8. In the fall of 1995, Lovell produced an installation in 2517 of Project Row Houses, located at 2500 Holman, in the Third Ward of Houston, Texas. It consisted of furniture and life size drawings of African American individuals on the walls. In fact, its subject matter, materials, and techniques anticipated Whispers from the Walls. Rick Lowe established Project Row Houses as an enterprise for commissioning artists to work in ways that speak to the history and cultural issues relevant to the African-American community, in part of an historic one and a half block site of abandoned shotgun-style houses—ten are dedicated to art, photography, and literary projects. Located in seven houses adjacent to those dedicated to art, The Young Mothers Residential Program provides transitional housing and services for young mothers and their children. In 1997, Deborah Grotfeldt formed Project Row Houses Foundation (PRHF), a non-profit organization that provides technical and financial assistance to artists and organizations involved in cultural and community development projects.

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