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Title: Print No. 152821, January 8, 1919 (A Bolshevik shot by an American guard at outpost No. l at 3:00 a.m. on the morning of January 8, 1919. When an enemy patrol of seven men attempted to creep up on the outpost position. This picture was taken to show the white cloak, which all the members of the patrol wore to conceal their movements in the snow. The clothing worn by the man was warm and in good condition. He carried, in addition to a hand grenade, which lies on the ground, a Remington rifle, in good condition, and a plentiful supply of ammunition. Village of Visorka Gora, Ust Padenga, Vaga River Column, Russia.) from the United States Army Signal Corps photograph collection, 1918-1919 [Folder 6, Item 1]
Author: United States. Army. Signal Corps
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