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The proceedings of the conference held in 2000 in Bonn are contained in volumes nine and ten of Harrzassowitz Verlag's Tunguso Sibirica Series. This first volume, titled “Trends in Manchu and Tungus studies” contains eight articles developed from papers read at the conference. Four of the articles are written in English, four in German and one in Russian. An abstract in English of each article is provided at the beginning of the article.

The contents are as follows: Jörg Bächer, “Shamanic Epics and Mongolian Influences at the Lower Amur (I);” Evgnij A. Kuz’menkov, “Маньчжурская версия родословной монгольских ханов;” Carsten Naeher, “Aus der Geschichte der Tungusologie: Peter Schmidts Klassifikation der tungusischen Sprachen;” Tatsuo Nakami, “Some Remarks on the Emu tanggû orin sakda i gisun sarkiyan;” Johannes Reckel, “Chaegasung-die letzten Mandschuren Koreas;” Giovanni Stary, “The “Discovery” of Manchu Literature and Its Problems;” Catherine Uray-Köhalmi, “Mangi” Stupid Ogre or Demiurge? The Bear in Myths and Tales of Manchu-Tungus Peoples” and Michael Weiers, “Zum Wert mandschusprachiger Quellen für die Erforschung der Geschichte Innerasiens.”

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