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Title: Print No. 156848 April 2, 1919. (American officers gathered in front of the Headquarters of the American North Russian Expeditionary Forces in Archangel, Front row, L to. R:... Capt. James R. Fitzsimmons, Co. "C" 339th Inf.; Capt. Wm. Knight; 310th Eng.; Col George E. Stewart, Commanding Officer, 339th Inf.; Lt. Col. Edward Thurston, Judge Advocate; Major Jonas R. Longley, 337th Field Hospital.; Major William H. Henry, Medical Detachment, 310th Engrs. Major John C. Hall, Med. Detch. 339th Inf. Major Malcolm Douglas, Med. Detch. 339th Inf. Back row, L to R.: Lt. Chas. E. Lewis, Asst, Adjutant 339th Inf. Chaplain John S. Landowski, Lt. William L. Jones, Med. Detch. 339th Inf. Captain Harry E. Carrier, Personnel Adjutant, 339th Inf. Lt. Roy Brieger, Statistical Officer, Lt. Verne W. McClung, Co. "E", 339th Inf. Capt, Alex M. Lowenstein, 339th Field Hosp. Capt. Howard W. Geiger Med. Detch, 339th Inf. 2nd Lt. John E. Brown, Supply Co. 339th Inf. 85th Div. Archangel, Russia.) from the United States Army Signal Corps photograph collection, 1918-1919 [Folder 7, Item 1]
Author: United States. Army. Signal Corps
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