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Hoong Teik Toh is an energetic and enthusiastically meticulous emerging Manchu scholar. His recently published Materials/or a Genealogy of the Niohuru Clan clearly reflects these qualities of his scholarship, and provides a resource for those interested in the genealogical history of the Niohuru clan, as well as those interested Manchu and North Asian onomastics.

The genealogical data presented in the book are derived from a twelve-volume Chinese and Manchu manuscript at the Harvard-Yenching Library (Ma 2252. 8 / 8133), titled Jakūn gūsai Manju Niohuru halai jalan be ejere uheri dangse (Chinese Baqi Manzhou Niuhulushi tongpu, 八旗滿洲鈕祜祿氏通舖). Toh's book begins with a detailed description of the manuscript, a full presentation of the Chinese and Manchu texts of the preface, together with a translation of the Manchu version of the preface. This is followed by a summary of the life of the author of the preface, a Manchu official of the Niohuru clan named Necin, who lived from 1708-49.

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