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The University of Michigan, Museum of Zoology’s Division of Reptiles and Amphibians maintains the second largest collection of preserved reptile and amphibian specimens in the world. Of the nearly half million specimens, nearly 40,000 specimens are snakes. PhD student Mike Grundler’s research involves characterizing diets of neotropical colubrid snakes through the dissection of fluid-preserved snake specimens in the UMMZ herpetology collection. During his work at the Research Museum Center, well over 500 specimens were dissected to recover nearly 200 prey items. Documenting these predators and prey items with high resolution photography is part of Mike’s ongoing research characterizing ecological patterns in the evolution of neotropical snake diets. Many of the dissections made proved fruitful in this respect by yielding further data on poorly known snake diets. At present, there are 459 images of snake predators (over 100 species) and their prey. The museum vouchers for these images are curated in our research collections.

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