32. Churchill appears to be attempting to undermine the stolen blanket story related by Fulkerson and Chardon by citing Robertson. But Robertson does not debunk the stolen blanket story. Citing a secondary source (Dollar, 1977), Robertson reports that William Clark, Fulkerson's superior, had doubts about the veracity of Fulkerson's letter to him in September 1837 (p. 299). Dollar (1977) wrote that Clark "suspected the veracity of the letter's content" (p. 33). But Dollar's reading of the primary source is speculative, and dubious. The primary source—a letter from Clark to his own superior—shows that Clark did not dispute the veracity of the "intelligence" that Fulkerson provided, but simply doubted that Fulkerson had visited his sub-agency since the summer. Clark never questioned the veracity of the stolen blanket hypothesis. (William Clark's letter to C.A. Harris, Commisioner of Indian Affairs, February 6, 1838).

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