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Zhao A-ping, Manchu, Professor of the Manchu Research Center of Heilongjiang University. P. R. China, Her major study field covers Manchu language, Manchu language and culture, cultural linguistics, Manchu-Tungus language and culture. Translated by Yin Tiechao Yin Tiechao, Professor of linguistics, School of Western Studies, Heilongjiang University, P.R. China, 150080, Principal field is in Oroqen language and culture studies.

Abstract: In the last century, after the researchers' hard work of several generations, the research of Manchu-Tungusic language and culture in China has achieved a lot. The researchers have made wide and further discussions on spoken and written language, histories, culture, literature, religion and customs of Manchu-Tungusic language and culture from different perspectives such as linguistics, ethnology and anthropology. Recently, some researchers who have broken through the former study field limits and made interdisciplinary and synthetic studies have made great achievements and brought vitality into their respective fields. In the development of 21st century, the research of Manchu-Tungusic language and culture in China will develop towards more depth and width, will achieve more results and contribute more to the progress of human civilizations.

Key words: research of Manchu-Tungusic language and culture in China; research development of the 20 century; prospects of the 21st century

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