to text

    1. For circulation figures for major research libraries in the U.S., see Association of Research Libraries, Statistics and Measurement Program (http://www.arl.org/stats/index.html).

    2. An excellent and up-to-date survey of those is presented in Tenopir and King (2000). See also a brief summary in King and Tenopir (this volume).

    3. Some of the notable ones are Anderson et al. (2001), Guthrie (this volume), Hunter (this volume), Lawrence (2001), Luther (2001) and Tenopir et al. (2000). They will be referenced later.

    4. Evidence can be found in Guthrie (this volume) and Luther (2001), for example, and in later sections of this paper.

    5. For more evidence, see also Klopfenstein (1989) and the references there.

    6. It should be noted that print also had these characteristics O'Donnell (1996) and Trithemius (1974).

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    10. A summary is presented in King and Tenopir (this volume).

    11. The University of Wisconsin study is available at http://wendt.library.wisc.edu/archive/journals/costben.html

    12. This page is available at http://research.microsoft.com/users/lamport/tla/tla.html.

    13. This is based on extrapolating very freely from data kindly supplied by Paul Ginsparg

    14. The data for January 1999 is incomplete, since the main server was then in transition from Denmark to the U.S.

    15. For an account of the project, see Sloane's recent paper Sloane (1998).