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Title: Print No. 159506, May 15, 1919 (Officers mess headquarters, 339th Inf. showing in order from L to R: Major William H. Henry, Med. Det. 310th Engrs. Col. Geo. E. Stewart, C.O. 339th Inf. Capt. M. A. Gaff, Adj. 339th Inf. Lt. Col. Edward S. Thurston, Judge Advocate-2nd Row -- Lt. Col. Erastus Corning, Chief Surgeon, Maj. James R. Longley, 337th Field Hospital, Maj. John C. Hall, 339th Med. Det. Maj. Malcolm Douglass, 339th Med. Det. 2nd Lt. Roy Bricker, Personnel Adj. (Brigade), Capt. Howard W. Geiger, 339th Med. Det., Capt. H. E. Carrier, Personnel Adj. 339th Inf., lst Lt. R. L. Jerry, Tank Corps, at the end of table, 1st Lt. Charles I, Reid, Photo Unit, Signal Corps, 4th Row -- 1st Lt. Will L. Jones, D.C. 339th Med. Det., 1st Lt. John C. Kiley, 337th Amb. Co. 2nd Lt. Tom Devine, Intelligence officer, Brig. Hdqrs, 5th Row-1st Lt. Henry Katz, 339th Med. Det., Capt. Joseph Rosenfeld, 337th Amb. Co. 2nd Lt. R.R. Chatterton, Q.M.C., Capt. Clarence A. Greenleaf, 339th Med. Det., (at end of table) 1st Lt. Charles E. Lewis, Asst. Adj. 339th Inf. 6th row-2nd Lt. John Brown, Supply Co., 339th Inf 1st Lt. Forest J. Funk, S.C. attached, Archangel, Russia.) from the United States Army Signal Corps photograph collection, 1918-1919 [Folder 8, Item 2]
Author: United States. Army. Signal Corps
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