Philippine-American War in Leyte and Samar (1878-1930, bulk 1898-1901)
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Numbered photogravure series by H.H. Stratton  undated [subseries]: (Sub-Series)
Mixed Materials   2   1
Photos 1/23  undated
Love Making in the Philippines (1)  undated
Presidio, Cal (2)  undated
Soldiers Burying a Dead Filipino (3)  undated
View from American Trenches (4)  undated
Mixed Materials   2   2
Photos 2/23  undated
A Philippine Family (5)  undated
Belles of Luzon, Philippine Islands, Arranging Their toilet (6)  undated
Native Children, Nueva Caceres, South Camarines, Philippine Islands (7)  undated
[No Caption] (8)  undated
Mixed Materials   2   3
Photos 3/23  undated
Native Children of Southern Luzon (9)  undated
Scene I the Hawaiian Islands – Native Women Bathing (10)  undated
Soldiers Amusing Themselves by Tossing Each Other in a Blanket (13)  undated
The Battle-Field at Caloocan (14)  undated
Spanish Soldiers Shooting Spies (15)  undated
Mixed Materials   2   4
Photos 4/23  undated
First Prisoners of the Philippine War, Captured Feb. 14, 1899; Igorote Savages who Fought with Bows and Arrows (16)  undated
The Governor-General's Palace, Manila (17)  undated
Mixed Materials   Unknown  
Filipinos Leaving Manila to Join Insurrection (18)  undated
Mixed Materials   2   5
Photos 5/23  undated
The Governor-General's Palace, Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands (19)  undated
Filipino Prisoners Burying Their Dead, Under Guard of American Soldiers (20)  undated
Raft of Cocoanuts [sic] in Pasig River (21)  undated
On Guard at the Manila Water Works (22)  undated
Mixed Materials   2   6
Photos 6/23  undated
Defenses of Cavite (23)  undated
Old Worshipping Grounds, Islands of Masbate, near camp of 29th Infantry (24)  undated
Entrance to the Walled City (25)  undated
Bull Fight; Spain's National Sport (26)  undated
Mixed Materials   2   7
Photos 7/23  undated
Scene at Pasidio, San Francisco (27)  undated
Scene Near Manila (28)  undated
Unloading Government Mules at Manila (29)  undated
Friendly Filipinos Seeking Protection Inside the American Lines (30)  undated
Mixed Materials   2   8
Photos 8/23  undated
[Missing Words]…d Cascos, Manila Harbor (31)  undated
Filipino Prisoners (32)  undated
Street Scene, Manila (33)  undated
Ready and Waiting (34)  undated
Mixed Materials   2   9
Photos 9/23  undated
Shooting Prisoners in a Spanish Fortress. The Black Line is the Mark of Bullets (35)  undated
Soldier Taking A Ride at Nagasaki, Japan (36)  undated
Filipino Laundry (37)  undated
Mail Day I Camp (38)  undated
Native Children, Island of Panay (39)  undated
Mixed Materials   2   10
Photos 10/23  undated
Soldiers at Mess (40)  undated
[No Caption] (41)  undated
Field of Pineapples, Hawaiian Islands (42)  undated
Mixed Materials   2   11
Photos 11/23  undated
Hula dancers, Hawaiian Islands (43)  undated
Igorote Belles in Full Dress (44)  undated
Reconnoitering (45)  undated
Barracks at Angel Island (47)  undated
Mixed Materials   2   12
Photos 12/23  undated
Bridge of Spain (49)  undated
Presidio (50)  undated
Fish Market, Manila (52)  undated
Zambonja Church, Philippine Islands (53)  undated
Cock Fighting, Island Mandanao (Philippine Group) (54)  undated
Mixed Materials   2   13
Photos 13/23  undated
[Missing Texts]… Out for a Ride (55)  undated
Scene in Luzon, Philippine Islands, Soldiers Out for a Ride (55)  undated
Cock Fighting, Island Mindanao (Philippine Group) (56)  undated
Mixed Materials   2   14
Photos 14/23  undated
Near San Miguel, Leyte (57)  undated
Harbor Scene (58)  undated
Harbor of Zambonja, Island of Mindonoa (Philippine Group) (59)  undated
Soldiers Drilling; Co D. 43rd Inf. Barugo. Leyte. (60)  undated
Mixed Materials   2   15
Photos 15/23  undated
Headquarters American Troops, Zambonja, Island of Mindonoa (Philippine Group) (61)  undated
Farm Scene, Philippine Islands (62)  undated
Encamped on the Luneta, Manila (63)  undated
Scene in the Philippines, Hauling Wood (64)  undated
Mixed Materials   2   16
Photos 16/23  undated
Filipino Dancing Girls (67)  undated
Scene in the Philippines; Catholics at Worship (70)  undated
Soldiers and Filipinos Bathing (71)  undated
Philippine Scene; Building Market House (72)  undated
Mixed Materials   2   17
Photos 17/23  undated
[No Caption] (73)  undated
Scene in Zamboanga, Island Mandanao, (Philippine Group) (74)  undated
Filipino Belles (75)  undated
Market Scene, (Philippine Islands) (76)  undated
Mixed Materials   2   18
Photos 18/23  undated
[No Caption] (77)  undated
A Group of Our New Philippine Cousins (78)  undated
Bathing Scene, Philippine Islands (80)  undated
Jolo Market Scene (81)  undated
Mixed Materials   2   19
Photos 19/23  undated
Cliff House and Seal Rocks, San Francisco (82)  undated
Soldiers Playing Cards (83)  undated
Camp Scene, Presidio, San Francisco (84)  undated
Moro Spear Dance, Island of Mandanao (Philippine Group) (85)  undated
Mixed Materials   2   20
Photos 20/23  undated
Convent at Fort Malate, Near Manila; Damaged by the American Guns in Storming the Fort (86)  undated
San Sebastian Church, Manila (87)  undated
Luneta Promenade, Manila (88)  undated
Suspension Bridge Across Pasig River (Philippine Islands) (91)  undated
Mixed Materials   2   21
Photos 21/23  undated
Transport Leaving Manila for San Francisco (93)  undated
San Domingo Cathedral, Manila (96)  undated
Mixed Materials   2   22
Photos 22/23  undated
Near San Miguel (97)  undated
Big Trees of California (98)  undated
The Seal Rocks, San Francisco (99)  undated
[No Caption] (100)  undated
Mixed Materials   2   23
Photos 23/23  undated
General Antonio Masao, Second in Command of the Cuban Army of Liberation, Killed Near Havana, Cuba, while leading a charge against the Spanish forces (102)  undated