Saline Historic Homes


Collection Information

This Historical and Architectural Survey includes all structures built up to 1944 within the city limits of Saline Michigan. Conducted in 1994 by Kosky and Glynn Associates, this survey is the result of the City’s intent to comply with the Certified Local Government requirements. The objective of the survey was to research, photograph and map all structures built within the City of Saline between 1829 and 1944. The completed project includes a survey card and black and white photograph for each structure, a map of all surveyed structures, and historical and architectural text encompassing the study period.

All original survey material is housed by the Historic District Commission at Saline City Hall. The 24-page report is also available at Saline District Library and online.

The City of Saline is the copyright holder for the materials in this Saline Historic Homes online collection. The materials were compiled by Sue Kosky and Kathie Glynn, who composed the 1994 Historical and Architectural Survey under a contract with the City of Saline. The project was comprised of the 350 photos and informational cards documenting historic homes in Saline.

The City of Saline is pleased to make these materials available for research and education for which no permission is required (though attribution is appreciated). For other uses or questions, please contact:

Mary Ellen Mulcrone, Director
Saline District Library
555 N. Maple Road Saline, MI 48176
Telephone: (734) 429-5450
Fax: (734) 944-0600