1. Hodgins first published his story about Mr. Blandings in Fortune 33 (April 1946). The movie version of the book, directed by H.C. Potter and starring Cary Grant and Myrna Loy, appeared in American theaters in 1948. I am grateful to the anonymous reviewers who offered important questions and comments about this paper, which revises arguments that I made first in 1999, and for opportunities to present revisions in progress at the American Studies Association Conference in Detroit, 2000, and the Midwest Art History Conference in Minneapolis, 2001. I thank the School of Visual Arts at the University of North Texas for awarding me funds to attend these conferences. Also, I wish to acknowledge Diana Block, Director of the University of North Texas Art Gallery, who asked me to document Lovell's activity in Denton, as well as Whitfield Lovell, for his kindnesses and provocative, important work.

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