The Court Rolls of Ramsey, Hepmangrove, and Bury, 1268–1600



Amercement from William Produmme, chaplain of Great Raveley, for not coming on the first day before the Justices, as summoned.


Amercements from Peter son of John, Benigna Chylle, the heir of Robert de Irtlingbor', Robert de Warewyk, the son of Alexander Panetar, Roger Tartarin, and Benedict Clere Senior for the same.


Amercement for contempt from Robert Chacede for knocking down, unjustly and without a judgement, the pillory erected on his property by licence of his father, William, at the request of Lord Abbot Henry de Sulgrave. [23] Pledges: John Cocus of Wistow, Philip Pollard and Stephen le Porter.


(Order.) Amercement from Peter Fezaunt for enclosing his croft with a hedge and a ditch, making it separate at the open and fallow season when it should be common pasture, as the field called New Field, [24] and also for mowing his small meadow within the said hedge and ditch twice when it should be mowed once a year, as the meadow of New Field. [25]


Amercement from the same Peter [Fezaunt] for excessively narrowing, by the ditch between his croft and the field of New Field, [26] one path which at all hours should be a Lawepahtfor driving animals from the King's road to the common pasture of New Field [27] and likewise for carrying wood by the same path, at the desire of the neighbors, from the common lade below the meadow of New Field, [28] and for stopping up the said ditch with a weir built there, with stakes placed before the opening of the weir, to nuisance. Pledge: Stephen de Wintonia. Order to correct by view of the 12 jurors, at Peter's expense.


Amercement from Alan Tannator Junior for making a certain ditch opposite the house of Audyn de Wenyton that is too large and too deep, to the nuisance of the King's road. Pledge: Bate Pistor. Order to correct.


Amercement from Thomas de Hoylonde for digging in the ditch of Matilda de Wynebodesham next to Adburnwell too closely to the King's road, to the nuisance of passers-by. Pledge: Alan le Tanur. Order to correct.


Amercement from Simon Tannator for obstructing one Lawepaht and enclosing it with a certain wall where, between his messuage and that of Simon de Elysworth, there should be at all hours of the year access by a certain foot bridge. Pledge: Peter Fesaunt. Order to correct.


Amercement from Austin de Byry, Reyner de Byry Russell and Alice le Mayster for obstructing Blekstereslane with a double ditch and a certain hedge where, at the time of the autumn hay harvest and in fallow and open seasons, there should be a road for carts, and at all other hours during the year a hedge with a foot bridge and a simple ditch. Order to correct.


Amercement from Cecilia Tannatrix for narrowing the common road leading from Upwood to the new mill with two animal folds which she appropriated to a certain strip of her land. Pledge: Alan Tannator. Order to correct.


Amercement from William Wrau for appropriating land from the common road called Bradeweye by digging a ditch, namely: taking five feet of land opposite three of his strips and two feet of land opposite his strips. Pledge: John Crane. Order to correct.


Amercement from Robert Gerveys for appropriating land from the same road by ploughing to a width of two feet opposite nine of his strips. Pledge: Bate Pistor. Order to correct.


Amercement excused from John Norman for enlarging a ditch to the nuisance of the common road opposite the land of Richard Paterykin Beterestrate. Pledge: Philip Pollard. Order to correct.


Amercement from Elias son of Godfrey le Stabler for digging up the land at the head of the common road leading to the new place opposite the land of William Braciator, to the nuisance of the said road. Pledge: Stephen le Porter. Order to correct.


Amercement from John Prodycas and Rychalda, widow of William Legett, for narrowing a certain common lade behind their courtyards to the nuisance of passers-by. Pledge: John Faber. Order to correct.


Amercement from Henry de Grafham, goldsmith, for narrowing the common lade next to the Great Bridge, on one side of the water, and from William Wautoun for the same, on the other side, which John, the man of the Sacristan, continues, to the nuisance of passers-by. Order to correct.


Amercement from Philip Prepositus for making his ditch larger and deeper than it should be, to the nuisance of the King's road, and on account of which the watercourse is turned back, to the nuisance of the residents in Wood Street. [29] Pledge: William Aubyn. Order to correct.


Amercement from Elias Reyner for enclosing his croft next to the marsh with a ditch, where there ought to be a road for carts through the middle of his meadow in the same croft at the open season. Pledge: Simon Chacede. Order to correct.


Presentment that all the bakers, brewers and other buyers of grains coming to the market of Ramsey refuse to buy grains there unless they have, from any ring measure, the fourth bushel heaped-up.


The names of the Bakers of Ramsey: Bate Pistor, William son of Andrew Pistor, Ivo Alderman, Anota Clere, the wife of Ralph Ravele, Elias le Stabler, and Aubrey de Welle.


The names of the Brewers: Matilda daughter of Simon Chacede, Emma the wife of Robert Faber, the wife of Robert Clere, the wife of Robert Cocus, the wife of Peter Lotor, the wife of Alan Tannator, Cecilia Tannatrix, the wife of Hugh le Ferur, the wife of William Legat, the wife of Ralph Carnifex, the wife of William Hauteyn, the wife of Richard Clere, the wife of John Norman, the wife of Walter le Cupere, the wife of Richard de Valle Dei, the wife of John de Byry, Sarah Godefrey, the wife of Michael Forestarius, the wife of Alan le Mouner, the wife of Richard Longere, the wife of Simon le Mouner, the wife of Alan de Pistrino, the wife of Stephen de Wintonia, Christina Ratele, the wife of William de Hale, the wife of [...] [30] Cissor, Petronilla ad Petram, the wife of Robert Gerveys, Emma Norman, the wife of Robert Chacede, Emma Bygge, the wife of Geoffrey Faber, the wife of Richard de Beureper, the wife of Simon Drenge, the wife of Laurence Bonere, the wife of Geoffrey Lyhtfoht, the wife of Hugh de Assebech, the wife of Geoffrey Andreu, the wife of William de[...], [31] the wife of Roger Manger, the wife of William le Wodeward, the wife of John de Caldecote, Margaret daughter of[...] [32] Carpentar, the wife of William de Ravele, Agnes Bere, Ellen, ancilla of Simon Forestarius, the wife of William le Rydeman, Emma Molendinaria, and Joan le Barkere.


The names of the Brewers of Upwood: the wife of William Aubyn, the wife of Serle Faber, Christina daughter of Maurice[...], [33] the wife of Thomas Frere, and the wife of William Barun.


The names of the Brewers of Raveley: the wife of John Vaccarius, Margery Laverok, and Lucia Wake.


The names of the Brewers of Wistow: Sarah Pateryk, Alice Haukin, Denise Arnold, and Juliana le [Warde.] [34]


Amercements from John Sayene, Roger Tannator of Bury, John Wenyton Tannator and Adam Tannator of Wistow for receiving a certain Robert Tannator who is a stranger and outside the assize. Pledge for John Sayene: Elias Reyner. Pledge for Roger Tannator: John Sayene.


[No amercement recorded] from the widow of Walter Mowes for receiving Constantine de Jakesle, a stranger, with his wife and children, outside the assize.


[No amercement recorded] from William son of Alan Clericus for receiving William Hylhel, to whom the vill was prohibited.


[No amercement recorded] from John Sayene for receiving a certain Robert de Lafford, shoemaker, [35] with his wife and children.


[No amercement recorded] from Martin son of Peter Faber for receiving a certain Walter le Gaunter with his wife and children.


[No amercement recorded] from Matilda daughter of John Arnold for receiving Geoffrey Herun outside the assize, and also John Hervy, skinner, [36] and John le Pondere, a stranger, with his wife and children.


[No amercement recorded] from Cecilia Tannatrix for receiving Philip Tixtor who is useless to the vill, outside the assize, and also Simon, former man of Brother Laurence, and Roger de Smalwode, outside the assize.


[No amercement recorded] from Robert le Dychere, Alexander Arneborn, Thomas Leaute and Fulk Mokedys for receiving Matilda King of Crowland, to whom the vill of Crowland was prohibited.


[No amercement recorded] from Ralph, cleric of the Chapel of Blessed Mary, for receiving a certain Henry, cleric of Aldwinkle, who carried off Ralph's grammar-book from his house and one book of tropes from the parish chapel of Ramsey.


[No amercement recorded] from Beatrice, wife of Stephen de Walsokne, for regularly receiving Henry, cleric of Aldwinkle, and other useless people and foreign prostitutes, [37] without the knowledge of her husband, who is blind.


[No amercement recorded] from the Usher for receiving a certain Aylmer, a stranger, outside the assize, with his wife and children, on the fee formerly of Stephen de Wintonia.


[No amercement recorded] from Benedict Clere Junior for receiving Henry le Parkere, a stranger, outside the assize, and also Alice, Henry's wife, who are accustomed to carry off small things and by whose malice the vill of St Ives was burned.


[No amercement recorded] from Denise Grubbe for receiving Katherine daughter of Geoffrey Ruff of Chatteris, a prostitute. [38]


[No amercement recorded] from Margaret Nothing for receiving William Knyt, a stranger, outside the assize, with his wife and children.


[No amercement recorded] from Reginald le Sauser for receiving Robert le Cherl, a stranger, outside the assize.


[No amercement recorded] from Robert de Wenyton for receiving Bartholomew Coopertor, outside the assize.


[No amercement recorded] from Ralph Arnold for receiving, contrary to the prohibition of Geoffrey Sampson, then Constable, Alan Smalthef, who dragged in the nets of his neighbors and carried off the fish found in them and who afterwards took axes, augers and other small tools of John de Caldecote.


[No amercement recorded] from Laurence Focarius for receiving Walter Scot, outside the assize.


[No amercement recorded] from Benedict Clere Senior for receiving William Brust, outside the assize.


Amercement excused from Walter Pistor for receiving William de Chaterice, outside the assize.


Amercement excused from the Usher for receiving Thomas Sampson of Shillington, outside the assize.


Amercement excused from the Infirmarian of Ramsey for receiving Ralph de Infirmaria, outside the assize.


Amercement excused from William son of Philip Stabularius for receiving [un-named] within his walls, outside the assize.


[No amercement recorded] from Robert le Tynekere for receiving John Cacchahare.


[No amercement recorded] from Benedict Frere for receiving Henry de Rydelingt[on], outside the assize.


[No amercement recorded] from Peter Kedrych for receiving Rodland and his brother Robert [within his walls], contrary to the assize.


[No amercement recorded] from Denise Grubbe for making her ditch at her plot next to the house of William Braciator larger and deeper than it should be, to the greatest detriment of the King's road.


[No amercement recorded] from Walter de Acre, Benedict Clere Junior, Reginald Salarius and Hugh le Ferur, dwelling in their own houses and outside the assize.


[No amercement recorded] from Hugh le Ferur for receiving a certain Walter Faber, a stranger, outside the assize, who carried off his utensils.


Amercement from Henry Kippon for receiving a certain man called Lundreys, contrary to the assize.


Amercement from William Capellanus of Upwood and a certain Hugh, his cleric, for beating and drawing blood from a certain Robert Sutor, for which Robert justly raised the hue and cry.


Amercement from Stephen le Porter, Philip Pollard and Stephen de Wyntonia, who were vintners for three years and each of whom sold annually a quantity of [blank] tuns.


[No amercement recorded] from Robert le Mayden and Laurence le Bonere, forestallers of salt, for making an agreement with the sellers of salt coming to the market of Ramsey that three sellers of salt coming with three boats cannot sell except only from a single boat, to the serious damage of those buying salt.


Amercement from Emma Powel, convicted of using the entrails of pigs and other animals without sufficiently cleaning them of excrement, wherefore this occupation was prohibited to her, and for continuing to do it. Order to prohibit her from doing this any further.