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Title:  Herbert Hoover: 1932-33 : containing the public messages, speeches, and statements of the president, January 1, 1932 to March 4, 1933.
Author: Hoover, Herbert, 1874-1964.
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Herbert Hoover, 1932-1933 Jan. 9 [11] of Federal Government expenditures for the next fiscal year amounts to about $4 billion of which over $2,800 million is for debt, military and veterans services, and nearly half the balance is for aid to employment in construction works and as aids to agriculture. It is worth noting that the State and local government expenditures of the country amount to nearly 9 billion. The Federal Government itself ofttimes contributes to increased State and local expenditure by appropriations requiring a matching of money by the States. The result is pressure upon State officials by the groups who will receive benefits from these expenditures and makes them the unwilling victims of increased Government costs. "Our first duty as a nation is to put our governmental house in ordernational, State, and local. With the return of prosperity the Government can undertake constructive projects both of social character and in public improvement. We cannot squander ourselves into prosperity. The people will, of course, provide against distress but the purpose of the Nation must be to restore employment by economic recovery. The reduction in governmental expenditures and the stability of Government finance is the most fundamental step towards this end. It can contribute greatly to employment and the recovery of prosperity in agriculture. That must be our concentrated purpose." NOTE: On January 6, 1932, the Democratic Congressional Policy Committee pledged support for budget-balancing efforts. 11 Statements on the Governor Generalship of the Philippines. January 9, 1932 IN CONNECTION WITH the announcement of Governor General Davis' resignation the President stated: "Governor General Davis accepted the appointment to the Philippine Islands at great personal sacrifice. His resignation is based upon personal and family reasons, the force of which must, I feel, receive every consideration, particularly in view of the very generous sacrifices which he 15