The Transportation History Collection in the Special Collections Library of the University of Michigan contains a unique body of printed and visual materials on transportation technology and travel. Although there are printed items from as early as 1588, the majority of the material is from the 19th and early 20th centuries. International in scope, subjects in the collection include ballooning and dirigibles, early roads, automobiles, canals, bridges, carriages and coaches, and, most notably, railroads.

The collection of railroad material consists of over 14,000 items relating to American, Canadian, Mexican, British, French, German, and Russian railroad companies and their rolling stock. There are annual reports, including extensive runs of most major lines in the United States, pamphlets, timetables, charters, stock certificates and other legal documents, surveys, advertising brochures, posters, artwork, archival collections and photographs. In addition to the annual reports, there are many monographs and long runs of most of the State Railroad Commissions' Reports.

Additions to this digital collection will be made periodically.

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Browse the Collection including railroad company annual reports and Locomotive World, a monthly magazine about the patented locomotive designed by Ephraim Shay; published in Lima, Ohio, 1909-[1916?], from the Shay Collection.

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