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Title: Print No. 152815, January 7, 1919 (Here are shown the men of Company "A" on duty as outguard No. 1 The men are billeted in the Russian house in the background, which is only 75 yards behind outpost #1. At the head of the detail is 1st Lieut. A.F. Collar, followed by Sgt. Fred Nees, Sgt. Thomas J. Rapp, Corpl. I.N. Allikas, and Corpl. Joe Franzck of Company A. Village Nijni Gora, at Ust Padenga Front, Vaga river column, Russia.) from the United States Army Signal Corps photograph collection, 1918-1919 [Folder 5, Item 18]
Author: United States. Army. Signal Corps
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