J. Herbert Newport Collection (1922-1991)
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Series A: Constitutions, By-laws, and Handbooks [series]:

Series A: Constitutions, By-laws, and Handbooks, Drafts and printed versions of constitutions and by-laws reflecting changes in these documents over the years. The handbooks contain the constitution and by-laws and other information about the services of the organization and publications. Some materials on the constitution also appear in the Constitution Committee materials in the Committees File (Series E).

Arranged by document type and thereunder chronologically.

Constitutions and by-laws
Box   A1 Folder   1
Box   A1 Folder   2
Box   A1 Folder   3
Box   A1 Folder   4
Box   A1 Folder   5
Box   A1 Folder   6
Series B: Board of Directors File [series]:

Series B: Board of Directors File, includes minutes of board meetings (both handwritten and typed), documents submitted to the board for consideration, lists of directors and officers, and some tape recordings of meetings. There are no minutes for the years 1948 to 1951, when NMA was virtually inactive. Only the files for 1969 to 1973 include documents distributed to the board for consideration in addition to the minutes. Tape recordings of meetings cover only 1970-1973.

The executive secretary's notebooks include handwritten minutes of board meetings, annual meetings, and some committee meetings, 1960-1973. Some earlier handwritten minutes, 1952-1960, appear in the volumes of income and expenditures in the Financial Records series (Series F). Typed annual meeting minutes are not included in this series. These appear in the Conventions File (Series D), as does scattered additional material on board meetings held during conventions.

A number of folders of information about the board appear at the beginning of the series, followed by separate chronological sequences of typed board minutes, handwritten secretary's notebooks, and tape recordings.

Box   B1 Folder   1
Card File of Directors and Officers,  undated
Box   B1 Folder   2
Lists of Directors and Officers,  1945-1974
Box   B1 Folder   3
Compilation of Motions,  1969-1972
Box   B1 Folder   4
Evaluation Study,  1968
Box   B1 Folder   5
General,  undated
Box   B1 Folder   5a
Job Descriptions and Structure of NMA.
Box   B1 Folder   5b
Mandel Report,  1972
Box   B1 Folder   5c
Study of Internal Organization and Management,  1973
Box   B1 Folder   6
Minutes,  1944,of a Meeting to Discuss the Possible Creation of a Microfilm Trade Association
Board Minutes
Box   B1 Folder   7
Box   B1 Folder   8
Box   B1 Folder   9
Box   B1 Folder   10
Box   B1 Folder   11
Box   B1 Folder   12
Box   B1 Folder   13
Box   B1 Folder   13a
Box   B1 Folder   14
 January-May, 1969
Box   B1 Folder   15
 June-August, 1969
Box   B1 Folder   16
 September, 1969
Box   B1 Folder   17
 October-December, 1969
Box   B1 Folder   18-19
 January, 1970
Box   B1 Folder   20-22
 April, 1970
Box   B1 Folder   23-25
 June, 1970
Box   B1 Folder   26-28
 August, 1970
Box   B1 Folder   29-30
 October, 1970
Box   B1 Folder   31-32
 November, 1970
Box   B2 Folder   1
 January, 1971
Box   B2 Folder   2-3
 February, 1971
Box   B2 Folder   4-6
 April, 1971
Box   B2 Folder   7
 May, 1971
Box   B2 Folder   8-9
 June, 1971
Box   B2 Folder   10
 September, 1971
Box   B2 Folder   11
 October, 1971
Box   B2 Folder   12-13
 January, 1972
Box   B2 Folder   14
 March, 1972
Box   B2 Folder   15
 April, 1972
Box   B2 Folder   16
 May, 1972
Box   B2 Folder   17-18
 June, 1972
Box   B2 Folder   19-20
 September, 1972
Box   B2 Folder   21-23
 November, 1972
Box   B2 Folder   24
 January, 1973
Box   B2 Folder   25
 February, 1973
Box   B2 Folder   26-28
 April, 1973
Box   B2 Folder   29
 May, 1973
Box   B2 Folder   30-31
 September, 1973
Box   B2 Folder   32
 December, 1973
Box   B2 Folder   33
Secretary's Notebooks, Chiefly Board Minutes (hand-written)
Box   B3 Folder   1
 June, 1960-April, 1961
Box   B3 Folder   2
 May, 1961-November, 1962
Box   B3 Folder   3
 December, 1962-May, 1964
Box   B3 Folder   4
 September, 1964-April, 1965
Box   B3 Folder   5
 May, 1965-June, 1966
Box   B3 Folder   6
 September, 1966-August, 1967
Box   B3 Folder   7
 November, 1967-April, 1969
Box   B3 Folder   8
 May, 1969-April, 1970
Box   B3 Folder   9
 April-October, 1970
Box   B3 Folder   10
 October, 1970-April, 1971
Box   B3 Folder   11
 April, 1971-January, 1972
Box   B3 Folder   12
 March-June, 1972
Box   B3 Folder   13
 July, 1972-September, 1973
Box   B3 Folder   14
Miscellaneous Photographs of Board Meetings,  1955- 1969
Tape Recordings of Board Meetings
 August 4, 1970
Box   B4 Folder   1
 October 6, 1970
Box   B4 Folder   3
 November 10, 1970
Box   B4 Folder   4
 January 7, 1971
Box   B4 Folder   5
 April 13-14, 1971
Box   B4 Folder   6
 May 26, 1971
Box   B4 Folder   7-8
 June 29, 1971
Box   B4 Folder   9
 October 19, 1971
Box   B4 Folder   10
 March 2, 1972
Box   B4 Folder   11
 June 13, 1972
Box   B4 Folder   12
 September 7, 1972
Box   B4 Folder   13-14
 November 15, 1972
Box   B4 Folder   15-16
 February 21-22, 1973
Box   B4 Folder   17
 May 8-9, 1973
Box   B4 Folder   18
 September 12-13, 1973
Series C: Correspondence File [series]:

The Correspondence Files series contains mainly correspondence of the secretary (later known as the executive secretary), but for the early years the presidents' correspondence is also included. The correspondence concerns virtually all aspects of the work of NMA. A card file containing a selective index to correspondents was compiled during processing and is available to facilitate research use.

The correspondence is arranged chronologically in two separate sequences. The first includes the correspondence which was received in early accessions and arranged during initial processing of the collection. The second is found in box C13 and consists of correspondence received in the 1991 accretion. The two sequences were not interfiled as the box and folder numbers on which the selective index is based would have changed.

Box   C1 Folder   1
Box   C1 Folder   2
 June-August, 1944
Box   C1 Folder   3
 September-December, 1944
Box   C1 Folder   4
 January-February, 1945
Box   C1 Folder   5
 March, 1945
Box   C1 Folder   6
 April, 1945
Box   C1 Folder   7
 May, 1945
Box   C1 Folder   8
 June-August, 1945
Box   C1 Folder   9-12
 September, 1945
Box   C1 Folder   13-18
 October, 1945
Box   C1 Folder   19-21
 November, 1945
Box   C1 Folder   22
 December, 1945
Box   C1 Folder   23-24
 January, 1946
Box   C1 Folder   25
 February, 1946
Box   C1 Folder   26
 March, 1946
Box   C1 Folder   27
 April, 1946
Box   C1 Folder   28
 May, 1946
Box   C1 Folder   29
 June-July, 1946
Box   C1 Folder   30
 August, 1946
Box   C1 Folder   31
 September-October, 1946
Box   C1 Folder   32
 November-December, 1946
Box   C1 Folder   33
 January-February, 1947
Box   C1 Folder   34
 March-April, 1947
Box   C1 Folder   35
 May, 1947
Box   C1 Folder   36
 June-August, 1947
Box   C1 Folder   37
 September-December, 1947
Box   C1 Folder   38
 January-March, 1948
Box   C1 Folder   39
 April, 1948
Box   C2 Folder   1
 May, 1948
Box   C2 Folder   2
 June-July, 1948
Box   C2 Folder   3
 August, 1948
Box   C2 Folder   4
 September-December, 1948
Box   C2 Folder   5
Box   C2 Folder   6
 January-July, 1952
Box   C2 Folder   7
 August, 1952
Box   C2 Folder   8
 September-December, 1952
Box   C2 Folder   9
 January-March, 1953
Box   C2 Folder   10
 April, 1953
Box   C2 Folder   11
 May, 1953
Box   C2 Folder   12
 June-August, 1953
Box   C2 Folder   13
 September, 1953
Box   C2 Folder   14
 October-November, 1953
Box   C2 Folder   15-16
 December, 1953
Box   C2 Folder   17
 January, 1954
Box   C2 Folder   18
 February, 1954
Box   C2 Folder   19
 March-April, 1954
Box   C2 Folder   20
 May-July, 1954
Box   C2 Folder   21
 August-September, 1954
Box   C2 Folder   22
 October, 1954
Box   C2 Folder   23
 November-December, 1954
Box   C2 Folder   24
 January-February, 1955
Box   C2 Folder   25
 March, 1955
Box   C2 Folder   26
 April, 1955
Box   C2 Folder   27
 May, 1955
Box   C2 Folder   28
 June, 1955
Box   C2 Folder   29
 July-September, 1955
Box   C2 Folder   30
 October-December, 1955
Box   C2 Folder   31
 January-May, 1956
Box   C2 Folder   32
 June-August, 1956
Box   C2 Folder   33
 September-October, 1956
Box   C2 Folder   34
 November, 1956
Box   C2 Folder   35
 December, 1956
Box   C3 Folder   1
 January, 1957
Box   C3 Folder   2
 February, 1957
Box   C3 Folder   3
 March, 1957
Box   C3 Folder   4
 April, 1957
Box   C3 Folder   5
 May-June, 1957
Box   C3 Folder   6
 July, 1957
Box   C3 Folder   7
 August, 1957
Box   C3 Folder   8
 September, 1957
Box   C3 Folder   9
 October, 1957
Box   C3 Folder   10
 November-December, 1957
Box   C3 Folder   11
 January, 1958
Box   C3 Folder   12-13
 February, 1958
Box   C3 Folder   14-15
 March, 1958
Box   C3 Folder   16-17
 April, 1958
Box   C3 Folder   18-19
 May, 1958
Box   C3 Folder   20
 June-July, 1958
Box   C3 Folder   21
 August, 1958
Box   C3 Folder   22
 September-October, 1958
Box   C3 Folder   23
 November, 1958
Box   C3 Folder   24
 December, 1958
Box   C3 Folder   25-26
 January, 1959
Box   C3 Folder   27-28
 February, 1959
Box   C3 Folder   29-31
 March, 1959
Box   C3 Folder   32-34
 April, 1959
Box   C4 Folder   1-2
 May, 1959
Box   C4 Folder   3-5
 June, 1959
Box   C4 Folder   6-7
 July, 1959
Box   C4 Folder   8-10
 August, 1959
Box   C4 Folder   11-12
 September, 1959
Box   C4 Folder   13-14
 October, 1959
Box   C4 Folder   15-16
 November, 1959
Box   C4 Folder   17-19
 December, 1959
Box   C4 Folder   20-21
 January, 1960
Box   C4 Folder   22-24
 February, 1960
Box   C4 Folder   25-27
 March, 1960
Box   C4 Folder   28-31
 April, 1960
Box   C4 Folder   32-35
 May, 1960
Box   C4 Folder   36-37
 June, 1960
Box   C5 Folder   1-3
 July, 1960
Box   C5 Folder   4-6
 August, 1960
Box   C5 Folder   7-9
 September, 1960
Box   C5 Folder   10-11
 October, 1960
Box   C5 Folder   12-14
 November, 1960
Box   C5 Folder   15-16
 December, 1960
Box   C5 Folder   17-20
 January, 1961
Box   C5 Folder   21-23
 February, 1961
Box   C5 Folder   24-26
 March, 1961
Box   C5 Folder   27-28
 April, 1961
Box   C5 Folder   29-31
 May, 1961
Box   C5 Folder   32
 June, 1961
Box   C5 Folder   33
 July, 1961
Box   C5 Folder   34-35
 August, 1961
Box   C5 Folder   36-37
 September, 1961
Box   C6 Folder   1-2
 October, 1961
Box   C6 Folder   3-4
 November, 1961
Box   C6 Folder   5-6
 December, 1961
Box   C6 Folder   7-8
 January, 1962
Box   C6 Folder   9-11
 February, 1962
Box   C6 Folder   12-14
 March, 1962
Box   C6 Folder   15-16
 April, 1962
Box   C6 Folder   17-20
 May, 1962
Box   C6 Folder   21
 June, 1962
Box   C6 Folder   22-23
 July, 1962
Box   C6 Folder   24-25
 August, 1962
Box   C6 Folder   26-28
 September, 1962
Box   C6 Folder   29-30
 October, 1962
Box   C6 Folder   31-33
 November, 1962
Box   C6 Folder   34
 December, 1962
Box   C6 Folder   35-36
 January, 1963
Box   C6 Folder   37-38
 February, 1963
Box   C7 Folder   1-3
 March, 1963
Box   C7 Folder   4-5
 April, 1963
Box   C7 Folder   6-8
 May, 1963
Box   C7 Folder   9-10
 June, 1963
Box   C7 Folder   11-12
 July, 1963
Box   C7 Folder   13-15
 August, 1963
Box   C7 Folder   16-17
 September, 1963
Box   C7 Folder   18-19
 October, 1963
Box   C7 Folder   20-21
 November, 1963
Box   C7 Folder   22-24
 December, 1963
Box   C7 Folder   25-27
 January, 1964
Box   C7 Folder   28-32
 February, 1964
Box   C7 Folder   33-36
 March, 1964
Box   C7 Folder   37-38
 April, 1964
Box   C7 Folder   39-42
 May, 1964
Box   C8 Folder   1-3
 June, 1964
Box   C8 Folder   4-6
 July, 1964
Box   C8 Folder   7-8
 August, 1964
Box   C8 Folder   9-11
 September, 1964
Box   C8 Folder   12-14
 October, 1964
Box   C8 Folder   15-18
 November, 1964
Box   C8 Folder   19-20
 December, 1964
Box   C8 Folder   21-22
 January, 1965
Box   C8 Folder   23-25
 February, 1965
Box   C8 Folder   26
 March, 1965
Box   C8 Folder   27
 April, 1965
Box   C8 Folder   28
 May, 1965
Box   C8 Folder   29
 June, 1965
Box   C8 Folder   30
 July, 1965
Box   C8 Folder   31
 August, 1965
Box   C8 Folder   32-33
 September, 1965
Box   C8 Folder   34
 October, 1965
Box   C8 Folder   35-36
 November, 1965
Box   C8 Folder   37-38
 December, 1965
Box   C8 Folder   39-40
 January, 1966
Box   C9 Folder   1-3
 February, 1966
Box   C9 Folder   4-5
 March, 1966
Box   C9 Folder   6-7
 April, 1966
Box   C9 Folder   8-9
 May, 1966
Box   C9 Folder   10-11
 June, 1966
Box   C9 Folder   12-13
 July, 1966
Box   C9 Folder   14-15
 August, 1966
Box   C9 Folder   16
 September, 1966
Box   C9 Folder   17-19
 October, 1966
Box   C9 Folder   20-21
 November, 1966
Box   C9 Folder   22-24
 December, 1966
Box   C9 Folder   25-27
 January, 1967
Box   C9 Folder   28
 February, 1967
Box   C9 Folder   29-30
 March, 1967
Box   C9 Folder   31
 April, 1967
Box   C9 Folder   32-34
 May, 1967
Box   C9 Folder   35-38
 June, 1967
Box   C9 Folder   39-41
 July, 1967
Box   C9 Folder   42-44
 August, 1967
Box   C10 Folder   1
 September-December, 1967
Box   C10 Folder   2
 January-February, 1968
Box   C10 Folder   3
 March, 1968
Box   C10 Folder   4
 April-June, 1968
Box   C10 Folder   5
 July-August, 1968
Box   C10 Folder   6
 September, 1968
Box   C10 Folder   7-8
 October, 1968
Box   C10 Folder   9
 November, 1968
Box   C10 Folder   10
 December, 1968
Box   C10 Folder   11-12
 January, 1969
Box   C10 Folder   13-14
 February, 1969
Box   C10 Folder   15-16
 March, 1969
Box   C10 Folder   17
 April, 1969
Box   C10 Folder   18-19
 May, 1969
Box   C10 Folder   20-24
 June, 1969
Box   C10 Folder   25-28
 July, 1969
Box   C10 Folder   29-33
 August, 1969
Box   C10 Folder   34-39
 September, 1969
Box   C11 Folder   1-4
 October, 1969
Box   C11 Folder   5-6
 November, 1969
Box   C11 Folder   7-9
 December, 1969
Box   C11 Folder   10-14
 January, 1970
Box   C11 Folder   15-18
 February, 1970
Box   C11 Folder   19-21
 March, 1970
Box   C11 Folder   22-23
 April, 1970
Box   C11 Folder   24-26
 May, 1970
Box   C11 Folder   27-31
 June, 1970
Box   C11 Folder   32-36
 July, 1970
Box   C12 Folder   1-3
 August, 1970
Box   C12 Folder   4-6
 September, 1970
Box   C12 Folder   7-9
 October, 1970
Box   C12 Folder   10
 November, 1970
Box   C12 Folder   11-12
 December, 1970
Box   C12 Folder   13-14
 January, 1971
Box   C12 Folder   15
 February, 1971
Box   C12 Folder   16
 March, 1971
Box   C12 Folder   17
 April-May, 1971
Box   C12 Folder   18
 June, 1971
Box   C12 Folder   19
 July, 1971
Box   C12 Folder   20
 August, 1971
Box   C12 Folder   21
 September, 1971
Box   C12 Folder   22
 October, 1971
Box   C12 Folder   23
 November, 1971
Box   C12 Folder   24
 December, 1971
Box   C12 Folder   25
 January, 1972
Box   C12 Folder   26
 February, 1972
Box   C12 Folder   27
 March, 1972
Box   C12 Folder   28
 April, 1972
Box   C12 Folder   29
 May, 1972
Box   C12 Folder   30
 June, 1972
Box   C12 Folder   31
 July, 1972
Box   C12 Folder   32
 August, 1972
Box   C12 Folder   33
 September-October, 1972
Box   C12 Folder   34
 November-December, 1972
Box   C12 Folder   35
 January, 1973
Box   C12 Folder   36
 February-March, 1973
Box   C12 Folder   37
 April-July, 1973
Box   C12 Folder   38
 August-December, 1973

(Correspondence Accretion Received in 1991)

Box   C13 Folder   1
Box   C13 Folder   2
 January-August, 1945
Box   C13 Folder   3
 September-December, 1945
Box   C13 Folder   4
Box   C13 Folder   5
 January-February, 1952
Box   C13 Folder   6
 March, 1952
Box   C13 Folder   7
 April, 1952
Box   C13 Folder   8
 May-December, 1952
Box   C13 Folder   9
Box   C13 Folder   10
Box   C13 Folder   11
Box   C13 Folder   12
Box   C13 Folder   13
 (no folder)
Box   C13 Folder   14
Box   C13 Folder   15
Box   C13 Folder   16
Box   C13 Folder   17
 January-March, 1965
Box   C13 Folder   18
 April, 1965
Box   C13 Folder   19
 May, 1965
Box   C13 Folder   20
 June, 1965
Box   C13 Folder   21
 July, 1965
Box   C13 Folder   22
 August-December, 1965
Box   C13 Folder   23
Box   C13 Folder   24
Box   C13 Folder   25
Box   C13 Folder   26
Box   C13 Folder   27
 January, 1970
Box   C13 Folder   28
 February-May, 1970
Box   C13 Folder   29
 June-August, 1970
Box   C13 Folder   30
 September-November, 1970
Box   C13 Folder   31
 December, 1970
Box   C13 Folder   32
 January-June, 1971
Box   C13 Folder   33
 July-December, 1971
Box   C13 Folder   34
 January-February, 1972
Box   C13 Folder   35
 March, 1972
Box   C13 Folder   36
 April-August, 1972
Box   C13 Folder   37
 September, 1972
Box   C13 Folder   38
 October, 1972
Box   C13 Folder   39
 November-December, 1972
Box   C13 Folder   40
 January, 1973
Box   C13 Folder   41
 February-March, 1973
Box   C13 Folder   42
 April-July, 1973
Box   C13 Folder   43
 August-September, 1973
Box   C13 Folder   44
 October-November, 1973
Box   C13 Folder   45
 December, 1973
Series D: Conventions File [series]:

The Conventions File series consists of annual business meeting minutes, press releases, programs, exhibition contracts, floor plans, photographs, registration lists, hotel information, conference reference books, and correspondence concerning convention arrangements and the publication of proceedings. Only scattered items appear for 1945, 1946, and 1952 (no meetings were held 1947-1951); substantial files appear for the 1953-1971 meetings; and small files for succeeding years. Additional material on most conventions, including the three earliest meetings, appears in the Correspondence File (Series C). The published proceedings for the 1952 to 1974 conventions (with the exception of 1957 which was never published) appear in the printed materials donated by Dr. Tate. While the papers delivered by participants appear in the published proceedings, the original manuscripts of many of these papers appear in the Technical Writings Series (Series M).

Arranged chronologically by convention, with the files for some years subdivided by document type.

Box   D1 Folder   1
Convention Policy and Procedures Manual,  ca. 1970
Box   D1 Folder   2
 1945-46 and 1952(Cleveland, New York, and Washington)
 1953(New York)
Box   D1 Folder   3-7
Box   D1 Folder   8
Box   D1 Folder   9
Box   D1 Folder   10
Registration lists
Box   D1 Folder   11-12
Box   D1 Folder   13
Box   D1 Folder   14
Box   D1 Folder   15
Registration Lists
Box   D1 Folder   16
Box   D1 Folder   17
Box   D1 Folder   18-20
Box   D1 Folder   21-24
Box   D1 Folder   25
Box   D1 Folder   26-27
Box   D1 Folder   28-29
Box   D1 Folder   30
Box   D1 Folder   31
Box   D1 Folder   32-33
Box   D1 Folder   34
Box   D1 Folder   35
Registration Lists
 1958(New Orleans)
Box   D1 Folder   35a
Acceptance Speech
Box   D1 Folder   36
Box   D1 Folder   37
Box   D1 Folder   38
Box   D1 Folder   39
Box   D1 Folder   40
Box   D1 Folder   41
Box   D1 Folder   42
Box   D1 Folder   43-44
Box   D2 Folder   1-3
Box   D2 Folder   4
Box   D2 Folder   5
Registration Lists
 1960(New York)
Box   D2 Folder   6-7
Box   D2 Folder   8
Door Prize Correspondence
Box   D2 Folder   9
Invitation from New York Convention and Visitors Bureau
Box   D2 Folder   10
Box   D2 Folder   11
Box   D2 Folder   12
Box   D2 Folder   13-15
Box   D2 Folder   16
Box   D2 Folder   17
Box   D2 Folder   18
Box   D2 Folder   19-22
Box   D2 Folder   23
Box   D2 Folder   24
Registration List
Box   D2 Folder   25
Box   D2 Folder   26
Box   D2 Folder   27
Box   D2 Folder   28
Box   D2 Folder   29
Registration List
Box   D2 Folder   30-33
Tape recordings
 1963(San Francisco)
Box   D3 Folder   1-4
Box   D3 Folder   5
Box   D3 Folder   6-7
Box   D3 Folder   8
Box   D3 Folder   9
Box   D3 Folder   10
Box   D3 Folder   11
Registration List
Box   D3 Folder   12
Box   D3 Folder   13-14
Box   D3 Folder   15
Box   D3 Folder   16
Box   D3 Folder   17
Box   D3 Folder   18-19
Box   D3 Folder   20-21
Box   D3 Folder   22
Registration List
Box   D3 Folder   23-25
Tape recordings
Box   D3 Folder   26
Conference Reference Book
Box   D3 Folder   27
Box   D3 Folder   28-29
Box   D3 Folder   30-31
Box   D3 Folder   32-34
Box   D3 Folder   35
Registration List
Box   D4 Folder   1-2
Box   D4 Folder   3
Box   D4 Folder   4
Box   D4 Folder   5-8
Box   D4 Folder   9
Press Kit
Box   D4 Folder   10
Box   D4 Folder   11
Registration List
Box   D4 Folder   12
Convention Planning Committee
Box   D4 Folder   13-16
Box   D4 Folder   17
Box   D4 Folder   18
Hotel Room Usage
Box   D4 Folder   19
Box   D4 Folder   20-22
Box   D4 Folder   23
Box   D4 Folder   24
Box   D4 Folder   25
Registration List
Box   D4 Folder   26
Conference Reference Book
Box   D4 Folder   27
Box   D4 Folder   28
Box   D4 Folder   29-31
Box   D4 Folder   32
Registration List
Box   D5 Folder   1
Conference Reference Book
Box   D5 Folder   2
Correspondence and Memoranda
Box   D5 Folder   3
Box   D5 Folder   4
General Information Outline
Box   D5 Folder   5
Box   D5 Folder   6-7
Box   D5 Folder   8
Box   D5 Folder   9-10
Registration Lists
Box   D5 Folder   11-13
Seminar Tape Recordings
Box   D5 Folder   14
Standards Committee Meeting (tape recording)
 1970(San Francisco)
Box   D5 Folder   15
Mid-winter Meeting,  January(San Diego)
Box   D5 Folder   16-17
Box   D5 Folder   18
COM Applications Seminar (tape recording)
Box   D5 Folder   19
Conference Reference Book
Box   D5 Folder   20
Box   D5 Folder   21
General Session (tape recording)
Box   D5 Folder   22-23
Box   D5 Folder   24-25
Box   D5 Folder   26
Box   D5 Folder   27
Registration List
Box   D6 Folder   1-5
Seminars (tape recordings)
Box   D6 Folder   6
Unidentified Tape Recording
Mid-winter Meeting,  February(New Orleans)
Box   D6 Folder   7
Box   D6 Folder   8-9
Tape Recordings
Box   D6 Folder   10
Exhibit Guide
Box   D6 Folder   11
Box   D6 Folder   12
Registration List
Box   D6 Folder   13
Seminars (tape recordings)
 1972(New York)
Box   D6 Folder   14
Mid-winter Meeting,  January(tape recordings)
Box   D6 Folder   15
Box   D6 Folder   16
Reference Book
Box   D6 Folder   17
Tape Recordings
 Mid-winter Meeting, January(Phoenix)
Box   D6 Folder   18
Box   D6 Folder   19
Tape Recordings
Box   D6 Folder   20
General Information Outline
Box   D6 Folder   21
Box   D6 Folder   22
Reference Book
Box   D7 Folder   1
Tape Recordings
Box   D7 Folder   2
Box   D7 Folder   3-4
Box   D7 Folder   5-6
Box   D7 Folder   7
Box   D7 Folder   8-9
Convention Daily
Box   D7 Folder   10
Box   D7 Folder   11
Box   D7 Folder   12
 1980(New York)
Box   D7 Folder   13
 1981(Los Angeles)
 1982(St. Louis)
Box   D7 Folder   14-16
Conference Daily
Box   D7 Folder   17
Media Information Kit
Box   D7 Folder   18
Box   D7 Folder   19
Box   D7 Folder   20-23
Box   D7 Folder   24-27
 1985(Washington, D.C.)
Box   D7 Folder   28-29
 1986(San Francisco)
Box   D7 Folder   30-31
 1987(Washington, D.C.)
Box   D7 Folder   32
Box   D7 Folder   33
 1989(San Francisco)
Box   D7 Folder   34
Unidentified Convention Photographs,  undated
Box   D7 Folder   35
Unidentified Tape Recordings,  undated
Series E: Committees File [series]:

The Committees File series consists of correspondence, meeting minutes, press releases, reports, and publications. The amount of material for any committee varies from a single page to hundreds of pages. The largest files concern the committees on awards, computer output microfilm standards, public relations, publications, and standards. While the records of some committees cover the early years of the organization, the bulk of this series dates from the early 1970s.

Arranged alphabetically by committee and chronologically thereunder.

Box   E1 Folder   1
Archives,  1970-1971
Box   E1 Folder   2
Box   E1 Folder   3
Box   E1 Folder   4
Box   E1 Folder   5-6
Box   E1 Folder   7-8
Box   E1 Folder   9-10
Box   E1 Folder   11
Box   E1 Folder   12
By-laws,  1970
Box   E1 Folder   13
Board of Directors Nominating Procedures,  1970
Box   E1 Folder   14
Chapters,  1970-1973
Box   E1 Folder   15
Committees,  1970
Box   E1 Folder   16
Computer Output Microfilm Policy,  1969-1972
Computer Output Microfilm Standards
Box   E1 Folder   17
Box   E1 Folder   18-23
Box   E1 Folder   24
Box   E1 Folder   25
Constitution,  1961-1962
Box   E1 Folder   26
Convention Policy,  1970-71
Box   E1 Folder   27
Convention Sites,  1970
Box   E1 Folder   28
Cooperation and Coordination with Other Organizations,  1970
Box   E1 Folder   29
Development of Drafting Standards for Microfilm,  1967
Box   E1 Folder   30
Document Center Guidance,  1970-1971
Box   E1 Folder   31
Education,  1970
Box   E1 Folder   32
Executive,  1969-1985
Box   E1 Folder   33
Finance,  1966
Box   E1 Folder   34
General Information on Committees,  1966-1973
Box   E1 Folder   35
John P. Eager Memorial Fund,  1970
Box   E1 Folder   36
Library Relations,  1972-1973(includes tape recordings)
Box   E1 Folder   37
Library Standards for Microfilm,  1961-1966
Box   E1 Folder   38
Long-range Planning Task Force,  1978
Box   E1 Folder   39
Box   E1 Folder   40
Box   E1 Folder   40a-b
Box   E1 Folder   40c
Box   E1 Folder   41
Box   E1 Folder   42
Midwinter Meeting,  1970
Box   E1 Folder   43
Box   E1 Folder   44
Box   E1 Folder   45
Past Presidents Council,  1969-1970
Box   E1 Folder   46
Presidents Advisory,  1972
Box   E1 Folder   47
President's Commission on Policy,  1972-1973
Box   E2  
Public Relations
Box   E2 Folder   1
Box   E2 Folder   2-3
Box   E2 Folder   4
 1971-1973(includes script "The Word for Microfilm")
Press Releases
Box   E2 Folder   5
Box   E2 Folder   6-7
Box   E2 Folder   8
Box   E2 Folder   9
Box   E2 Folder   10
Box   E2 Folder   10a
Box   E2 Folder   11
 1945 and 1959-1969
Box   E2 Folder   12-14
Box   E2 Folder   15
Box   E2 Folder   16
Box   E2 Folder   17
Box   E2 Folder   18
List of Publications,  1964-1986
Box   E2 Folder   19
Promotional Materials,  1959-1980
Box   E2 Folder   20
Publicity,  1962
Box   E2 Folder   21
Quality Considerations of Permanent Record Microfilm,  1964-1969
Box   E2 Folder   22
Seals and Logos,  undated
Box   E2 Folder   23
Box   E2 Folder   24
Box   E2 Folder   25
Box   E2 Folder   26
Box   E2 Folder   27-28
Box   E2 Folder   29
Box   E2 Folder   30
Box   E2 Folder   31
Box   E2 Folder   32
Box   E2 Folder   33
Box   E2 Folder   34
Box   E2 Folder   35
Systems Service Companies,  1970
Box   E2 Folder   36
Terminology,  1970-1971
Series F: Chapters File [series]:

Chapters Files includes newsletters, correspondence, lists of officers, and meeting notices concerning NMA's regional and local chapters. Although chapters began developing in the mid-1960s, most of the material in this series dates from 1969 to 1973. Only small amounts appear for most chapters, with the exception of the National Capitol and the Southern California chapters.

General information on chapters is arranged alphabetically by subject, followed by material on specific chapters arranged alphabetically by chapter name.

Chapters File - General
Box   F1 Folder   1
Chapter Commission,  1972(includes tape recordings)
Chapter Newsletters
Box   F1 Folder   2
Box   F1 Folder   3
Box   F1 Folder   4
Box   F1 Folder   5
Chapter Report,  1965
Box   F1 Folder   6
Chapters - Miscellaneous
Comprehensive Chapter Guide Book
Box   F1 Folder   7-11
Box   F1 Folder   12-13
Box   F1 Folder   14
Directory of Chapter Presidents and Officers,  1972-1973
Box   F1 Folder   14a
A Local Study Report Prepared by John R. White at the Request of the Board of Directors of NMA
Box   F1 Folder   14b
Uniform Constitution and By-laws for NMA
Chapters File - Individual Chapters
Box   F1 Folder   15
Chicago Area,  1972
Box   F1 Folder   16
Connecticut Valley,  1972
Box   F1 Folder   17
Garden State,  1970-1972
Box   F1 Folder   18
Golden Gate,  1969-1970
Box   F1 Folder   19
Kentucky,  1964-1966
Box   F1 Folder   20
Long Island,  1972
Box   F1 Folder   21
Maryland,  1971-1974
Box   F1 Folder   22
Metropolitan New York,  1969-1973
Box   F1 Folder   23
Michigan,  1969-1972
Box   F1 Folder   24
Midwest,  1967-1971
Box   F1 Folder   25
Minnesota,  1969-1972
National Capitol
Box   F1 Folder   26
Box   F1 Folder   26a
Box   F1 Folder   26b
Box   F1 Folder   27
New England,  1968-1972
Box   F1 Folder   28
North Texas,  1970
Box   F1 Folder   29
Northwest,  1973
Box   F1 Folder   30
Ohio,  1971
Box   F1 Folder   31
Rocky Mountain,  1973
Box   F1 Folder   32
St. Louis,  1970-1973
Box   F1 Folder   33
San Diego,  1971
Box   F1 Folder   34
Southeastern,  1972
Southern California Microfilm Association
Box   F1 Folder   35
Box   F1 Folder   36
Box   F1 Folder   37
Box   F1 Folder   38
Box   F1 Folder   38a
Box   F1 Folder   39
Southwest,  1971
Box   F1 Folder   40
Virginia,  1972-1974
Box   F1 Folder   41
William Penn,  1969-1975
Series G: Fellows File [series]:

The series Fellows Files is comprised of correspondence, meeting minutes, and lists of fellows. The material concerns candidates for the award of Fellow, the development of the Fellows program, meetings of the Company of Fellows, and armchair awards given to Fellows.

Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Box   G1 Folder   1
Armchair Awards,  1969-1973
Correspondence and Miscellaneous
Box   G1 Folder   2
Box   G1 Folder   3
Box   G1 Folder   4
Box   G1 Folder   5
Box   G1 Folder   6
Box   G1 Folder   7
Box   G1 Folder   8
Box   G1 Folder   9
Box   G1 Folder   10
Box   G1 Folder   11
Box   G1 Folder   12
Box   G1 Folder   13
Box   G1 Folder   14
Lists of Fellows,  1964-1978
Meeting Minutes
Box   G1 Folder   15
 1971-1973(includes tape recordings)
Box   G1 Folder   16
Box   G1 Folder   17
Box   G1 Folder   18
Box   G1 Folder   19
Proposed Fellows,  1964-1965
Box   G1 Folder   20
Box   G1 Folder   21
Box   G1 Folder   22
Box   G1 Folder   23
Box   G1 Folder   24
Box   G1 Folder   25
Box   G1 Folder   26
Box   G1 Folder   27
Box   G1 Folder   28
Series H: Membership Lists and Biographies [series]:

The Membership Lists and Biographies series is divided into two subseries - one containing membership lists and the other biographical sketches and photographs relating to specific individuals associated with NMA.

The membership lists are arranged chronologically and the biographical information is arranged alphabetically.

Membership Lists
Box   H1 Folder   1-2
Box   H1 Folder   3
Box   H1 Folder   4-5
Box   H1 Folder   6-7
Box   H1 Folder   8
Box   H1 Folder   9
Box   H1 Folder   10
Box   H1 Folder   11
Box   H1 Folder   12
Box   H1 Folder   13
Box   H1 Folder   14
Box   H1 Folder   15
Biographical Information
Box   H1 Folder   16
Box   H1 Folder   17
Box   H1 Folder   18
Box   H1 Folder   19
Box   H1 Folder   20
Box   H1 Folder   21
Box   H1 Folder   22
Box   H1 Folder   23
Box   H1 Folder   24
Box   H1 Folder   25
Box   H1 Folder   26
Box   H1 Folder   27
Box   H1 Folder   28
Box   H1 Folder   29
Box   H1 Folder   30
Box   H1 Folder   31
Box   H2 Folder   1
Box   H2 Folder   2
Box   H2 Folder   3
Box   H2 Folder   4
Box   H2 Folder   5
Box   H2 Folder   6
Box   H2 Folder   7
Box   H2 Folder   8
Box   H2 Folder   9
Box   H2 Folder   10
Box   H2 Folder   11
Box   H2 Folder   12
Box   H2 Folder   13
Box   H2 Folder   14
Box   H2 Folder   15
Box   H2 Folder   16
Box   H2 Folder   17
Box   H2 Folder   18
Po-Pz and Q
Box   H2 Folder   19
Box   H2 Folder   20
Box   H2 Folder   21
Box   H2 Folder   22
Box   H2 Folder   23
Box   H2 Folder   24
Box   H2 Folder   25
Box   H2 Folder   26
Box   H2 Folder   27
Box   H2 Folder   28
Box   H2 Folder   29
Box   H2 Folder   30
Box   H2 Folder   31
Box   H2 Folder   32
Series I: Financial Records [series]:

Finacial Records includes balance sheets; volumes showing expenditures, receipts, and sales of publications; income tax returns; non-profit corporation reports; and miscellaneous financial records. The bulk of this series consists of detailed records of receipts and expenditures (1952-1969) and sales of publications (1959-1964). Included in the income and expenditure volumes for 1952-1960 are scattered minutes of meetings, including board of directors meetings.

Arranged alphabetically by document type.

Box   I1 Folder   1
Balance Sheets,  1965-1972
Box   I1 Folder   2
Codes of Accounts,  undated and 1971-1972
Convention Finances
Box   I1 Folder   3
Box   I1 Folder   4
Box   I1 Folder   5
Dues Payment Records,  1953-1955
Box   I1 Folder   6
Employee Income Tax Withholding,  1965-1968
Box   I1 Folder   7
 April-December, 1959
Box   I1 Folder   8
 January-October, 1960
Box   I1 Folder   9
 October, 1960-December, 1961
Box   I1 Folder   10
 January, 1962-April, 1963
Box   I1 Folder   11
 May, 1963-August, 1964
Box   I1 Folder   12
 August, 1964-April, 1967
Box   I1 Folder   13
 April, 1967-June, 1968
Box   I1 Folder   14
 June, 1968-April, 1969
Box   I1 Folder   15
Financial Policy and Procedures,  1971
Box   I1 Folder   16
 February-July, 1959
Box   I1 Folder   17
 August-December, 1959
Box   I1 Folder   18
 December, 1959-April, 1960
Box   I1 Folder   19
 April-August, 1960
Box   I1 Folder   20
 August, 1960-June, 1961
Box   I1 Folder   21
 January-April, 1961
Box   I2 Folder   1
 April-September, 1961
Box   I2 Folder   2
 September, 1961-April, 1962
Box   I2 Folder   3
 April-July, 1962
Box   I2 Folder   4
 July-October, 1962
Box   I2 Folder   5
 October, 1962-January, 1963
Box   I2 Folder   6
 January-April, 1963
Box   I2 Folder   7
 April-July, 1963
Box   I2 Folder   8
 July-September, 1963
Box   I2 Folder   9
 September-November, 1963
Box   I2 Folder   10
 December, 1963-March, 1964
Box   I2 Folder   11
 March-April, 1964
Box   I2 Folder   12
 April-September, 1964
Box   I2 Folder   13
 September-October, 1964
Box   I2 Folder   14
 October, 1964-January, 1965
Box   I2 Folder   15
 January-April, 1965
Box   I2 Folder   16
 May-October, 1965
Box   I3 Folder   1
 October, 1965-May, 1966
Box   I3 Folder   2
 May-October, 1966
Box   I3 Folder   3
 October, 1966-April, 1967
Income and Expenditures (including some minutes)
Box   I3 Folder   4
 January, 1952-December, 1953
Box   I3 Folder   5
 January, 1954-March, 1955
Box   I3 Folder   6
 March, 1955-April, 1956
Box   I3 Folder   7
 January-October, 1957
Box   I3 Folder   8
 October, 1957-August, 1958
Box   I3 Folder   9
 August, 1958-April, 1959
Box   I3 Folder   10
 April, 1959-May, 1960
Box   I3 Folder   11
Income Tax,  1952-1968
Box   I3 Folder   12
Ledger of Cash Receipts, Cash Disbursements and Bank Reconciliations,  April, 1960-May, 1964
Ledger of Deposits and Expenditures
Box   I3 Folder   13
 January, 1952-March, 1954
Box   I3 Folder   14
 April, 1954-January, 1956
Box   I3 Folder   15
Maryland Unemployment Insurance Tax Payments,  1966-1968
Box   I3 Folder   16
Michigan Non-profit Corporation Reports,  1945-1958
Box   I3 Folder   17
Miscellaneous,  1945-1972
Box   I3 Folder   18
Proposed Budgets,  1960-1973
Record of Sales
Box   I3 Folder   19-20
Box   I4 Folder   1
 August-November, 1959
Box   I4 Folder   2
 November, 1959-February, 1960
Box   I4 Folder   3
 February-May, 1960
Box   I4 Folder   4
 May-July, 1960
Box   I4 Folder   5
 July-August, 1960
Box   I4 Folder   6
 August-October, 1960
Box   I4 Folder   7
 October, 1960-February, 1961
Box   I4 Folder   8
 February-May, 1961
Box   I4 Folder   9
 May-July, 1961
Box   I4 Folder   10
 July-October, 1961
Box   I4 Folder   11
 October, 1961-March, 1962
Box   I4 Folder   12
 March-May, 1962
Box   I4 Folder   13
 May-August, 1962
Box   I4 Folder   14
 August-September, 1962
Box   I4 Folder   15
 September, 1962-January, 1963
Box   I4 Folder   16
 January-April, 1963
Box   I4 Folder   17
 April-July, 1963
Box   I4 Folder   18
 July-August, 1963
Box   I4 Folder   19
 August-November, 1963
Box   I4 Folder   20
 November, 1963-April, 1964
Statements of Receipts and Disbursements
Box   I4 Folder   21
Box   I4 Folder   22
Series J: Company Technical Information [series]:

the Company Technical Information series includes product brochures and catalogs, press releases, photographs, annual reports, equipment manuals, and other publications of companies engaged in the photocopying, microphotographic, and photographic industries. Companies for which the largest amounts of material appears include: Bausch and Lomb, GAF (General Aniline and Film), IBM, Kodak/Recordak, Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing, University Microfilms, and Xerox.

Arranged alphabetically by company, with the files on larger companies subdivided by type of publication and thereunder chronologically.

Box   J1 Folder   1-2
A - General
Box   J1 Folder   3
A.B. Dick,  1961, 1968-1987
Box   J1 Folder   4
Academic Information Methods,  1971
Box   J1 Folder   5-6
Access Information Control Systems,  1969-1978
Box   J1 Folder   7
Acme,  1966
Box   J1 Folder   8
Actar,  undated
Addressograph Multigraph Corporation
Box   J1 Folder   9-10
Box   J1 Folder   11-12
Product Brochures,  1965-1972
Box   J1 Folder   13
Advanced Management Research,  1970-1971
Box   J1 Folder   14
Advanced Technology,  1969-1970
Box   J1 Folder   15
Agfa Aktiengesellschaft,  undated
Box   J1 Folder   16-19
Agfa Ansco,  1937-1962
Box   J1 Folder   20
Alden Electronic and Impulse Recording Equipment,  1966
Box   J1 Folder   21
Allen Products,  1966-1971
Box   J1 Folder   22
Alos,  undated
Box   J1 Folder   23
Alves Photo Service,  1961-1971
Box   J1 Folder   24
American Optical,  1945-1948
Box   J1 Folder   25
American Photographic Publishing,  1941-1945
Box   J1 Folder   26
American Photocopy Equipment,  1942-1952
Box   J1 Folder   27
Ampex,  1966
Box   J1 Folder   28
Amphoto,  1959
Box   J1 Folder   29
Andrews Paper Company
Box   J1 Folder   30
Miscellanea,  1955-1964
Reproduction Paper News Bulletin
Box   J1 Folder   31
Box   J1 Folder   32
Box   J1 Folder   33
Anken,  1960-1962
Box   J1 Folder   34
Arcata,  1969-1972
Box   J1 Folder   35
Argus,  undated
Box   J1 Folder   36
Aslib,  1961-1962
Atlantic Microfilm
Box   J1 Folder   37
Miscellanea,  1964-1969
Box   J1 Folder   38
Press Releases,  1963-1970
Box   J1 Folder   39
Price Lists,  1964-1969
Box   J1 Folder   40-42
Product Brochures,  1949-1970
Box   J2 Folder   1
Audio Visual Research,  1961-1965
Box   J2 Folder   2
Auerbach,  1967-1969
Box   J2 Folder   3
Automated Information Retrieval Systems,  undated
Box   J2 Folder   4
Automatic Information Retrieval,  1972
Box   J2 Folder   5-6
B - General
Box   J2 Folder   7
Barnes and Noble,  1948
Box   J2 Folder   8-9
Barrow Research Laboratory,  1964-1965
Box   J2 Folder   10-11
Battelle Memorial Institute,  1959-1970
Bausch and Lomb
Box   J2 Folder   12
Box   J2 Folder   13
Box   J2 Folder   14
Box   J2 Folder   15
Box   J2 Folder   16
Box   J2 Folder   17
Box   J2 Folder   18-19
Box   J2 Folder   20
Box   J2 Folder   21
Box   J2 Folder   22
Bay Microfilm,  1961-1969
Bell and Howell
Box   J2 Folder   23
Annual Reports,  1966
Box   J2 Folder   24-25
Duopage Catalogs,  1964-1969
Box   J2 Folder   26
Micro Photo Reader and Micro Publisher,  1965-1976
Box   J2 Folder   27-28
Newspapers on Microfilm Catalogs,  1963-1970
Box   J2 Folder   29-33
Press Releases,  1944 and 1963-1982
Box   J2 Folder   34-37
Product Literature,  1961-1978
Box   J3 Folder   1
Bell Telephone Laboratories,  1941-1971
Box   J3 Folder   2
Benson Lehner,  undated
Box   J3 Folder   3
Berkey,  1966-1969
Box   J3 Folder   4
Beseler Company,  1967
Box   J3 Folder   5
Beta Instrument,  1969-1970
Box   J3 Folder   6
Biels Photocopy and Microfilm Service,  1959
Box   J3 Folder   7
Blu-Ray,  1966-1971
Boorum and Pease
Box   J3 Folder   8
Press Releases,  1969-1970
Box   J3 Folder   9
Product Brochures,  1970-1971
Box   J3 Folder   10
Booz, Allen and Hamilton,  1980
Box   J3 Folder   11
Brandon Systems,  1969-1970
Box   J3 Folder   12-15
Bruning Company,  1942 and 1961-1975
Box   J3 Folder   16
Burke and James,  1936-1961
Burleigh Brooks
Box   J3 Folder   17
Press Releases,  1961-1971
Box   J3 Folder   18-19
Product Brochures,  1961-1968
Box   J3 Folder   20
Burroughs, Wellcome and Company,  undated
Box   J3 Folder   21
Business Automation Magazine,  1963-1972
Box   J3 Folder   22
Business Efficiency Aids, Inc.,  1967-1986
Box   J3 Folder   23
Business Press International,  1967-1970
Box   J3 Folder   24-27
C - General
Box   J3 Folder   28
Calcomp,  1971-1973
Box   J3 Folder   29
Cambo,  1974
Box   J3 Folder   30
Cambridge Memories,  1971
Camera Industries of West Germany
Box   J3 Folder   31
Box   J3 Folder   32
Box   J3 Folder   33
Box   J3 Folder   34
Box   J3 Folder   35
Campbell and Co.,  1942
Box   J3 Folder   36
Canadian Applied Research,  1960-1962
Box   J3 Folder   37-39
Canon,  1964-1969
Box   J4 Folder   1
Caps Consultants,  1963
Box   J4 Folder   2-5
Caps Microfilm,  1963-1971
Box   J4 Folder   6
Carlson (Oscar F.) Company,  1952
Box   J4 Folder   7
CBS Laboratories,  1965-1970
Box   J4 Folder   8
CCM Information Sciences, Inc.,  1968-1969
Box   J4 Folder   9
Central Camera,  1961
Box   J4 Folder   10-11
Cimtech (National Centre for Information Media and Technology),  1984-1986
Box   J4 Folder   12
Cinex Inc.,  undated
Box   J4 Folder   13
Cintel,  1971
Box   J4 Folder   14
C.O.M. Systems,  1971-1979
Box   J4 Folder   15
Compagnie des Compteurs,  undated
Box   J4 Folder   16-18
Composition Information Services,  1965-1971
Box   J4 Folder   19
Compu Scan,  1969-1970
Box   J4 Folder   20
Computer Micro-Image System,  1969-1970
Box   J4 Folder   21
Computer Newsfront,  1970
Box   J4 Folder   22
Control Data,  1969-1970
Box   J4 Folder   23
Cordell Engineering,  1964-1971
Box   J4 Folder   24-25
Cormac Chemical,  1960-1963
Box   J4 Folder   26
Coxhead Corporation,  undated
Box   J4 Folder   27
Creative Strategies,  1970-1971
Box   J4 Folder   28
Criterion Graphic Products,  1971
Box   J4 Folder   29-31
D - General
Box   J4 Folder   32
Dagmar,  undated
Box   J4 Folder   33-34
Dakota Microfilm Service,  1963-1973
Box   J4 Folder   35-36
DASA Corporation,  1967-1971
Box   J4 Folder   37
DATA Inc.,  undated
Box   J4 Folder   38
Data Management Systems,  1966
Box   J4 Folder   39
Data Reproduction Systems,  1964-1965
Box   J4 Folder   40
Data Systems,  1968-1971
Box   J4 Folder   41
Datacorp,  1968-1975
Box   J4 Folder   42-43
Press Releases
Box   J4 Folder   44
Product Brochures,  1970-1983
Box   J5 Folder   1
Davidson Manufacturing,  undated
Defender Photo Supply Co.
Box   J5 Folder   2-5
Product Brochures,  1935-1942
Box   J5 Folder   6-9
Box   J5 Folder   10-11
Specimen Books
Box   J5 Folder   12
Trade Bulletins,  1935-1944
Box   J5 Folder   13
Dennison,  1967-1968
Box   J5 Folder   14
Devin Colorgraph,  1938
Box   J5 Folder   15
Dewey & Dewey,  undated
Box   J5 Folder   16
Dexter Folder Company,  1959-1962
Box   J5 Folder   17
Press Releases and Ads,  1945-1970
Box   J5 Folder   18-19
Product Brochures,  1943-1970
Box   J5 Folder   20-21
Dietzgen,  1960-1973
Box   J5 Folder   22
Documat (ITT),  1960-1966
Box   J5 Folder   23-24
Documentation, Inc.,  1964-1967
Box   J5 Folder   25
DSI Systems,  1969
Box   J5 Folder   26-27
Dufaycolor, Inc.,  1938
Box   J5 Folder   28
DuKane Corp.,  1964-1978
Box   J5 Folder   29
Dunningcolor,  1964-1965
Box   J5 Folder   30-31
Box   J5 Folder   32
Box   J5 Folder   33
Box   J5 Folder   34
Box   J5 Folder   35
Durst,  1960-1968
Box   J5 Folder   36
Dynacolor,  1964-1965
Box   J6 Folder   1-2
E - General
Box   J6 Folder   3
Edison Swan Electric Co.,  1950
Box   J6 Folder   4
Edwal,  1941-1967
Edwards Brothers, Inc.
Box   J6 Folder   5
 Undated and 1932
Box   J6 Folder   6
Box   J6 Folder   7
Box   J6 Folder   8
Box   J6 Folder   9
Box   J6 Folder   10
Box   J6 Folder   11-12
Electro-Optical Systems Design,  1969-1970
Box   J6 Folder   13
Elliot (B.K.) Co.,  1962-1969
Box   J6 Folder   14
Emby,  1939
Box   J6 Folder   15
Encyclopedia Britannica Co.,  1968-1970
Box   J6 Folder   16
ERIC (Educational Research Information Center),  1971
Box   J6 Folder   17
Extek,  1969-1972
Box   J6 Folder   18-20
F - General
Box   J6 Folder   21
Fairchild,  1960-1967
Box   J6 Folder   22-23
Federal,  1938-1964
Box   J6 Folder   24
Filmdex,  1941-1945
Box   J6 Folder   25
Box   J6 Folder   26
Box   J6 Folder   27-29
Filmsort,  1950-1964
Box   J6 Folder   30
Fisher Scientific Co.
Box   J6 Folder   31
Fisher (Oscar) Co.,  1965-1973
Box   J6 Folder   32-33
F.M.A. Inc.,  1959-1961
Box   J6 Folder   34
Focal Press,  1964-1966
Box   J6 Folder   35-36
Folmer Graflex (includes Graflex),  1935-1962
Box   J6 Folder   37
Foster Manufacturing Co.,  1969-1970
Box   J6 Folder   38
Fotomatic Corp.,  1964-1969
Box   J6 Folder   39
Fototype,  1961
Box   J6 Folder   40
Box   J6 Folder   41-44
Fuji Photo Film,  1966-1971
Box   J7 Folder   1-3
G - General
Box   J7 Folder   4-5
Gaertner Scientific Corp.,  1935-1936
GAF (General Aniline and Film - including Ozalid Division)
Press Releases
Box   J7 Folder   6-7
Box   J7 Folder   8
Box   J7 Folder   9
Product Brochures
Box   J7 Folder   10-11
Box   J7 Folder   12
Box   J7 Folder   13
Box   J7 Folder   14
Box   J7 Folder   15
Box   J7 Folder   16
Box   J7 Folder   17
Box   J7 Folder   17a
Gaylord,  1985
Box   J7 Folder   18
General Computing,  1969-1970
Box   J7 Folder   19
General Dynamics,  1961-1969
General Electric
Box   J7 Folder   20-22
Miscellanea,  1935-1966
Product Brochures
Box   J7 Folder   23
Box   J7 Folder   24
Box   J7 Folder   25
General Motors,  1937-1940
Box   J7 Folder   26
General Precision (includes Graflex),  1961-1968
Box   J7 Folder   27
Gestetner,  1951
Box   J7 Folder   28
Newsletter,  1939
Box   J7 Folder   29
Press Releases,  1960-1971
Box   J7 Folder   30-34
Product Brochures,  1939-1978
Box   J7 Folder   35
Goebel,  1968
Box   J7 Folder   36
Goerz,  1936
Box   J7 Folder   37
Gould, Inc.,  1972-1973
Box   J7 Folder   38
Graphic Arts Research Foundation,  1953
Box   J7 Folder   38a
Graphic Communications Weekly,  1971-1972
Box   J7 Folder   39
Graphic Microfilm Corp.,  1953-1967
Box   J7 Folder   40
Graphic Microfilm Service,  1942-1945
Box   J7 Folder   41
Graphic Science,  1963-1970
Box   J7 Folder   42
Graphic Service Co.,  1938
Box   J8 Folder   1
Greenwood Press,  1976-1977
Box   J8 Folder   2
Griscombe Products,  1954-1964
Box   J8 Folder   3
GTE Sylvania,  1978
Box   J8 Folder   4-6
H - General
Haloid/Haloid Xerox
Box   J8 Folder   7
Annual Reports,  1944 and 1959
Box   J8 Folder   8
Miscellanea,  1932-1958
Box   J8 Folder   9
Newsletters,  1944
Box   J8 Folder   10
Press Releases on Xerography,  1948
Box   J8 Folder   11-13
Product Brochures,  1936-1961
Box   J8 Folder   14
Hall and McChesney,  1954
Box   J8 Folder   15
Hammer Dry Plate Co.,  1935-1936
Box   J8 Folder   16
Hirakawa,  1968
Box   J8 Folder   17-20
Hogan Faximile Corp.,  1951-1963
Box   J8 Folder   21
Hollywood Film Co.
Box   J8 Folder   22-23
Honeywell,  1956-1969
Box   J8 Folder   24
Houston Corp.,  1945
Houston Fearless
Box   J8 Folder   25
Miscellanea,  1966-1969
Box   J8 Folder   26
Newsletters,  1966-1967
Box   J8 Folder   27
Product Brochures,  1965-1966
Box   J8 Folder   28
Hudson Photographic Industries,  1969-1971
Box   J8 Folder   29
Hunter Electro-Copyist,  1937
Box   J8 Folder   30-34
I - General
Box   J8 Folder   35
Introduction to Data Processing Systems,  1970
Box   J8 Folder   36
Journal of Research and Development,  1958
Box   J8 Folder   37-38
Press Releases,  1965-1979
Box   J8 Folder   39-41
Product Brochures,  1937-1969
Box   J9 Folder   1-3
Research Bulletin,  1952-1961
Box   J9 Folder   4-5
Ilford,  1942-1975
Box   J9 Folder   6
Image Systems,  1970-1972
Box   J9 Folder   7
Imperial Chemical Industries,  1971
Box   J9 Folder   8
Industrial Education Institute,  1968-1970
Box   J9 Folder   9
Industrial Photographic Catalog,  1962
Box   J9 Folder   10
Industrial Photography,  1959
Box   J9 Folder   11
Information and Records Management,  1967-1970
Box   J9 Folder   12
Information Design,  1962-1973
Box   J9 Folder   13
Information Handling Services,  1964-1977
Box   J9 Folder   14
Information International,  1967-1973
Box   J9 Folder   15
Information Resources Press,  1970-1985
Box   J9 Folder   16
Informational Retrieval Corp.,  1962
Box   J9 Folder   17
Institute for Graphic Communication,  1969-1971
Box   J9 Folder   18
Institute for Scientific Information,  1962
Box   J9 Folder   19-21
International Filmbook Corp.,  1936-1937
Box   J9 Folder   22
Iron Mountain Atomic Storage Corp.,  1962-1969
Box   J9 Folder   23
Annual Report,  1959
Box   J9 Folder   24-25
Press Releases,  1958-1970
Box   J9 Folder   26-30
Product Brochures,  1964-1972
Box   J9 Folder   31
J - General
Box   J9 Folder   32
Japan Camera Times,  1961-1964
Box   J9 Folder   33
Jonker Corp.,  1960-1969
Box   J9 Folder   34
K - General
Box   J9 Folder   35
Miscellanea,  1959-1972
Box   J9 Folder   36
Press Releases,  1965-1975
Box   J9 Folder   37
Product Brochures,  1960-1972
Box   J10 Folder   1
Kano Laboratories,  1970
Box   J10 Folder   2
Kelvin and Hughes,  1960
Keuffel and Esser
Box   J10 Folder   3
Case Histories,  undated and 1960-1966
Box   J10 Folder   4-5
Press Releases,  1959-1970
Box   J10 Folder   6-11
Product Brochures,  1960-1971
Box   J10 Folder   12
Kindermann,  undated
Kleer-Vu Industries
Box   J10 Folder   13
Newsletter - Micro-Fax,  1968-1972
Box   J10 Folder   14
Press Releases,  1967-1972
Box   J10 Folder   15
Product Brochures,  1966-1972
Knowledge Industry
Box   J10 Folder   16
Reports,  1969-1973
Annual Reports
Box   J10 Folder   17
Box   J10 Folder   18
Box   J10 Folder   19
Box   J10 Folder   20
Box   J10 Folder   21
Box   J10 Folder   22
Apollo 15 Moon Landing Photographs,  1971
Box   J10 Folder   23
Employee Safety Manuals,  undated
Box   J10 Folder   24-27
Equipment Manuals,  1945
Box   J10 Folder   28-29
Foreign Divisions,  1963-1970
Box   J10 Folder   30
International Exhibits,  1938-1939
Box   J10 Folder   31
The Kodak Compass: a Bulletin on Industrial Reproduction Processes and Materials,  1970-1973
Box   J10 Folder   32
Kodak Highlights,  1971
Box   J10 Folder   33-34
Microfilm Product Catalogs,  1970-1975
Box   J10 Folder   35
Micropublishing Digest,  1971-1972
Box   J10 Folder   36
Micropublishing Systems and Services,  1970
Box   J11 Folder   1
Box   J11 Folder   2
 1915 and 1935-1949
Box   J11 Folder   3
Box   J11 Folder   4
Box   J11 Folder   5
Box   J11 Folder   6
Panorama,  1971-1972
Photographic Methods and Techniques
Box   J11 Folder   7
Box   J11 Folder   8
Box   J11 Folder   9
Box   J11 Folder   10
Box   J11 Folder   11
Box   J11 Folder   12-13
Box   J11 Folder   14
Box   J11 Folder   15
Box   J11 Folder   16
Photography at Work,  1953-1954
Box   J11 Folder   17
Photonews (formerly Kodak Handbook News),  1968-1969
Press Releases
Box   J11 Folder   18
Box   J11 Folder   19
Box   J11 Folder   20
Box   J11 Folder   21-22
Box   J11 Folder   23-29
Box   J11 Folder   30-34
Box   J11 Folder   35-36
Box   J12 Folder   1
Box   J12 Folder   2
Box   J12 Folder   3-5
Box   J12 Folder   6-8
Box   J12 Folder   9-10
Box   J12 Folder   11-12
Box   J12 Folder   13-17
Box   J12 Folder   18
Box   J12 Folder   19-21
Box   J12 Folder   22
Box   J12 Folder   23-27
Box   J12 Folder   28-29
Product Brochures
Box   J12 Folder   30
Box   J12 Folder   31
Box   J12 Folder   32
Box   J12 Folder   33
Box   J12 Folder   34
Box   J13 Folder   1
Box   J13 Folder   2-3
Box   J13 Folder   4
Box   J13 Folder   5
Box   J13 Folder   6
Box   J13 Folder   7
Box   J13 Folder   8
Box   J13 Folder   9
Box   J13 Folder   10
Box   J13 Folder   11
Box   J13 Folder   12
Box   J13 Folder   13
Reprints of Articles,  1960-1970
Box   J13 Folder   14
Research Laboratories Bulletin,  1956-1957
Box   J13 Folder   15-16
Box   J13 Folder   17
Konica Camera Corp.,  1967-1971
Box   J13 Folder   18
Box   J13 Folder   19
Kreonite, Inc.,  1972-1973
Box   J13 Folder   20-22
L - General
Box   J13 Folder   23-24
Latter Day Saints (Genealogical Society),  1958-1973
Box   J13 Folder   25-29
Leitz, Inc. (Leica),  1923-1972
Box   J13 Folder   30-31
Library Resources, Inc.,  1972
Box   J13 Folder   32
Life Office Management System,  1940
Box   J13 Folder   33
Log Etronics,  1961-1962
Box   J13 Folder   34
Luther (Frederic) Co.,  undated
Box   J14 Folder   1
Ma - General
Box   J14 Folder   2
Mc - General
Box   J14 Folder   3
Me - General
Box   J14 Folder   4-7
Mi - General
Box   J14 Folder   8
Mo-Mz - General
Box   J14 Folder   9
MacBeth Instrument Corp.,  1960-1967
Box   J14 Folder   10
Magnavox,  1960-1969
Box   J14 Folder   11
Mast Development Co.,  1959
Box   J14 Folder   12
Matsushita,  1969
Box   J14 Folder   13
Maul,  undated
Box   J14 Folder   14
Menkus on Management,  1971-1973
Box   J14 Folder   15
Meriden Gravure Co.,  undated,supplement nos. 7, 9, 13-15
Box   J14 Folder   16
Metagraphic Systems,  1971-1974
Box   J14 Folder   17
Box   J14 Folder   18
Microbox,  1970
Box   J14 Folder   19-21
Microcard Corporation,  1956-1967
Microcard Editions
Box   J14 Folder   22
Microcard Bulletin,  1961-1965
Box   J14 Folder   23
Microfiche Catalogs,  1964-1966
Box   J14 Folder   24
Press releases and miscellaneous,  1961-1969
Box   J14 Folder   25-26
Microcard Foundation,  1948-1961
Box   J14 Folder   27
Microdealers, Inc.,  1956-1965
Box   J14 Folder   28
Micro-Design, Inc.,  1969-1973
Box   J14 Folder   29
Microfilm Center, Inc.,  1968-1972
Box   J14 Folder   30
Microfilm Corp.,  1942-1945
Box   J14 Folder   31
Microfilm Equipment Ltd.,  1966-1968
Box   J14 Folder   32
Microfilm Industry News,  1962-1966
Box   J14 Folder   33
Microfilm Jackets,  1957
Box   J14 Folder   34
Microfilm Products Inc.,  1971-1981
Box   J14 Folder   35
Microfilm Publishing Inc.,  1985-1989
Box   J14 Folder   36
Microfilm Service and Sales Co.,  undated
Box   J14 Folder   37
Microfilma,  undated
Box   J14 Folder   38
Microfilmex,  1963-1968
Box   J15 Folder   1-3
Microfilming Corporation of America,  1954-1972
Box   J15 Folder   4
Microfilms Inc. (Ann Arbor),  1942-1944(see also University Microfilms)
Box   J15 Folder   5
Microform Data Systems,  1968-1971
Box   J15 Folder   6
Microgen Services,  1977
Box   J15 Folder   7
Micrographic Technology Corp.,  1971
Box   J15 Folder   8
Micrographics Enterprises, Inc.,  1969-1970
Box   J15 Folder   9
Micrographics News and Views,  1970-1971
Box   J15 Folder   10
Micro Image Corp.,  1969-1970
Box   J15 Folder   11
Microlex,  1952-1971
Box   J15 Folder   12
Microline,  1957-1958
Box   J15 Folder   13
Micro Media, Inc.,  1970
Box   J15 Folder   14-16
Micro Methods Ltd.,  1960-1962
Box   J15 Folder   17
Micro Photo Inc.,  1953-1966
Box   J15 Folder   18
Micro-Photography Co.,  1950-1958
Box   J15 Folder   19
Micro-Publishing Systems,  1972
Box   J15 Folder   20
Micro Scan Systems,  1971
Box   J15 Folder   21
Case Histories,  1968-1971
Box   J15 Folder   22
Catalog,  1973
Box   J15 Folder   23
Press Releases,  1970-1971
Box   J15 Folder   24
Product Brochures,  1960-1973
Box   J15 Folder   25
Samples,  1963
Microstat Corp.
Box   J15 Folder   26-27
Product Brochures,  1942-1948
Box   J15 Folder   28
Technicians Handbook,  1943
Box   J15 Folder   29
Microtronics Corporation,  1948-1952
Box   J15 Folder   30
Miller's Camera Shop,  1973
Box   J15 Folder   31
MilliFile, Inc.,  undated
Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company
Box   J15 Folder   32
Annual and Quarterly Reports,  1960-1962
Box   J15 Folder   33
Filmsort Company History,  1975
Box   J15 Folder   34
Filmsort Division,  1960-1962
Box   J15 Folder   35
Information Systems, Microfilm Product Division,  1969
Box   J15 Folder   36
International Microfilm Press,  1969
Box   J15 Folder   37
Japanese Language Product Brochures,  undated
Box   J16 Folder   1
Miscellaneous,  1957-1961
Press Releases
Box   J16 Folder   2
 Undated and 1960-1961
Box   J16 Folder   3
Box   J16 Folder   4
Box   J16 Folder   5
Box   J16 Folder   6
Box   J16 Folder   7-8
Box   J16 Folder   9
Box   J16 Folder   10
Box   J16 Folder   11
Box   J16 Folder   12-16
Product Brochures,  1963-1985
Program Application Reports
Green Forms
Box   J16 Folder   17
Box   J16 Folder   18
Red Forms
Box   J16 Folder   19
Box   J16 Folder   20
Box   J16 Folder   21
Brown Forms,  1964-1970
Blue Forms,  1965-1970
Box   J16 Folder   22
Box   J16 Folder   23-28
Box   J16 Folder   29
Sales Development Manual,  1970
Box   J16 Folder   30
Minolta,  1965-1984
Box   J16 Folder   31
Mohawk Industrial Laboratories,  1969-1973
Box   J16 Folder   32
Molex Microfilm Products Inc.,  undated and 1985
Box   J16 Folder   33
Montgomery Ward,  1967
Box   J16 Folder   34
Morgan and Morgan,  1957 and 1964-1969
Box   J16 Folder   35
Morgan Information Systems (including R.A. Morgan),  1969
Box   J16 Folder   36
Mosler Information Systems Division,  1965-1971
Box   J17 Folder   1-2
Motion Picture Enterprises Publications, Inc.,  1969-1971
Box   J17 Folder   3
Multi-Color Co.,  1944
Box   J17 Folder   4
N - General
National Cash Register
Box   J17 Folder   5-7
Catalogs,  1968-1971
Box   J17 Folder   8-9
Press Releases,  1967-1973
Box   J17 Folder   10-13
Product Brochures,  1960-1972
Box   J17 Folder   14
National Education Alliance,  undated
Box   J17 Folder   15
National Microsales,  1974-1976
Box   J17 Folder   16
National Storage Co.,  1957-1969
Box   J17 Folder   17-18
NB Jackets Corp.,  1960-1973
Box   J17 Folder   19
Nederlandse Document Reproductie,  undated
Box   J17 Folder   20
New York Underground Facilities,  1968-1971
Box   J17 Folder   21
Nikon,  1967
Box   J17 Folder   22
Nippon Micro Shashin Co.,  1965
Box   J17 Folder   23
Norelco,  1978-1979
Box   J17 Folder   24
North American Rockwell,  undated
Box   J17 Folder   25
Northern Engraving and Manufacturing Co.,  undated
Box   J17 Folder   26-28
O - General
Box   J17 Folder   29
Oce-Elliott,  1963-1973
Box   J17 Folder   30
Ozalid Co.,  1937-1971
Box   J17 Folder   31-33
P - General
Box   J17 Folder   34
Panelgraphic Corporation,  1971
Box   J17 Folder   35
Paragon-Revolute Corp.,  1944-1964
Box   J17 Folder   36
Peerless Photo Products,  1962-1964
Box   J17 Folder   37
Pepco Manufacturing Corp.,  1971
Box   J17 Folder   38
Peripheral Technology Inc.,  1969-1971
Box   J18 Folder   1
Permafilm,  1960-1970
Box   J18 Folder   2
Perpetual Storage,  1969
Box   J18 Folder   3
Perutz Photowerke,  undated
Box   J18 Folder   4
Philco,  1965-1967
Box   J18 Folder   5
Photo Copie GMBH,  1961-1963
Box   J18 Folder   6
Photo Devices, Inc.,  1961-1966
Box   J18 Folder   7
Photo Information From Germany,  1976-1980
Box   J18 Folder   8
Photographic Sciences Corp.,  1979-1985
Box   J18 Folder   9-10
Photostat Corp.,  1931-1962
Box   J18 Folder   11
Planning Research Corp.,  1970-1978
Box   J18 Folder   12
Plastic Coating Corp.,  1961-1969
Box   J18 Folder   13
Plymouth Product Co.,  1959-1964
Box   J18 Folder   14
Polaroid,  1941-1968
Box   J18 Folder   15
Poly Repro International,  1964
Box   J18 Folder   16
Post (Frederick) Co.,  1966-1967
Box   J18 Folder   17
Posting Equipment Co.,  1968-1970
Box   J18 Folder   18
Prestoseal,  1960-1970
Box   J18 Folder   19
Princeton Microfilm Corp.,  1969-1970
Box   J18 Folder   20
Princeton Polychrome Press,  1954
Box   J18 Folder   21
Projected Books, Inc.,  1945-1949
Box   J18 Folder   22
Protex Products,  1961
Box   J18 Folder   23
Q - General
Box   J18 Folder   24
Quantor,  1970-1973
Box   J18 Folder   25-27
R - General
Management Consultant's Bulletin
Box   J18 Folder   28
Box   J18 Folder   29
Box   J18 Folder   30
Box   J18 Folder   31
Miscellanea,  1964-1969
Box   J18 Folder   32
Randomatic Data Systems,  1966-1967
Box   J18 Folder   33
Read, Inc.,  1971
Readex Microprint
Box   J18 Folder   34
Box   J18 Folder   35
Box   J18 Folder   36
Box   J18 Folder   37-38
Miscellanea,  1950-1967
Box   J18 Folder   39-40
Press Releases,  1969-1975
Box   J19 Folder   1
Product Brochures,  1969-1985
Box   J19 Folder   2-5
Article Reprints,  1935-1970
Box   J19 Folder   6-9
Dealer Maintenance Manuals,  1959
Equipment Manuals
Box   J19 Folder   10
Box   J19 Folder   11-12
Box   J19 Folder   13
Box   J19 Folder   14
Box   J19 Folder   15
Box   J19 Folder   16
Box   J19 Folder   17
Box   J19 Folder   18-19
Miscellaneous,  1944-1968
Box   J19 Folder   20-22
Notebook of Product Brochures,  1969
Box   J19 Folder   23-26
Press Releases,  1960-1968
Product Brochures
Box   J19 Folder   27
Box   J19 Folder   28
Box   J19 Folder   29
Box   J19 Folder   30
Box   J19 Folder   31
Box   J19 Folder   32
Box   J19 Folder   33
Box   J19 Folder   34
Box   J19 Folder   35
Box   J20 Folder   1
Box   J20 Folder   2
Box   J20 Folder   3
Box   J20 Folder   4
Records Security Corporation,  undated
Box   J20 Folder   5
Rectigraph,  1938
Box   J20 Folder   6
Regiscope,  1967-1969
Box   J20 Folder   7
Press Releases,  1966-1971
Box   J20 Folder   8-12
Product Brochures,  1931-1973
Box   J20 Folder   13
Reproduction Methods,  1962-1963
Box   J20 Folder   14
Reproductions Review,  1960-1968
Box   J20 Folder   15
Republic Steel Corporation,  1940
Box   J20 Folder   16
Research Publications,  1969-1975
Box   J20 Folder   17
Rexel, Ltd.,  undated
Box   J20 Folder   18
Richardson Camera,  1952
Box   J20 Folder   19
Ricoh,  undated
Box   J20 Folder   20
Rollei,  undated
Box   J20 Folder   21
Ross (Harry) Scientific and Laboratory Apparatus,  undated
Box   J20 Folder   22
Russell (L.B.) Chemicals,  undated
Box   J20 Folder   23-26
S - General
Box   J20 Folder   27
Schneider (Joseph) and Company,  1961-1971
Box   J20 Folder   28
Science Press,  undated
Scott Graphics
Box   J20 Folder   29-30
Press Releases,  1967-1973
Box   J20 Folder   31
Product Brochures,  1971-1973
Box   J20 Folder   32
Seisho-Sha,  undated
Box   J20 Folder   33
Sertafilm,  1954 and 1960
Box   J20 Folder   34
Showcase National Corp.,  1970-1973
Box   J20 Folder   35
Shull, D. Paul,  1937-1939
Box   J20 Folder   36
Simmon Brothers,  1959-1968
Box   J20 Folder   37-38
Singer,  1970-1973
Box   J20 Folder   39
Society for Visual Education, Inc.,  undated and 1945
Box   J20 Folder   40
S.O.S. Cinema Supply,  undated
Box   J20 Folder   41
South Bend Precision Lathes,  undated
Box   J20 Folder   42
Southwestern Microfilm,  undated
Spencer Lens Co.
Box   J21 Folder   1
Blueprints,  1940
Box   J21 Folder   2-6
Product Brochures,  1941-1944
Box   J21 Folder   7
Spiras System,  1969
Box   J21 Folder   8
Stineman, R.P.,  undated
Box   J21 Folder   9
Stromberg,  1967-1969
Box   J21 Folder   10
Swedish Iron and Steel Corp.,  undated
Box   J21 Folder   11
Sweet's Industrial Information System,  1969
Box   J21 Folder   12
System Development Corp.
Box   J21 Folder   13
Systems Magazine,  1962-1969
Box   J21 Folder   14-16
T - General
Box   J21 Folder   17
TAB,  1971-1987
Box   J21 Folder   18
TAM Manufacturing,  1968
Box   J21 Folder   19
Taylor-Merchant,  1967-1969
Technifax Corp.
Box   J21 Folder   20
Press Releases,  1970-1971
Box   J21 Folder   21-23
Product Brochures,  1961-1971
Box   J21 Folder   24
Technology Inc.,  undated
Box   J21 Folder   25
Teledyne Post,  1973
Box   J21 Folder   26
Terminal Data Corp.,  undated and 1970(includes blueprints)
Box   J21 Folder   27
Thermo-Fax,  1960-1962
Box   J21 Folder   28
Thomas Publishing,  1962-1970
Box   J21 Folder   29
Thomson-Houston,  1945-1950
Box   J21 Folder   30
Towsley Microcards,  1950-1951
Box   J21 Folder   31
Trans-a-file,  1971
Box   J21 Folder   32
Treise Engineering,  1967-1970
Box   J21 Folder   33
Box   J21 Folder   34-35
U - General
Box   J21 Folder   36
UMF Systems,  1972
Box   J21 Folder   37
Underground Vaults and Storage,  undated and 1966
Box   J21 Folder   38
United Business Publications,  1968
Box   J22 Folder   1
U.S. Microfilm Sales,  1969-1970
University Microfilms
Box   J22 Folder   2-6
Catalogs,  1949-1970
Box   J22 Folder   7
Microfilm Abstracts,  1939-1946
Box   J22 Folder   8
"Microcosm",  1955-1960
Box   J22 Folder   9
Miscellanea,  1945-1968
Out-of-Print Books Lists
Box   J22 Folder   10
Box   J22 Folder   11
Box   J22 Folder   12
Box   J22 Folder   13
Press Releases,  1962-1973
Box   J22 Folder   14-16
Product Brochures,  1938-1969
Box   J22 Folder   17
V - General
Box   J22 Folder   18-19
Varian Data Machines,  1970-1971
Box   J22 Folder   20
Victoreen Instrument Co.,  undated
Box   J22 Folder   21
Visidyne,  1972-1973
Box   J22 Folder   22-25
W - General
Box   J22 Folder   26
Washington Scientific Industries,  1969-1979
Box   J22 Folder   27
Watland Inc.,  1960-1968
Box   J22 Folder   28
Watson Manufacturing Co.,  1966-1967
Box   J22 Folder   29
Waverly Press,  1936
Box   J22 Folder   30
Welch Scientific,  1962-1966
Box   J22 Folder   31
Western Electric,  undated
Box   J22 Folder   32-33
Western Union,  1940-1941
Box   J23 Folder   1
Westinghouse Electric,  1945
Box   J23 Folder   2
Weston Electrical Instrument Corp.,  1938
Box   J23 Folder   3
Wheeldex and Simpla,  1958-1961
Folder   4  
Wollensak,  1961-1971
Box   J23 Folder   5-6
Annual Reports,  1966-1982
Box   J23 Folder   7
Clipping File,  1969
Folder   8-9  
Miscellanea,  1961-1984
Box   J23 Folder   10-11
Press Releases,  1960-1971
Box   J23 Folder   12-15
Product Brochures,  1962-1973
Folder   16-17  
Sales Manual for Copy Flo and 1824 Printers,  1963
Box   J23 Folder   18-19
Xidex,  1971-1978
Box   J23 Folder   20
X/pert Visual Aids,  1974
Box   J23 Folder   21
Y - General
Box   J23 Folder   22
Z - General
Box   J23 Folder   23
Zeiss (Carl),  1962-1964
Box   J23 Folder   24-26
Zeiss Ikon,  1935-1945
Box   J23 Folder   27-38
Unidentified Photographs of Microfilm Equipment
Series K: U.S. Organizations/Government Agencies [series]:

Series K: U.S. Organizations/Government Agencies, contains press releases, newsletters, minutes, technical manuals, and copies of patents. The organizations and agencies are mainly concerned with the fields of microphotography, photography, librarianship, archives, and information science. Large files appear for the American Library Association, Council on Library Resources, American Standards Association (and its successors, the United States of America Standards Institute and the American National Standards Institute), the Air Force, Army, Department of Defense, National Archives, National Bureau of Standards, and Patent Office.

Arranged alphabetically by name of the organization or agency with all federal agencies filed as subdivisions of the heading United States.

Box   K1 Folder   1
Administrative Management Society,  1965
Box   K1 Folder   2
Allied Non-Theatrical Film Association,  1943-1945
Box   K1 Folder   3
Amalgamated Lithographers of America,  1959
Box   K1 Folder   4
American Association of Railroad Superintendents,  1941
Box   K1 Folder   5-6
American Federation of Information Processing Societies,  1968-1972
Box   K1 Folder   7-9
American Institute of Physics,  1947-1971
American Library Association
Box   K1 Folder   10
Annual Conference Program,  1970
Box   K1 Folder   11
Library Standards for Microfilm Committee,  1966
Box   K1 Folder   12
Library Technology Program,  1969
Box   K1 Folder   13-14
Library Technology Reports,  1963-1975
Box   K1 Folder   15
Miscellanea,  1958-1973
Box   K1 Folder   16-17
Recommended Microfilming Standards,  1954-1965
Box   K1 Folder   18
American Land Title Association,  1957-1971
Box   K1 Folder   19
American Management Association,  1967-1985
Box   K1 Folder   20
American Marketing Association,  undated
Box   K1 Folder   21
American Medical Record Association,  1969-1973
Box   K1 Folder   22
American Microfilm Center,  undated
Box   K1 Folder   23
American Microform Academy, Purdue University,  January-July 1969
American National Standards Institute
Box   K1 Folder   24
Microfiche Specifications,  1969
Box   K1 Folder   25-27
PH5 Committee on Micrographic Reproduction,  1949-1976
Box   K1 Folder   28-31
Published Standards Affecting Micrographic Systems
Box   K1 Folder   32
Sectional Committee on Photographic Reproduction of Documents,  1969-1973
Box   K1 Folder   33
Standards Committee Z39 Newsletter,  1971-1974
Box   K1 Folder   34
Standards for 16mm Microfilm Containers,  1975
Box   K1 Folder   35
American Records Management Association,  1967-1971
American Society for Information Science
Box   K1 Folder   36
General,  1969-1970
Box   K1 Folder   37
Newsletters,  1968-1972
Box   K1 Folder   38-39
Press Releases,  1969-1974
Box   K2 Folder   1
American Society for Testing and Materials,  1969
Box   K2 Folder   2
American Society of Mechanical Engineers,  1964
American Standards Association
Box   K2 Folder   3-4
Box   K2 Folder   5
Box   K2 Folder   6
Box   K2 Folder   7
Box   K2 Folder   8
Box   K2 Folder   9
Box   K2 Folder   10
Box   K2 Folder   11
Box   K2 Folder   12-13
Box   K2 Folder   14
Box   K2 Folder   15
Box   K2 Folder   16
Association and Professional Society,  1969
Box   K2 Folder   17
Association for Computing Machinery,  1970-1971
Box   K2 Folder   18
Association for Educational Data Systems,  1969
Box   K2 Folder   19
Association for Systems Management,  1969-1972
Box   K2 Folder   20
Association of Business Form Manufacturers,  1970
Box   K2 Folder   21
Association of Heliographers,  1963
Box   K2 Folder   22
Association of Records Executives and Administrators,  1961-1970
Box   K2 Folder   23
Association of Records Managers and Administrators,  1985
Box   K2 Folder   24-27
Association of Research Libraries,  1949-1969
Box   K2 Folder   28
Baltimore Records Management Reports,  1963-1965
Box   K2 Folder   29
Boston Report on Duplication of Records,  1941
Box   K2 Folder   30
Colorado State Department of Social Services, Records Administration, Microfilm Unit,  1971-1972
Box   K2 Folder   31
Committee to Investigate Copyright Problems Affecting Communication in Science and Education,  1960
Box   K2 Folder   32
Concordia Historical Institute,  1961
Box   K2 Folder   33
Conference on Primary Publication,  1950
Box   K2 Folder   34
Conference on the Bibliographical Control of Government, Scientific and Technical Reports,  1947
Box   K2 Folder   35
Conference to Investigate Copyright Problems Affecting Communication of Educational and Scientific Information,  1959
Box   K2 Folder   36
Council of National Library Associations,  1954
Council on Library Resources
Box   K2 Folder   37
Box   K2 Folder   38
Box   K2 Folder   39
Box   K2 Folder   40
Box   K2 Folder   41
Box   K2 Folder   42
Box   K2 Folder   43
Box   K2 Folder   44
Delaware Public Archives Commission Annual Reports,  1945
Box   K2 Folder   45
Educational Media Council,  1960
Box   K2 Folder   46
Electric Industries Association,  1966
Box   K2 Folder   47
Federal Office Automation Conference,  1985
Box   K2 Folder   48
Florida Institute of Technology,  1972
Box   K2 Folder   49
Illinois State Archives,  1958-1964
Box   K2 Folder   50
Industrial Education Institute,  1969
Information Industries Association
Box   K3 Folder   1
Box   K3 Folder   2
Box   K3 Folder   3
Box   K3 Folder   4
Institute for Graphic Communication,  1987
Box   K3 Folder   5
Institute for Scientific Information,  1968-1969
Box   K3 Folder   6
Institute of Archival Administration (University of Denver),  1964-1969
Box   K3 Folder   7
Knowledge Industry Publications,  1968
Box   K3 Folder   8
Macomb County Community College Learning Media Center Handbook,  undated
Box   K3 Folder   9
Maryland Hall of Records Commission. Records Management Division Report,  1964
Box   K3 Folder   10
Maryland Industrial Photographic Association
Box   K3 Folder   11
Michigan Audio-Visual Association,  1970
Box   K3 Folder   12
Michigan Historical Commission,  1963-1964
Box   K3 Folder   13
National Association of Photographic Manufacturers,  1969-1970
Box   K3 Folder   14
National Associations - General
Box   K3 Folder   15
National Business Show,  1960
Box   K3 Folder   16
National Institute of Government Purchasing,  1969
Box   K3 Folder   17
National Online Meeting,  1987
Box   K3 Folder   18
National Records Management Council,  1949-1951
Box   K3 Folder   19-20
Naval Microfilm Association,  1945-1948
Box   K3 Folder   21
New York Office of General Services. Microfilm Seminar,  1965
Box   K3 Folder   22
Ohio Historical Society,  1971-1973
Box   K3 Folder   23
Parliament on New Technological Uses of Copyrighted Works: Planning for a National Commission,  1971

(see also Information Industry Association)

Box   K3 Folder   24
Parliament on New Technological Uses of Copyrighted Works (Second),  1972
Box   K3 Folder   25
Philadelphia Department of Records,  1959-1969
Box   K3 Folder   26
Photographer's Association of America,  1957
Box   K3 Folder   27
Photographic Industry Coordinating Committee,  1945-1946
Box   K3 Folder   28
Photographic Manufacturers and Distributors Association,  1944-1945
Box   K3 Folder   29
Professional Photographers of America,  1962-1968
Box   K3 Folder   30
The Research Libraries Group,  1981
Box   K3 Folder   31
Social Science Research Council Annual Reports,  1941-2 and 1942-3
Box   K3 Folder   32
Society for Information Display,  1970
Box   K3 Folder   33
Society for Advancement of Processing Techniques,  undated
Box   K3 Folder   34
Society of American Archivists,  1950-1972
Box   K3 Folder   35
Society of Automotive Engineers,  1967
Box   K3 Folder   36
Society of Photographic Scientists and Engineers,  1961-1973
Box   K3 Folder   37
Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers,  1970-1983
Box   K3 Folder   38-39
Society of Reproduction Engineers,  1964-1969
Special Library Association
Box   K3 Folder   40
Box   K3 Folder   41
Box   K3 Folder   42
Box   K3 Folder   43
Standards Engineers Society,  1960-1963
Box   K3 Folder   44
Systems and Procedures Association,  1961-1968
Box   K3 Folder   45
Technology Opportunity Conference,  1985
Box   K3 Folder   46
Tennessee State Library and Archives,  undated
Box   K3 Folder   47
Thomas Wilds Associates, Inc.,  1986-1987
United States Government Agencies
Air Force
Box   K3 Folder   48
Air Force Academy Library Classification Schedules,  1968
Documentation Storage and Retrieval Systems Information Letter
Box   K3 Folder   49
Box   K3 Folder   50
Box   K3 Folder   51
Box   K3 Folder   52
Box   K3 Folder   53
Box   K4 Folder   1-3
General,  1945-1969
Box   K4 Folder   4
Microfilm Guidance Letters,  1968-1969
Box   K4 Folder   5
Microfilm Systems Management Information Letter,  1972-1973
Box   K4 Folder   6-8
Military Specifications,  1954-1970
Box   K4 Folder   9
Armed Forces Medical Library,  1956
Box   K4 Folder   10
Armed Services Technical Information Agency,  1973
Box   K4 Folder   11-12
Box   K4 Folder   13
Corps of Engineers,  1968
Box   K4 Folder   14
Manual - Microfilming of Records,  1955
Medical Library
Box   K4 Folder   15
Box   K4 Folder   16
Box   K4 Folder   17
Box   K4 Folder   18
Missile Command,  1968
Signal Corps
Box   K4 Folder   19-23
Glossary of Photographic Terms,  1959
Box   K4 Folder   24
Atomic Energy Commission,  1958-1966
Box   K4 Folder   25
Bureau of International Commerce,  1966-1972
Box   K4 Folder   26
Bureau of the Census,  1968-1971
Box   K4 Folder   27
Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary.
Evidentiary Value of Microfilmed Records
Box   K4 Folder   28
Congress. Select Committee on Government Research,  1964
Box   K4 Folder   29
Department of Agriculture,  1944
Box   K4 Folder   30
Department of Commerce,  1945-1985
Department of the Defense (includes Defense Documentation Center and Defense Technical Information Center)
Box   K4 Folder   31
Box   K4 Folder   32
Box   K4 Folder   33
Box   K4 Folder   34
Box   K4 Folder   35
Box   K5 Folder   1
Box   K5 Folder   2
Department of Health, Education and Welfare
Box   K5 Folder   3
Box   K5 Folder   4-5
Box   K5 Folder   6
Box   K5 Folder   7
Box   K5 Folder   8
Federal Council for Science and Technology,  1965-1972
Box   K5 Folder   9
Federal Reserve System. Report of Consultant Committee on General Business Expectations,  1955
Box   K5 Folder   10
General Services Administration,  1956-1968
Box   K5 Folder   11
Government Printing Office,  1947
Box   K5 Folder   12
Interstate Commerce Commission. Regulations re: Destruction of Records of Railroads,  1945
Library of Congress
Box   K5 Folder   13
Box   K5 Folder   14-15
Box   K5 Folder   16
Box   K5 Folder   17
Box   K5 Folder   18
National Academy of Sciences,  1956-1976
Box   K5 Folder   19
National Aeronautics and Space Administration,  undated
National Archives
Box   K5 Folder   20
Box   K5 Folder   21
Box   K5 Folder   22
Box   K5 Folder   23
Box   K5 Folder   24
Box   K5 Folder   25
National Bureau of Standards
Box   K5 Folder   26
Box   K5 Folder   27
Box   K5 Folder   28
Box   K5 Folder   29
Box   K5 Folder   30
Box   K5 Folder   31
Box   K5 Folder   32
Box   K5 Folder   33
Box   K6 Folder   1
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science,  1974
Box   K6 Folder   2-3
National Science Foundation,  1957-1972
Box   K6 Folder   4
National Security Agency,  1973
Box   K6 Folder   5
National Technical Information Service,  1968-1971
Box   K6 Folder   6
Box   K6 Folder   7
Box   K6 Folder   8-11
Mare Island Shipyard,  1960-1962
Box   K6 Folder   12
Office of Science and Technology,  1969
Patent Office
Box   K6 Folder   13
General,  1960-1969
Patents re: Microphotography and Photography
Box   K6 Folder   14
Box   K6 Folder   15
Box   K6 Folder   16
Box   K6 Folder   17
Box   K6 Folder   18
Box   K6 Folder   19-20
Box   K6 Folder   21-22
Box   K6 Folder   23-25
Box   K6 Folder   26
Box   K6 Folder   27
Small Business Administration,  1957-1961
Box   K6 Folder   28
Veterans Administration
War Department
Technical Manuals re: Photographic Equipment and V-Mail
Box   K6 Folder   29
Box   K6 Folder   30
Box   K6 Folder   31-34
Box   K6 Folder   35
Works Progress Administration,  undated
Box   K6 Folder   36-37
United States of America Standards Institute  1966-1969
Box   K6 Folder   38-39
Military Standardization Handbook,  1968
Box   K6 Folder   40
Users of Automatic Display Equipment,  1971-1973
Box   K6 Folder   41
Videodisc, Optical Disk, and CD-ROM Conference and Exposition,  1985
Box   K6 Folder   42
Virginia Microfilm Association,  1971
Box   K6 Folder   43
Visual Communications Congress,  1960-1970
Box   K6 Folder   44
Wyoming Centralized Microfilm Department,  1955-1956
Series L: Foreign Organizations and Agencies [series]:

Series L: Foreign Organizations and Agencies, includes press releases, newsletters, reports, and other publications. These foreign and international organizations and agencies are mainly concerned with the same fields as the American organizations and agencies in the previous series. The largest files relate to the Canadian Library Association microfilm project, international congresses on reprography, International Micrographic Congress, Japan Microfilm Association, and National Reprographic Centre for Documentation.

Arranged alphabetically by name. When only a few scattered items from any country appear, they have been filed together in a single folder under the name of the country.

Box   L1 Folder   1
Argentina,  1948-1966
Box   L1 Folder   2-3
Association pour la Conservation et la Reproduction Photographique de la Presse,  1963-1968
Box   L1 Folder   4
Australia,  1965-1978
Box   L1 Folder   5
Austria,  1951
Box   L1 Folder   6
Brazil,  1973-1978
Box   L1 Folder   7
Canada,  1970-1985
Canadian Library Association Microfilm Project
Box   L1 Folder   8
Box   L1 Folder   9
Box   L1 Folder   10
Box   L1 Folder   11
Box   L1 Folder   12
Box   L1 Folder   13
Box   L1 Folder   14
Box   L1 Folder   15
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique,  1963-1967
Box   L1 Folder   16
Chile,  1969
Box   L1 Folder   17
Comite Francais de la Documentation,  1949
Box   L1 Folder   18
Czechoslovakia,  1947
Box   L1 Folder   19
Denmark,  1940-1954
Box   L1 Folder   20
Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Dokumentation,  1950-1952
Box   L1 Folder   21
Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Photographie,  1963
Box   L1 Folder   22
European Microfilm Congress,  1972
Box   L1 Folder   23-25
France,  1931-1965
Box   L1 Folder   26-27
Germany,  1958-1963
Box   L1 Folder   28-29
Great Britain,  1937-1971
Box   L1 Folder   30-35
Hungary,  1964-1970
Box   L2 Folder   1
India,  1947-1967
Box   L2 Folder   2
International Association of Documentalists and Information Officers,  1963-1965
Box   L2 Folder   3-4
International Congress on Archives,  1956-1968
Box   L2 Folder   5
International Congress on High Speed Photography,  1970
International Congress on Reprography
Box   L2 Folder   6-8
Box   L2 Folder   9-10
Box   L2 Folder   11-13
Box   L2 Folder   14
Box   L2 Folder   15
International Council for Reprography,  1969
Box   L2 Folder   16-17
International Council on Archives,  1949-1977
Box   L2 Folder   18
International Documentation Centre (Sweden),  1958-1962
Box   L2 Folder   19
International Federation of Information Processing,  1962-1972
Box   L2 Folder   20
International Festival of Technical and Scientific Films,  1959-1967
Box   L2 Folder   21
International Information Management Congress,  1985
International Micrographic Congress
Box   L2 Folder   22
Box   L2 Folder   23
Box   L2 Folder   24
Box   L2 Folder   25
Box   L2 Folder   26
History of Origin,  1963
Box   L2 Folder   27-29
International Organization for Standardization,  1954-1964
Box   L2 Folder   30
International Periodical Exposition,  1970
Box   L2 Folder   31
International Photographic Exposition,  1957-1965
Box   L2 Folder   32
International Photography Newsletter,  1968-1971
Box   L2 Folder   33
Ireland,  1967
Box   L2 Folder   34-37
Italy,  1909-1951(pamphlets on libraries and archives)
Box   L3 Folder   1-11
Italy,  1951-1969(pamphlets on libraries and archives)
Japan Microfilm Association
Box   L3 Folder   12-15
JMA News
Box   L3 Folder   16-17
Microfilm in Japan,  1966
Japan Microphotography Association
Box   L3 Folder   18
Microphotography,  1967-1968
Box   L3 Folder   19-24
Miscellanea,  1964-1975
Box   L3 Folder   25
Latin America,  1978
Box   L3 Folder   26
L'Office International de Chimie. L'Utilisation du Film comme Support de la Documentation,  1935
Microfiche Foundation (Netherlands) Newsletters
Box   L4 Folder   1
Box   L4 Folder   2
Box   L4 Folder   3
Box   L4 Folder   4
Box   L4 Folder   5
Box   L4 Folder   6-7
Publications on the Microfiche,  1964-1969
Box   L4 Folder   8
Report on Activities
Box   L4 Folder   9
Microfilm Association of Great Britain,  1973
National Reprographic Centre for Documentation Evaluation Reports
Box   L4 Folder   10
Box   L4 Folder   11
Box   L4 Folder   12
Box   L4 Folder   13
Box   L4 Folder   14
Box   L4 Folder   15
Box   L4 Folder   16-17
Miscellaneous,  1970-1984
Box   L4 Folder   18-20
Netherlands,  1935-1982
Box   L4 Folder   21
Online International Ltd.,  1985
Box   L4 Folder   22
Optica,  1987
Box   L4 Folder   23
Organisatie Voor Toegepast - Natuurwetenschapptijk Onderzoek
Box   L4 Folder   24
Organization for European Economic Cooperation,  undated
Box   L4 Folder   25
Photokina - World's Fair of Photography,  1970-1972
Box   L4 Folder   26
Singapore,  1968-1980
Box   L4 Folder   27
South Africa,  1969-1970
Box   L4 Folder   28
Spain,  1954
Box   L4 Folder   29
Sweden,  1957
Box   L4 Folder   30
Switzerland,  1948
Box   L4 Folder   31
United Nations,  1968-1969
Box   L4 Folder   32-36
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO),  1948-1962
Box   L4 Folder   37
Uruguay,  1945
Box   L4 Folder   38
U.S.S.R.,  1966-1969
Series M: Technical Writings [series]:

Series M: Technical Writings, contains published and unpublished articles and speeches by various authors, mainly on photographic and microphotographic topics. Many manuscripts were submitted to Tate for possible publication in various journals and volumes of convention proceedings which he edited. Vernon Tate's own writings and speeches do not appear in this series but form part of the Tate Personal and Professional Papers.

Arranged alphabetically by author and thereunder alphabetically by title. Articles and speeches for which the author is not known are filed under the letter U with the heading Unknown.

Box   M1 Folder   1
Adams, Karl. "A New Concept in Microfilm Utilization: The Microfilm Comparator,"  1967.
Box   M1 Folder   1a
Adams, Randolph G. "Fugitive Archives,"  1940.
Box   M1 Folder   2
Aliak, R.J.H. et al. "The Metal Diazonium System for Photographic Reproduction,"  1947/1948.
Box   M1 Folder   3
Allerding, Johanna E. "The Integration of Library Service with Teaching and Research in Engineering School Libraries,"  1950.
Box   M1 Folder   4
Ames, Adelbert et al. "Report of the Advisory Committee to the Committee on Scientific Aids to Learning,  November 1, 1938:Eye Fatigue in the Reading of Microfilm."
Box   M1 Folder   5
Anderson, George. "Mechanical Aids in Historical Research,"  1967.
Box   M1 Folder   6
Anderson, M.G. et al. "Vesicular Systems for High Resolution Generation Printing,"  1964.
Box   M1 Folder   7
Anfindsen, Edward I. "Microphotography,"  1946.
Box   M1 Folder   7a
Angel, Herbert E. "Microfilming at the Federal Level,"  1959
Box   M1 Folder   8
Antal, J.R. "A Potential Buyer Looks at COM,"  undated.
Box   M1 Folder   9
Anttila, Ensio J.V. "Microfilming in Finland,"  1960.
Box   M1 Folder   10
Archangel, David. "Microfilming in Radiography,"  1970.
Box   M1 Folder   11
Ardern, L.L. "COM, PCMI, and Books in English,"  1971.
Box   M1 Folder   12
__________. "Making an Inexpensive Microfiche Camera,"  undated.
Box   M1 Folder   13
Armstrong, Charles F. "A System of Filing Still Photographs,"  undated.
Box   M1 Folder   14
Arnold, Henry J. "The Protection of Public Records Against Disaster,"  undated.
Box   M1 Folder   15
Aron, Albert. "Scientific Uses of Computer Graphics Equipment in the Microform World,"  1970.
Box   M1 Folder   16
Ashley, Chauncey W. "Baltimore Microfilm Unit in Action,"  1956.
Box   M1 Folder   17
Atherton, Pauline et al. "A Suggested Classification for the Literature of Documentation,"  1961.
Box   M1 Folder   18
Avedon, Don M. "Computer Output Microfilm: An NMA Survey of the Field,"  1969-1970.
Box   M1 Folder   19
__________. "Interfiling Test Results on Silver and Diazo Microfilm,"  undated.
Box   M1 Folder   19a
__________. "Looking Ahead to Mechanized Handling of Engineering Documents,"  undated.
Box   M1 Folder   20
__________. "Why Do We Need a Glossary of Microfilm Terms?"  1962.
Box   M1 Folder   21
Bagg, Thomas et al. "Information Selection Systems Retrieving Replica Copies: A State of the Art Report,"  1961.
Box   M1 Folder   22
Baker, Charles B. "Market Forecast of the Micrographics Industry,"  1970.
Box   M1 Folder   23
Ball, N.T. "Classification,"  1948.
Box   M1 Folder   24
Ball, Norman T. "Notes on the German Classification of Patents,"  1947.
Box   M1 Folder   25
Ballou, Hubbard W. "Applications of the Microtechniques in Research,"  1957.
Box   M1 Folder   26
__________. "Developments in Copying Methods -  1958."
Box   M1 Folder   26a
__________. "Guide to Microreproduction Equipment,"  1959.
Box   M1 Folder   27
Ballou et al. "Microfilm and Microfacsimile Publications,"  1955.
Box   M1 Folder   28
Ballou. "References,"  1970.
Box   M1 Folder   29
__________. "Microfilm Services,"  1962.
Box   M1 Folder   30
__________. "Microform Technology,"  1973.
Box   M1 Folder   30a
__________. "The Micrographic Book Cradle in Retrospect and Replica,"  1985.
Box   M1 Folder   31
__________. "The Second Edition to the Guide to Microreproduction Equipment,"  1962.
Box   M1 Folder   32
__________. "The Standardized Order Forms Committee,"  1961.
Box   M1 Folder   33
Banas, Stanley F. "Microfilming Taught at Lakewood High School,"  1967.
Box   M1 Folder   34
Baptie, A.L. "Microcard Step and Repeat Camera,"  undated.
Box   M1 Folder   35
__________. "The New Publishing Prodigy - Microfiche,"  1964.
Box   M1 Folder   36
Barnes, J.C. et al. "Rapid Processing of Recordak Micro-Filex Films at Elevated Temperatures,"  undated.
Box   M1 Folder   37
Barnes, L.A. (Barney). "The History of the Aperture Card at Marshall Space Flight Center,"  1967.
Box   M1 Folder   38
Barrow, W.J. "Procedures and Equipment Used in the Barrow Method of Restoring Manuscripts and Documents,"  1950.
Box   M1 Folder   39
__________. "Permanence/Durability of the Book III - Spray Deacidification,"  1964.
Box   M1 Folder   40
Bastardie, Jean-Jacques. "Parmi les Moyens Modernes de Diffusion de l'Information,"  1965.
Box   M1 Folder   41
Batchelder, Richard W. "Modern Microfilm Methods for Management and Tool Engineering,"  undated.
Box   M1 Folder   42
Battelle Memorial Institute. "Technical Assistance in the Development and Operation of the N.M.A. Micrographic Information Center,"  1970.
Box   M1 Folder   43
Bauer, Harry C. "The Pacific Northwest Bibliographic Center,"  1950.
Box   M1 Folder   44
Baumhofer, Hermine M. "Motion Pictures Become Federal Records,"  1952.
Box   M1 Folder   44a
__________. "Some Reference Problems of Picture Collections,"  1950.
Bean, Donald P.

[see box M10]

Box   M1 Folder   45
Bell, Whitefield J. "The Worlds of Benjamin Franklin,"  undated.
Box   M1 Folder   45a
Benbrooke, Charles H. "Diazotype Duplication of Microfilm,"  undated.
Box   M1 Folder   46
Bendikson, L. "Charred Documents,"  1933.
Box   M1 Folder   47
__________. "Rare Medical Books in Huntington Library at San Marino,"  1939.
Box   M1 Folder   48
__________. "When Filing Cards Take the Place of Books,"  1933.
Box   M1 Folder   49
Benjamin, Curtis G. "What Price Scientific Books?"  1952.
Box   M1 Folder   50
Bennett, Mary A. "Micro Film Readers,"  undated.
Box   M1 Folder   51
__________. "New Microfilm Reading Machines,"  1947.
Box   M1 Folder   52
Bennett, Ralph D. "Sheet Microfilm: Advantages - Techniques - Costs,"  1939.
Box   M1 Folder   53
Berger, Curt. "Some Experiments on the Width of Symbols as Determinant of Legibility,"  1948.
Box   M1 Folder   54
Bergh, H.M. "The Magnitude of Microfilm - Today and Tomorrow,"  1966.
Box   M1 Folder   55
Bernstein, George B. "Information Processing Horizons - A Navy Technological Forecast: Project Planning Phase,"  1968.
Box   M1 Folder   56
Bettin, Hanns. "Mikroskop and Kamera: Technik der Mikrofotografie fur den Amateur,"  1938.
Box   M1 Folder   57
Binkley, Robert C. "New Tools for Men of Letters,"  1935.
Box   M1 Folder   58-65
__________. "The Reproduction of Research Materials: A Manual on Processes, Materials, Methods and Equipment,"  undated.
Box   M1 Folder   66-71
__________. "Reproduction of Research Materials,"  undated.
Box   M1 Folder   72
Bitzer, Donald L. "Computer-Human Interface in Education,"  1970.
Box   M1 Folder   73
Bixby, W.E. "Applications of Microxerographic Techniques to Information Recording,"  1962.
Box   M1 Folder   74
Bloch, Gail A. et al. "Two Studies of the Effect of Film Polarity on Patent Examiners' Performance,"  1968.
Box   M1 Folder   75
Blood, C. Kenneth. "Microfilming of Illinois County Records,"  1945.
Box   M1 Folder   76
__________. "Protection of County Records by Microphotography,"  1944.
Box   M1 Folder   77
Blosser, Robert L. "The Univac FAME System,"  1970.
Box   M1 Folder   78
Bobb, Frank. "Microform Standards,"  1942.
Box   M1 Folder   79
Bobb, John M. "Implications of Cartridge-Load Microfilm,"  1968.
Box   M1 Folder   80
Boetcker, W.A. "The Diazo Process as a Tool in the Field of Microreproduction,"  1956.
Box   M1 Folder   81
Boffey, Philip M. "Copyright Problems: Did Suit Over Photocopying Kill Research Project,"  1968.
Box   M1 Folder   82
Boig, Fletcher S. "History and Development of Chemical Periodicals in the Field of Organic Chemistry:  1877-1949," 1952.
Box   M2 Folder   1
Bonn, George S. "Bibliodynamics Laboratory,"  1951.
Box   M2 Folder   2
Boone, J.W. "Pressurized High Speed Development of Diazo Films,"  1968.
Box   M2 Folder   3
Boone, Samuel Moyle. "Current Administration Practices in Library Photographic Services,"  1964.
Box   M2 Folder   4
Borden, Francis R. "How the United States Army Signal Equipment Support Agency Makes World- Wide Distribution of Micro-Reproduced Engineering Data for the United States Army Signal Corps,"  1960.
Box   M2 Folder   5
Bornet, Vaughn D. "Doctoral Dissertations and the Stream of Scholarships,"  1952.
Box   M2 Folder   6
__________. "Microfilm Publication of Doctoral Dissertations,"  1953.
Box   M2 Folder   7
Boston Society of Civil Engineers. "The Library and the System of Cataloging,"  1897.
Box   M2 Folder   8
Boylan, Robert. Untitled,  1957.
Box   M2 Folder   9
Bradshaw, William P., Jr. "Microfilm and the Engineers,"  1968.
Box   M2 Folder   10
Braithwaite, Boyd L. "Microfilm Systems Use in Metropolitan Life,"  1970.
Box   M2 Folder   11
Brand, M.E. et al. "General Uses and Techniques of 35mm Microfilm for the Commercial Microfilming Service Organization,"  1952.
Box   M2 Folder   12
Brantley, N. et al. "Microfiche Equipment,"  1966.
Box   M2 Folder   13
Bray, Robert S. "Photocopying and Copyright: A Second Report,"  1957.
Box   M2 Folder   14
Brennan, Joseph P. et al. "Microfilming Speeds Navy Maintenance,"  1944.
Box   M2 Folder   15
Brinkley, Cosby. "Directory of Institutional Photoduplication Services in the United States,"  1959.
Box   M2 Folder   16
Broadman, Joseph. "The Broadman Process for the Preservation of Original Paper Documents" and other documents challenging the use of microfilm,  1942-1946.
Box   M2 Folder   17
Brown, Connis O. "An Interim Report on the Design and Development of a Records Program for the Gasoline Tax Division, Controller of the Treasury, State of Maryland,"  1968.
Box   M2 Folder   18
__________. "Microfilm at a Turn in the Road,"  1969.
Box   M2 Folder   19
__________. "The Consultant's Responsibility for COM,"  1971.
Box   M2 Folder   19a
__________. "The Procedural Microfilm Recording of Current Land Records in Prince George's County, Maryland,"  1967.
Box   M2 Folder   20
__________. "Three Microfilm Applications at the Maryland Hall of Records,"  undated.
Box   M2 Folder   20a
Brown, T. Wistar. "The Use of Microfilm Overseas,"  ca. 1959.
Box   M2 Folder   21
Brown, Thomas K. "The San Diego Accord on Card Form Microfilm,"  1968.
Box   M2 Folder   22
Bruchiss, Louis. "The Preservation and Storage of Microfilm,"  undated.
Box   M2 Folder   23
Brunelle, L.A. "The Impact of Magazine Film Use in the Microfilm Industry,"  1962.
Box   M2 Folder   24
Brunner, R. Gordon. "A Total Information Concept: Rapid Retrieval of Microfilmed Documents Using an Optical Coincidence System,"  1968.
Box   M2 Folder   25
Buckholz, Robert L. "Cold-Light Enlarger,"  1940.
Box   M2 Folder   26
Bugbee, Percy. "Wartime Problems of Fire Waste Control,"  1945.
Box   M2 Folder   27
Bujkovsky, Gustav J. "A Computerized Microfilm Distribution System,"  1967.
Box   M2 Folder   28
__________. "Microfilming of Large Size Drawings,"  undated.
Box   M2 Folder   29
Bunchez, Samuel H. "Film Protection,"  1943.
Box   M2 Folder   30
Burchard, John E. "The Wreck of Matter and the Crush of Worlds,"  undated.
Box   M2 Folder   31
Burchinal, Lee G. "Microfilm Standards, Their Creation and Impact on Design and Systems,"  undated.
Box   M2 Folder   32
__________. "Microfilm Technology and Education,"  1968.
Box   M2 Folder   33
__________. "Microforms and Education,"  undated.
Box   M2 Folder   33a
Burkett, J. "Microrecording in Libraries,"  1957.
Box   M2 Folder   34
Burleigh, William P. "Basic Guidelines for Setting Up an Engineering Drawing Microfilm Program,"  1964.
Box   M2 Folder   35
__________. "How to Conduct a Feasibility Study,"  1961.
Box   M2 Folder   36
Burris, W. Alan. "Characteristics of Silver Halide Microfilms,"  1961.
Box   M2 Folder   37
Bush, Vannevar. "As We May Think,"  1945.
Box   M2 Folder   38
Butler, Earle J. "Microfilm and Company Survival Plans,"  1962.
Box   M2 Folder   39
Butterworth, J.W. "New Market Potentials in Combined Microphotography and Telecommunications,"  1968.
Box   M2 Folder   40
Buttolph, L.J. "High Efficiency Mercury and Sodium Vapor Lamps,"  1939.
Box   M2 Folder   41
Cain, R.H. "Veterans Administration Insurance Records: Procedures and Problems,"  undated.
Box   M2 Folder   42
Calder, Ritchie. "Microfilm,"  1940.
Box   M2 Folder   43
Cameron, George. "Applications of 70mm Film,"  undated.
Box   M2 Folder   44
Campion, Eleanor Este. "Account of the Union List of Microfilms,"  undated.
Box   M2 Folder   45
__________. "Existing Bibliographical Resources - Dead End, Detour or Freeway,"  1955.
Box   M2 Folder   46
Cann, Edward H. "Microfilming in Color,"  1958.
Box   M2 Folder   46a
Cappon, Lester J. "Historical Manuscripts as Archives: Some Definitions and Their Application,"  1956.
Box   M2 Folder   47
Carlson, E.C. "New Uses for Microfilm in Industry,"  undated.
Box   M2 Folder   48
__________. "Non-Silver Microfilm Systems,"  undated.
Box   M2 Folder   49
Carr, William H. "Microfilming in Mapping Applications,"  1962.
Box   M2 Folder   50
Carroll, John S. "Photo Words: A Glossary of Photographic Terms, Expressions and Abbreviations,"  1945.
Box   M2 Folder   51
__________. "Photographic Copying Methods: A Checklist for Cartographic and Other Personnel,"  undated.
Box   M2 Folder   52
Caton, John L. "Microfilming Records - A Management Approach,"  1961.
Box   M2 Folder   53
Chalkley, Lyman. "Conditions for Projection Copying on Dye Cyanide Sensitized Materials,"  1959.
Box   M2 Folder   54
Champlin, Henry. "Concerning Champlin 13,"  1937.
Box   M2 Folder   55
Chernoff, L. "Photometry of Projectors at the National Bureau of Standards,"  1963.
Box   M2 Folder   56
Cheydleur, Benjamin F. "Information Retrieval -  1966," 1967.
Box   M2 Folder   57
Choate, Jack W. "Quality Microreproduction: An Introduction to Microfilming,"  1962.
Box   M2 Folder   58
Cibella, Ross C. "Directory of Microfilm Sources, Including Photostat Service,"  1941.
Box   M2 Folder   59
__________. "The Filing and Cataloging of Microfilms,"  undated.
Box   M2 Folder   60
__________. "KDKA Broadcast on Microfilm,"  1939.
Box   M2 Folder   61
Clapp, Verner W. et al. "Are Your Microfilms Deteriorating Acceptably?"  undated.
Box   M2 Folder   61a
__________. "Copyright - A Librarian's View,"  1968.
Box   M2 Folder   61b
__________. "A Good Beginning,"  1959.
Box   M2 Folder   62
__________. "Library Photocopying and Copyright: Recent Developments,"  1962.
Box   M2 Folder   62a
__________. Untitled Bibliography,  ca. 1963.
Box   M2 Folder   63
Clark, D.L. "New Techniques and Developments in Xerography,"  1958.
Box   M2 Folder   64
Clark, George. "Thinking Small - A Group in I.S.R.: Systems Examples on Use of Microfilms in Business,"  1968.
Box   M2 Folder   65
Clark, R.E.D. "Early Microphotography and the Paris Post of  1870," 1938.
Box   M2 Folder   66
Clarke, Alfred L. "COM Futures in Banking from a Manufacturer's Viewpoint,"  1970.
Box   M2 Folder   67
Coblans, Herbert. "Some Notes on American Practice in Documentation,"  1950.
Box   M2 Folder   67a
Codina, Gonzalo J. "El Microscopio - en la Oficina de Microfilmacion,"  1963.
Box   M2 Folder   68
Coe, Richard W. "Future Aspects of Microfilm Applications in the Insurance Industry,"  1970.
Box   M2 Folder   69
Colen, Markham D. "Development and Implementation of a Conventional Engineering Drawing Aperture Card System,"  1970.
Box   M2 Folder   70
__________. "Development of the AMPEX Corporation Engineering Drawing Disaster File,"  1967.
Box   M2 Folder   70a
Collins, William H. "Recent Developments in Rear Projection Screens,"  1971.
Box   M2 Folder   71
Colton, Carl G. "A Prospectus for an Educational Micrographic Exhibit/Demonstration...,"  1970/1971.
Box   M2 Folder   72
Colvin, Dale. "So Simple, It's Overlooked,"  1970.
Box   M2 Folder   73
Cook, Donald J. "Specification for a High Speed Printer and Plotter,"  1960.
Box   M2 Folder   74
Cook, M.H. "A Management View of Microfilm,"  1962.
Box   M2 Folder   75
Cooper, Charles W. et al. "Adhesives Gird for New Tasks,"  1959.
Box   M2 Folder   76
Cooper, Harry G. "Computer to Microfilm a New Era Man Has Made His Mark,"  undated.
Box   M2 Folder   77
Costello, John C., Jr. "Some Thoughts on the Information Problem,"  1961.
Box   M2 Folder   78
Cobert, Peter H. "The Microfilming of Medical Records,"  1957.
Box   M2 Folder   79
Cox, Edward. "Microfilm in the Insurance Industry,"  1970.
Box   M2 Folder   79a
Crabtree, J. et al. "Directional Effects in Sound Film Processing - II,"  1933.
Box   M2 Folder   80
Crabtree, J.I. "Effect of the Water Supply on Photographic Solutions,"  undated.
Box   M2 Folder   81
__________. "The Elimination of Hypo from Photographic Images,"  undated.
Box   M2 Folder   82
__________. "Rapid Processing of Films and Papers,"  1949.
Box   M2 Folder   83
__________ et al. "The Removal of Hypo and Silver Salts from Photographic Materials as Affected by the Composition of the Processing Solutions,"  1942.
Box   M2 Folder   84
Creative Strategies Inc. "Microfilm Industry - I: Alphanumeric COM Recorders Automatic Retrieval Devices,"  1970.
Box   M2 Folder   85
Crew, Wynn D. "Automation Mark IV,"  1958.
Box   M2 Folder   86
__________. "The Decimal Microfiche Format: An Original Publishing Format of the Future,"  1972.
Box   M2 Folder   86a
__________. "Diversified Services of the Microfilm Laboratory,"  ca. 1959.
Box   M2 Folder   87
__________. " `The Microaperture' - A Design to Substitute for a Book,"  undated.
Box   M2 Folder   88
Crow, J.E. "Microreproductions and Technical Information,"  undated.
Box   M2 Folder   89
Curry, Robert M. "A Documentation System to Support Management Functions,"  1967.
Box   M2 Folder   90
Curry, Ruth. "Archival Janus: The Records Center,"  1967.
Box   M2 Folder   91
Curtain, Joseph F. "Microfilm Comes of Age or We May Produce Small but We Must Think Big,"  1958.
Box   M2 Folder   92
Dabbs, Francis William. "Information through Micro-copies: The State of the Art in Diazo Microforms,"  1970.
Box   M2 Folder   93
Daggatt, Parker H. "Engineering Data Management System Requirements,"  undated.
Box   M2 Folder   93a
Daly, Deborah D. "A Micrographics Bibliography,"  ca. 1972.
Box   M2 Folder   94
Damiani, Byron. "Microfilm in a Title Company,"  1970.
Box   M2 Folder   95
Danger, E.P. "Microrecording in the Legal Field: Some Notes Compiled to Show How Microrecording Techniques Can Be of Advantage to the Legal Profession,"  undated.
Box   M2 Folder   96
Daughtrey, Larry. "The Great Microfilm Mystery,"  1966.
Box   M2 Folder   97
David, Charles W. "The Conservation of Historical Source Material,"  1956.
Box   M2 Folder   98
__________ et al. "A Cumulative World Thesaurus,"  1947.
Box   M2 Folder   99
David, Charles W. "Report from Europe,"  1948.
Box   M2 Folder   100
Davies, Creighton H. "The Present Scope of Microfilm Equipment,"  undated.
Box   M2 Folder   101
__________. "Reproduction by Microfilm,"  undated.
Box   M2 Folder   102
Davis, Albert S., Jr. "The Legal Aspects of Machine Documentation,"  1953.
Box   M2 Folder   103
Davis, Ron. "Diazo Systems,"  undated.
Box   M2 Folder   104
Davis, Watson. "The Accessibility of Thesis Literature of the United States,"  1939.
Box   M2 Folder   105
__________. "Next Steps in Microfilm,"  1945.
Box   M2 Folder   106
__________. "Proposed Central Publication of Scientific Papers,"  1948.
Box   M2 Folder   107
Davison, George H. "Microtext in the Form of Opaque Cards and Transparent Microfiches: Review of Progress,  1959."
Box   M2 Folder   108
Davison, Roy. "Designing an Open System: Microfiche, Book Publishing, and the College Library,"  1969.
Box   M2 Folder   109
Day, Melvin S. "The NASA Microform Concept,"  undated.
Box   M2 Folder   110
Deland, Maurice G. "The Word for Microfilm... Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,"  undated.
Box   M2 Folder   111-113
Denton, Elsie A. "The MSDI - Micro-Form Network System,"  undated.
Box   M2 Folder   114
Depue, O.B. "Depue Optical Reduction Sound Printer,"  1936.
Box   M3 Folder   1
Devitt, John et al. "A High Speed Planetary Camera,"  1964.
Box   M3 Folder   2
Dewton, Johannes L. "A Tentative List of Catalogs of Microforms,"  1959.
Box   M3 Folder   3
Diaz, Albert James. "Guide to Microforms in Print,"  1961.
Box   M3 Folder   4
__________. "On-Demand Publishing - The Clearinghouse Concept,"  undated.
Box   M3 Folder   5
Dippel, C.J. "Problems in Photographic Reproduction, in Particular of Sound Films,"  1947.
Box   M3 Folder   6
DoAll Co. "Quality Control: A Handbook of Scientific Inspection,"  1945.
Box   M3 Folder   7
Doody, F.L. "Original Shipping Orders Replace Waybills for L.C.L. Shipments under Photographic Systems,"  undated.
Box   M3 Folder   8
Doran, Thomas G. "History of COM in the AMC,"  1969.
Box   M3 Folder   9
__________. "Micro-Graphic Reports: A New Dimension for Management,"  1970.
Box   M3 Folder   9a
Downs, Robert B. "Many Study Photographic Processes,"  1947.
Box   M3 Folder   9b
__________. "Wartime Cooperative Acquisitions,"  1949.
Box   M3 Folder   10
Draeger, R.H. "A New Design for the Micrographic Camera,"  1937.
Box   M3 Folder   11
Duffy, Francis G. "Banks and COM,"  1970.
Box   M3 Folder   12
Dugan, J.M. et al. "The Design of Reading Equipment for Library-Archival Utilization of Microforms,"  1961.
Box   M3 Folder   13
Dunning, Albert W. "The Hard Choice of Hard Copy from Micrographic Systems,"  1961.
Box   M3 Folder   14
__________. "Quick-Copy Electrostatic Photography,"  1959.
Box   M3 Folder   15
__________. "System Control of Data Proliferation by Microimaging,"  1966.
Box   M3 Folder   16
Dyke, Freeman H., Jr. "Microfilm and Its Application,"  1959.
Box   M3 Folder   17
Eastman Kodak. "Admissibility in Evidence of Recordak Film Picture Records,"  1944.
Box   M3 Folder   18
__________. "Admissibility in Evidence of Microfilm Records,"  1971.
Box   M3 Folder   19
Eckles, Robert B. "What the Scholar Looks for From Microfilm,"  1961.
Box   M3 Folder   20
Eerde, John. "A Review of Newer Processing Techniques,"  1961.
Box   M3 Folder   21
Eiter, W.F. "An Airborne Digital Recording and Ground Handling Data System,"  1961.
Box   M3 Folder   22
Ellsworth, R.S. "New Horizons with Microfilm: How Individualized Filing of Film in Cards Opens New Vistas for Documentation,"  1952.
Box   M3 Folder   23
"Electronic Displays: Selected Bibliography,"  undated.
Box   M3 Folder   24
Elzinga, Roel. "Fundamentals of Densitometry,"  1961.
Box   M3 Folder   25
Epsy, John. "Photography in Design Engineering,"  undated.
Box   M3 Folder   26
Erdman, Henry L. "Do-It-Yourself - An In-House Operation,"  1969.
Box   M3 Folder   27
Erickson, Edgar L. "A Coordinated Program for Micro-Reproduction of Basic Historical Source Materials,"  1947.
Box   M3 Folder   28
Erwin, Ray. "Facsimile Photo Machines Used by 300 Newspapers: AP Photofax and UP Unifax Give Economical Transmission,"  1956.
Box   M3 Folder   29
Evans, Frank B. "The Selection and Preparation of Records for Publication on Microfilm,"  1970.
Box   M3 Folder   30
Even, Arthur D. "The Total Systems Concept,"  1962.
Box   M3 Folder   31
Fassel, Elgin G. "Destruction of Life Office Records with Retention of Miniature Film Copies,"  1939.
Box   M3 Folder   32
Feibelman, Herbert U. "Microphotography and the Courts,"  1949.
Box   M3 Folder   33
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Box   M3 Folder   34
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Box   M9 Folder   60
__________. "Towards a Uniform Federal Report Numbering System and a Cuddly Microfiche Reader - Two Modest Proposals,"  1968.
Box   M9 Folder   61
Worny, Arthur B. "Use of Microfilm for Engineering Drawings,"  1967.
Box   M9 Folder   62
Yerkes, C.P. "Report on COM Users Conference,"  1970.
Box   M9 Folder   63
Younger, Richard. "Foundations as an Aid to History,"  undated.
Box   M9 Folder   64
Zafrgen, Herbert C. "Jewish Newspapers and Periodicals on Microfilm,"  1960.
Box   M9 Folder   65
Zeitlin, Jake. "The History and Meaning of Some Important Books in the Sciences,"  undated.
Box   M9 Folder   66
__________. "In It Together or the Role of the Bookseller in Building Rare Book Collections,"  undated.
Box   M9 Folder   67
Zoch, R.J. "Computer Output Microfilm and On-Line Cathode Ray Tube Display Devices as Information Retrieval Tools,"  1969.
Box   M9 Folder   68
Zornow, G.B. "Does Microfilm Have a Micro Image,"  1966.
Box   M9 Folder   69-71
Abstracts of paper delivered at the  1975NMA Convention.
Newspaper Clippings
Box   M9 Folder   72
 Undated and 1941-1945
Box   M9 Folder   73-76
Box   M9 Folder   77
Box   M9 Folder   78-83
Box   M9 Folder   84
Box   M9 Box   M10
Bean, Donald P. "Report on American Scholarly Publishing With Exhibits,"  1931.
Box   M9 Folder   4-12
Nelson, Carl. Untitled book re aperture cards,  1964.
Series N: Archive of Micrographics/History [series]:

The series Archive of Micrographics/History includes correspondence, financial information, photographs, biographical and historical information, and a tape-recorded memoir. This material concerns Vernon Tate's work in collecting information on the history of microfilm and the history of the NMA. Tate served as founder and archivist of the Archive of Micrographics. Topics include: the careers of microfilm pioneers Rene Dagron, John Benjamin Dancer, Rupert H. Draeger, and Robert Goldschmidt; planning for a 1971 exhibit on microfilm at the Smithsonian Institution; and transcripts of Ernest Taube's taperecorded memoir concerning the early years of the microfilm industry.

Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Box   N1 Folder   1
Budget and Finance,  1971-1973
Box   N1 Folder   2
 October, 1970-April, 1971
Box   N1 Folder   3
 May, 1971-September, 1971
Box   N1 Folder   4
 October, 1971-December, 1971
Box   N1 Folder   5
 January, 1972-May, 1972
Box   N1 Folder   6
 June, 1972-December, 1973
Box   N1 Folder   6a
Medals and Souvenirs
Box   N1 Folder   7
Dagron, Rene
Box   N1 Folder   8
Box   N1 Folder   9
Box   N1 Folder   10
Photographs and Captions Received From the French Embassy
Box   N1 Folder   11
Photostatic Copies of Documents
Box   N1 Folder   12
Traite de Photographie Microscopique  (1864)
Box   N1 Folder   13
Dancer, John Benjamin - Biographical Information and Examples of Microphotographs
Draeger, Rupert H.
Box   N1 Folder   14
Correspondence and Citations Concerning Pioneer Award,  1972
Box   N1 Folder   15
Box   N1 Folder   16
Photocopies and Photographs
Box   N1 Folder   17
Goldschmidt, Robert
Box   N1 Folder   18
Hunt, Robert. History of Photography,  1854.
Box   N1 Folder   19
Kodak. Microfilm of Historical Materials
Box   N1 Folder   20
NMA - Headquarters Photographs Interior and Exterior,  undated
Box   N1 Folder   21
Roosevelt, Franklin D. - Photocopied Letter Regarding Microfilm,  February 13, 1942
Smithsonian Exhibit on Microfilm,  1971
Box   N1 Folder   22
Commemorative Medals
Box   N1 Folder   23
Box   N1 Folder   24
Box   N1 Folder   25
Box   N1 Folder   26
Box   N1 Folder   27
Slide Show
Box   N1 Folder   28
Tape Recordings
Box   N1 Folder   29
Box   N1 Folder   30-31
Taubes, Ernest - Transcript of Taped Memoir of the History of the Microfilm Industry