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This volume was originally published in print. Thanks to the generous support of the Lieberthal-Rogel Center for Chinese Studies, University of Michigan, we have been able to make content from these volumes available online. Please note that we are only able to post full versions of articles by authors who have given their explicit permission for their work to be posted online. In other cases, we reproduce only the opening paragraph in lieu of an abstract. Authors who wish to give permission for their work to be posted online are requested to contact the editor (mosca@uw.edu). We thank Michigan Publishing for their support in the digitization process.

Title Author(s) Downloads
World History and the Inner Asian Factor in Early Qing China: Views and Issues from American Scholarship Struve, Lynn
The Current State and Future Prospects of the Study of Manchu in China Aping, Zhao
A Sibe-English Vocabulary Norman, Jerry PDF (1.1mb)
Gertraude Roth Li, Manchu: A Textbook for Reading Documents Norman, Jerry
Martin Gimm (ed.), Die Kaiserliche Ku-wen (guwen)-Anthologie von 1685/8 Ku-wen yüan chien (Guwen yuanjian) in manjurischer Übersetzung Näher, Carsten
E.P. Lebedeva and L.M. Gorelova, Sidi Kur: Sibinskaja versija "Voßebnogo nertveca, teksty v zapisi V. V. Radlov. A Sibe-Manchu Version of the "Bewitched Corpse" Cycle Transcribed by V. V. Radlov Näher, Carsten
Giovanni Stary, Nicola Di Cosmo, Tatjana A. Pang, Alessandra Pozzi, On the Tracks of Manchu Culture (1644-1994): 350 Years after the Conquest of Peking Näher, Carsten