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(Mis)interpreting Mathematical Models: Drift as a Physical Process Millstein, Roberta L.; Skipper, Jr., Robert A.; Dietrich, Michael R. vol. 1 December 2009 PDF (429kb)
Varieties of Living Things: Life at the Intersection of Lineage and Metabolism Dupré, John; O'Malley, Maureen A. vol. 1 December 2009 PDF (606kb)
The Price Equation and Extended Inheritance Helanterä, Heikki; Uller, Tobias vol. 2 February 2010 PDF (1.2mb)
What Is Drift? A Response to Millstein, Skipper, and Dietrich Matthen, Mohan vol. 2 May 2010 PDF (301kb)
Evolutionary Chance Mutation: A Defense of the Modern Synthesis' Consensus View Merlin, Francesca vol. 2 September 2010 PDF (679kb)
Competition Theory and Channeling Explanation Eliot, Christopher H. vol. 3 March 2011 PDF (439kb)
Natural Selection and Multi-Level Causation Martínez, Maximiliano; Moya, Andrés vol. 3 May 2011 PDF (507kb)
Historical Reconstruction: Gaining Epistemic Access to the Deep Past Forber, Patrick; Griffith, Eric vol. 3 August 2011 PDF (484kb)
The Paradox of Sexual Reproduction and the Levels of Selection: Can Sociobiology Shed a Light? Dagg, Joachim vol. 4 January 2012 PDF (605kb)
Agent-based Models as Fictive Instantiations of Ecological Processes Peck, Steven L. vol. 4 April 2012 PDF (575kb)
Can fitness differences be a cause of evolution? Ramsey, Grant vol. 5 April 2013 PDF (398kb)
Phylogeny as population history Velasco, Joel D. vol. 5 April 2013 PDF (732kb)
Developmental causation and the problem of homology Baum, David A. vol. 5 May 2013 PDF (675kb)
Proper activity, preference, and the meaning of life Mix, Lucas J. vol. 6 2014 PDF (549kb)
Levels, Time and Fitness in Evolutionary Transitions in Individuality Bourrat, Pierrick vol. 7 2015 PDF (920kb)
Exclusions, Explanations, and Exceptions: On the Causal and Lawlike Status of the Competitive Exclusion Principle Raerinne, Jani; Baedke, Jan vol. 7 2015 PDF (314kb)
William Provine (1942-2015) Plutynski, Anya vol. 7 2015 PDF (207kb)
Cross-cultural Research, Evolutionary Psychology, and Racialism: Problems and Prospects Jackson, Jr., John P. vol. 8 2016 PDF (542kb)
On Recognising the Paradox of Sex Dagg, Joachim vol. 8 2016 PDF (152kb)
Four Pillars of Statisticalism Walsh, Denis M.; Ariew, André; Matthen, Mohan vol. 9 2017 PDF (134kb)
Two Dogmas of Biology Fleming, Leonore vol. 9 2017 PDF (159kb)
Evolution of Individuality: A Case Study in the Volvocine Green Algae Hanschen, Erik R.; Davison, Dinah R.; Grochau-Wright, Zachariah I.; Michod, Richard E. vol. 9 2017 PDF (817kb)
Ontologies of Living Beings: Introduction Ferner, A. M.; Pradeu, Thomas vol. 9 2017 PDF (65kb)
Identity and Self-Knowledge Perry, John vol. 9 2017 PDF (292kb)
Stem Cell Lineages: Between Cell and Organism Fagan, Melinda Bonnie vol. 9 2017 PDF (2.0mb)
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