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    The evolution of digital libraries has been marked by important collaboration and this monograph is a prime example of a particularly fruitful enterprise at the University of Michigan. We are grateful to the many people who made this project possible. Starting at the beginning, we were introduced to each other by Dan Atkins, in the context of the University of Michigan Digital Library (UMDL) project, one of the first wave of large-scale NSF-funded digital library research projects in the U.S. In addition to heading UMDL, Dan was the founding Dean of the UM's School of Information (SI), and was committed to leveraging the expertise of multiple communities. We are grateful for his inspiration and leadership as we conceived and carried out the collaborative effort represented in the PEAK project.

    PEAK was a combined research and development project run at the University of Michigan in partnership with Elsevier Science. In addition to the online journal service we implemented, PEAK hosted an international research conference in 2000, at which the first versions of the papers in this monograph were presented. We are grateful to people involved in both the publishing project, and the conference and book production.

    PEAK would not have been possible without the vision and support of Karen Hunter, Senior Vice President at Elsevier. Karen already had been a leader in digital publishing projects for many years, and has been a great friend to academic librarians and digital library researchers during a time when relations between publishers and academia have often been tense. We are also grateful for the contributions made by Roland Dietz and Alexandra Jankovich, both previously at Elsevier.

    For the development and operation of PEAK at the University of Michigan we are especially grateful to John Wilkin, who managed the production team at UM, and Maria Bonn, who designed the interface, then led the services and assessment team. We also thank SI graduate student Ann Zimmerman for her diligent participation and support of the behavioral research component of the project, along with economics graduate students Juan Riveros and Bob Gazzale, who provided excellent assistance in the data analysis. A number of others from the University of Michigan Library made invaluable contributions to the services and technologies associated with PEAK.

    When we organized the conference, we received excellent support from Hannah Wilkins from SI, and Pat Hodges of the University Library. Generous support was provided by Elsevier Science, Wiley Interscience and the Council on Library and Information Resources. The School of Information hosted the conference and provided additional logistical support.

    We are especially grateful to the authors of the chapters in this monograph. They wrote the original versions for the conference, before we had the notion of publishing the collection, and they paid their own travel expenses. Then, during the exceedingly long, and sometimes painful process of creating this monograph, they were patient, supportive and responsive to our requests for revisions. We are also grateful to the approximately 100 other conference participants who attended at their own expense, and provided lively and detailed commentary and suggestions.

    Finally, we thank the professionals who helped us publish this monograph. Anne Pfaelzer de Ortiz provided superb style and copy editing, working patiently and hard to bring a consistent tone and style to the chapters. Economics graduate student Kan Takeuchi carefully typeset the first version in the LaTeX system. We also are very grateful to the staff of the UM Scholarly Publishing Office. When we approached them in 2007, they responded enthusiastically to the opportunity to bring this monograph to the public. They provided excellent production support, converting the entire (long) manuscript from its original LaTeX format to XML; they also did the design and provided project management support. The SPO is directed by Maria Bonn (who a decade earlier played a central role in the creation of the online PEAK service), and Kathleen Fear and Kevin Hawkins provided the always excellent services. We are also grateful to Andrea McVittie for reviewing and correcting or updating all of the links to online references so they are accurate as of early 2008.