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Professor Doctor Giovanni Stary has long been one of the foremost scholars of Manchu in the West. Undoubtedly one of his most significant contributions to the field of Manchu studies has been his Manchu Studies, An International Bibliography. The Bibliography first began to be published in 1990. Volume One consists of Catalogues, bibliographies, geography, ethnography, religion, and history. Volume Two is language, literature and Sibe-Manchu studies, Volume Three contains indices. This final volume consists of works published from 1988 to 2001 as well as works prior to 1988, which for some reason were not included in the first three volumes. There is also a fifty-five page supplement at the end of the book that lists publications that came out after 2001 but prior to publication. Works that came out as late as early 2003 are included. The categories of the first three volumes are retained and ordered in the same way, beginning with catalogues, book-lists, inventories and collections and ending with new books in Sibe. There are three indices in the back, the first being the characters of new Chinese, Japanese and Korean journals not included in Volume Three. Next is an index of authors and finally an index of subjects.

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