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Title: Print No. 152809, January 6, 1919 (Emplacement known as No. 2, one of the strong fortifications which surround the city of Shenkurst. The city itself has a population of 2,000 and is important as the base for the forces operations on the Vaga River at Ust Padenga. This emplacement is located in an evergreen grove on the southern outskirts of the city. In time of danger it is garrisoned by 30 men. It is equipped with 2 Vikers machine guns. One corporal and four privates with a Lewis gun are on duty at all times. Note: since this picture was taken a Bolshevik force attacking the American positions along the Vaga River has occupied Shenkurst. Shenkurst, Russia.) from the United States Army Signal Corps photograph collection, 1918-1919 [Folder 5, Item 12]
Author: United States. Army. Signal Corps
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