/ A Preliminary Edition of the Manju Nikan hergen kamciha Hûwang Ši Gung ni Su Šu bithe

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One of the earliest Chinese texts translated into Manchu by Dahai Baksi (1595-1632, the great reformer of the Manchu script) was the Huangshigong Sushu 黃石公素書 (The White Book of Master Yellow Stone)i, a forgery attributed by the editors of the Siku Quanshu 四庫全書 to the commentator of the text viz. Zhang Shangying 張商英 (1043-1121). How Dahai's work was transmitted and how much it was studied among the Baqi wenshi 八旗文士 ("Eight-Banner literati") we do not know. Works attributed to Dahai have not been collated, published and studied. A one-volume Manchu-Chinese printed text of the Sushu (manju nikan hergen kamciha hûwang ši gung ni su šu bithe 滿漢合璧黃石公素書) was included in the famous Qibentou 七本頭ii edited by the Manchu translator Hesu (1652-1718). Hesu's colophon to the Sushu reads:

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