Hanuman Books Records (1978-1996, bulk 1986-1994)
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Separated Material

The Special Collections Library holds a complete set of titles printed by Hanuman Books. In August, 2003, the books were removed from the Records and individually cataloged in order to increase accessibility. All the books removed are listed bellow. Numbered titles of Hanuman Books are arranged in publication order and unnumbered titles are listed at the end.

Hanuman Books imprints in the Special Collections Library:

  1. Books, no. 1-48; unnumbered
    1. Series I (1-6)
      1. Wieners, John, Superficial Estimation
      2. Trinidad, David, November
      3. Myles, Eileen, Bread and Water (2 copies)
      4. Mead, Taylor, Son of Andy Warhol
      5. Picabia, Francis, Who Knows
      6. Michaux, Henri, By Surprise
    2. Series II (7-12)
      1. Gerstler, Amy, Primitive Man
      2. Ashbery, John, The Ice Storm
      3. Huncke, Herbert, Guilty of Everything
      4. Rosenthal, Manuel, Satie, Ravel, Poulenc
      5. Daumal, René, A Fundamental Experiment
      6. Weiners, John, Conjugal Contraries & Quart
    3. Series III (13-18)
      1. Flanagan, Bob, Fuck Journal
      2. De Kooning, Willem, Collected Writings
      3. Mueller, Cookie, Fan Mail, Frank Letters, and Crank Calls
      4. Penna, Sandro, Confused Dream
      5. Katz, Vincent, Cabel of Zealots
      6. Danielou, Alain, Fools of God
    4. Series IV (19-24)
      1. Denby, Edwin, Willem de Kooning
      2. Beckmann, Max, On My Painting
      3. Indiana, Gary, White Trash Boulevard
      4. Genet, Jean, Rembrandt
      5. Trinidad, David, Three Stories
      6. Ginsberg, Allen, Your Reason and Blake’s System
    5. Series V (25-30)
      1. Guénon, René, Oriental Metaphysics
      2. Myles, Eileen, 1969
      3. Corso, Gregory, Mind Field
      4. Daumal, René, The Lie of the Truth
      5. Equi, Elaine, Views Without Rooms
      6. Firbank, Ronald, Firbankiana
    6. Series VI (31-36)
      1. Hockney, David, Picasso
      2. St. Teresa/Simone Weil, On the Lord’s Prayer
      3. Smith, Jack, Historical Treasures
      4. Mueller, Cookie, Garden of Ashes
      5. Houston-Montgomery, Beauregard, Pouf Pieces
      6. Dylan, Bob, Saved! The Gospel Speeches of Bob Dylan
    7. Series VII (37-42)
      1. Hell, Richard, Artifact: Notebooks from Hell 1974-1980
      2. Geldzahler, Henry, Looking at Pictures
      3. Picabia, Francis, Yes No
      4. Creeley, Robert, Autobiography
      5. Bellamy, Dodie, Feminine Hijinx
      6. Kerouac, Jack, Safe in Heaven Dead
    8. Series VIII (43-48)
      1. Darling, Candy, Candy Darling
      2. Zedd, Nick, Bleed Part One
      3. Smith, Patti, Woolgathering
      4. Burroughs, William, Painting and Guns
      5. Hunter, Robert, Idiot’s Delight
      6. Frank, Robert, One Hour
  2. Unnumbered
    1. Kerouac, Jack, Manhattan Sketches
    2. Ricard, René, God with Revolver