The Court Rolls of Ramsey, Hepmangrove, and Bury, 1268–1600



8 d. from Katherine Ednam, common ale-brewer, for selling ale contrary to the assize.


6 d. from Isabelle Pycard, retailer, for selling ale by the cup and contrary to the assize.


4 d. from John Russell, ale-taster, for not performing his office.


Ordinance by the aforesaid jurors that every man and woman within the precincts of this view of Frankpledge shall henceforth keep his fire safe and secure. And if any house is burned through the negligence of any man, woman or any member of their household, or as a result of ashes negligently being mixed with fire and not put out, then whoever has acted so negligently will forfeit a penalty of 40 s., to be collected immediately by the Bailiff of the Banlieu of Ramsey, to the use of the lord, the said money to be retained by the Bailiff until the decision of the jurors in the leet.