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This is a database of information about worship books printed before 1601. This project was developed at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and The National Endowment for the Humanities funded early years of the work. It is now supported by the University of Michigan, the supervising personnel being:

Dr. David Crawford, Director
      (Professor Emeritus of Musicology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
Dr. James Borders, Associate Director
      (Professor of Musicology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
Dr. Barbara Haggh-Huglo, Associate Director
      (Professor of Music, University of Maryland, College Park)
Dr. David Rutherford, Advisor
      (Assistant Professor of History, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant)

We are interested in global questions about worship in Renaissance Europe. Our definition of liturgy, often a topic for spirited discussion, is rather loose; when in doubt about a particular book, we include it. We wish to portray here the European books of ritual for the several Catholic churches and also books for Protestant and Jewish faiths during the tumultuous generations before 1601. Our goal is to help colleagues find the books that can strengthen their research.

RELICS now includes information on over 13,992 titles. This information is based upon personal inspections of books in most of the major research libraries of the United States and also libraries in a few selected European cities. Some additional information derives from published bibliographies and library catalogs. Since this is an atypically ecumenical and international enterprise, much remains to be done; we will gratefully acknowledge in the database corrections or additions that you bring to our attention.

This database has been hosted by the University of Michigan University Library since July 1995 and since February 2007 is being further developed by the Scholarly Publishing Office. The data are periodically exported from another offline database maintained by the project's supervising personnel. Although information at the worksite is regularly updated, the file that is publicly available is less frequently updated.

Searching capabilities for this database include the following:

  • By year and date of printing
  • By printer's name
  • By printer's city
  • By publisher's name
  • By publisher's city
  • By book type (Missal, Processional, etc.)
  • By users (Roman, Franciscan, Ambrosian, etc.)
  • By names of artists, authors, editors, or translators
  • By country of probable use
  • By modern locations of copies
  • By the presence or absence of illustrations, music, or red ink
  • By language of texts
Until the online interface is improved, certain types of searches are difficult to perform. If you have difficulty performing the kind of search you desire, please contact Dr. James Borders for help since he may be able to perform the query more effectively in the offline version.

We invite you to browse through our web pages. For advice on citing this or other online sources, see The Columbia Guide to Online Style.

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