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Sandra Nadelson Academic Misconduct by University Students: Faculty Perceptions and Responses
After Finding Evidence of Plagiarism, PhD Student Fights Back
Lisa Richmond Alma Mater Matters: Exposing the Degree Mill Scam
Scott Warnock "Awesome job!" - Or was it? The "many eyes" of Asynchronous Writing Environments and the Implications on Plagiarism
Gavin Moodie Bureaucratic Plagiarism
Michael Davis A Case of "Gray Plagiarism" from the History of the History of Computing
Alan R. Price Cases of Plagiarism Handled by the United States Office of Research Integrity 1992-2005
Rachel V. Smydra Chick Lit's Re-Packaging of Plagiarism: The Debate Over Chick Lit's Influence on Authorship and Publishing
John A. Walker Copy This! A Historical Perspective On the Use of the Photocopier in Art
Kyle K. Courtney Copyright, Plagiarism, and Popular Culture: Siva Vaidhyanathan's Copyrights and Copywrongs
Thomas Brown Did the U.S. Army Distribute Smallpox Blankets to Indians? Fabrication and Falsification in Ward Churchill's Genocide Rhetoric
Mark R. Cheathem Engaging Prose, Disappointing Analyses
Davis Schneiderman Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except for Me and My Lawsuit: William S. Burroughs, DJ Danger Mouse, and the Politics of "Grey Tuesday"
Jerry Bornstein Fighting Plagiarism with Humor
John P. Lesko From the Editor
John P. Lesko From the Editor
Diane Boehm Fundamental Values: Honesty and Academic Integrity On College Campuses Today
D'Arcy A. Becker Gender Differences in Student Ethics: Are Females Really More Ethical?
Jonathan Band The Google Library Project: Both Sides of the Story
Phillip C. H. Shon How College Students Cheat On In-Class Examinations: Creativity, Strain, and Techniques of Innovation
Dean C. Rowan Innovation Begets Tradition
Felipe de Ortego y Gasca Lies Like Truth: Discourse Issues In Language
Ellen L Love and Madness: A Forgery Too True
David Ray A Million Little Pieces of Shame
David Callahan On Campus: Author Discusses the "Cheating Culture" With College Students
Ronnie Pontiac Paradise of Plagiarism: The Internet, Copyright, and the Mystery of Al-Sha'ar Al-Ghushash
Geraldine DeLuca Personalizing the Anti-Plagiarism Campaign
Caroline Lyon Plagiarism is Easy, but also Easy To Detect
Mitchell Meltzer Plagiary, Falsification, and Fabrication in American Historiography
Tracey Bretag A Preliminary Study to Identify the Extent of Self-Plagiarism in Australian Academic Research
Stephanie Vie The Propagation of Misinformation: Archeological Hoaxes throughout History
E. Duff Wrobbel Ripples in the Pond: The Wide-Spread Effects of a Plagiarism Disaster
Patrick M. Scanlon Song From Myself: An Anatomy of Self-Plagiarism
Michael Svoboda The Structure of Scientific Devolutions
Thomas Brown Ward Churchill's Twelve Excuses for Plagiarism
Clayton E. Cramer Why Footnotes Matter: Checking Arming America's Claims