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The University of Michigan's School for Environment and Sustainability works to support an environmentally sound, sustainable, and just world. Together students, faculty, staff, alumni, and partners create knowledge, train leaders, and develop solutions to address the world's great sustainability challenges. Enjoy the publications here and experience a sampling of our work.

Ash's Outdoors Discoveries

Iris Partlan and Nicolás Curotto

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Chichi and the Great Flood

Brooke McWherter and Helen Gutierrez

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Kids Save the Seasons

Albany Jacobson Eckert and Jiayang Li

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River in the City

Janet Skrbina, Priscila Papias, and Rika Novayanti

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Dunes - Are Alive!

Krysten Dorfman and Peter Siciliano

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From the Forest to the Shore

Julia Glassman and Zibo Zhu

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Mizhibizhu and the Black Snake

Esha Biswas and John Petoskey

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Nessie Visits the Great Lakes

Anna Urso and Hannah Mosiniak

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Jenni Fuller and Rosanna Ren

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